Rabbi Dov Zakheim: Trump is unelectable, not serious candidate

Haaretz, a major Israeli newspaper, recently published an interesting article discussing Jewish support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which apparently is lacking. At the end of the article, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, a former official in the George W. Bush administration and major 9/11 war criminal with deep connections to the Jewish state of Israel, claims that Trump is not electable and is not a serious candidate in spite of his commanding lead in a variety of presidential polls, crushing victory in the recent Republican debate, and widespread media attention.

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Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner, has support among some American Jews, though insiders say there hasn’t been the same uptick in his popularity among Jews as there was among Americans in general after the first Republican candidates’ debate.

Trump’s bump is from “people who are pissed off at the status quo,” said one prominent Jewish Republican, who did not want to be named when talking about the brash media personality and real estate developer. “Everybody knows that the Jewish community is a bit better informed, and are ‘high information’ voters,” he said. For them, “Donald Trump is not much more than window dressing. That’s probably why we’re not seeing as much support among American Jews.”

No one can say for sure just how much support he has among Jews. There have not yet been large enough surveys of Republican voters to count Jews in a statistically reliable way, political pollsters say. […]

A Republican political consultant said the Trump candidacy falls along typical fault lines within the Jewish vote: “Those who have a huge dislike for Obama will vote for whoever the Republican candidate is, even if it’s Barney the Dinosaur.”

In terms of impact on the election, since neither California nor New York is a swing state, the influence of those who hate Democrats and would vote for Trump is “small bordering on insignificant,” said the political consultant, who wished to remain unnamed.

Though Trump is self-financing his campaign and not soliciting contributions, he likely wouldn’t find them among wealthy Republican Jews even if he were, said the consultant.

“Most of the money, those with long track records of raising in excess of $100,000, the RJC members, those people are solidly in the Jeb Bush camp,” he said. […]

A look at the Donald J. Trump Foundation’s 2013 tax documents — the most recent available — show that of the relatively modest $918,000 it distributed that year, none went to any obviously Jewish organization. […]

His foundation made no donations to Jewish or Israel-related groups in 2013.
And even after being celebrated as the guest of honor at its gala, Trump did not donate to The Algemeiner Journal or its related foundation, even. “We hoped that he would but we didn’t demand it,” Jacobson said. But, he said, “We have goodwill with him now.”

Though the Trump presidential campaign has thus far been thin on policy positions — there are none on his campaign website — he has historically been a vocal proponent of Israel, and more recently critical of the Iran nuclear deal.

“Trump has a reputation for being philo-Semitic,” said Dov Zakheim, who served as Under Secretary of Defense from 2001-2004 during the tenure of President George W. Bush.

“He’s also very hard line against the Iran deal and in support of Israel, and that makes him very attractive to some people,” Zakheim said.

Trump provided a video endorsement to Benjamin Netanyahu during his 2013 campaign for prime minister, in which he called the Israeli leader “a terrific guy, a terrific leader and great for Israel.” In 2004 Trump served as Grand Marshal of New York’s Salute to Israel parade.

“Having said that, as the campaign proceeds, if people are serious about electing a Republican who is solidly pro-Israel, they’re not going to vote for Trump, simply because he’s not electable,” Zakheim said. “He’s not serious, it’s as simple as that.”

Despite Trump’s shameful and, quite frankly, embarrassing public displays of subservience and groveling towards the Jewish state of Israel, which perhaps are done in a superficial manner in order to maintain existing business, familial, and political relations, the American political establishment and organized Jewish community certainly do not want to see a Trump presidency, let alone a serious and unpredictable Trump presidential campaign (which they are already trying to deal with and discredit).

Say what you want to about Trump, but from where I sit it appears he is the one running the show, not the other way around. He answers to no one but himself, and is constantly on the offensive, framing and re-framing the dialogue to suit his agenda, expertly engaging with the hostile mass media, and otherwise dominating the presidential campaign in every way.

And that scares the establishment, as they rely on spineless, cowardly traitors who toe the politically correct line on all subjects, something Trump does not appear to be willing to do.


  • Be sure to read Donald Trump’s plan re: Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again (h/t Chateau Heartiste):

    When politicians talk about “immigration reform” they mean: amnesty, cheap labor and open borders. The Schumer-Rubio immigration bill was nothing more than a giveaway to the corporate patrons who run both parties.

    Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first – not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change. Here are the three core principles of real immigration reform:

    1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

    2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

    3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans. […]

    As CH accurately notes, Trump “just delivered a roundhouse kick to the groins of GOP cuckservatives, which would hurt them if they had any balls to begin with.” The #TrumpTrain rolls on – and you’d be a fool to not climb on board and do everything in your power to help steer it in the correct direction.

  • Disaffected conservative Trump supporters should watch closely. Leftists Jewish republican’s like Rabbi Dov Zakheim (NEOCONS) are interlopers and sabateurs. The democrat party wasn’t sufficiently pro-Israel, so they jumped ship and started calling themselves conservatives. They ARE NOT conservatives AT ALL. They are radical left-wing Jews who use America to fight wars for Israel. They have thoroughly destroyed the republican party. The last thing they want are any truly conservative policies like border control and enforcement. Doesn’t fit the mainstream Jewish agenda


    Watch carefully people as the republican Jews STAB YOU IN THE BACK. Hopefully, this will be the final nail in the republican party coffin.

    • i agree with everything you just said

    • Jews Are Our Misfortune

      You’re spot on. However, I am of the opinion that there won’t be an end to either the Republican or Democratic parties in our lifetimes, at least. The jews need their false left/right paradigm and any potentially viable third party is quickly infiltrated and made inconsequential by said jews.

      • No 3rd party run needed.

        Trump has a gun to GOP’s head already.

        They just don’t know they already lost.

        Hes in the lead. Hes controlling the national discussion. And…

        He basically has the support…

        Or more accurately…

        The fear/respect…of…

        Rush, Savage, Levin, Hannity and O’Reilly.

  • Maybe most Americans are SICK of jew influence in our country, just like Germany was in the early 30’s.

    • Gary, you know about 1020s Germany. Turn someone else on to it too. Get a copy or copies of JEWISH DOMINATION OF WEIMAR REPUBLIC. We may be frustrated, but these are things we can all do that make a difference.

      Makes a good birthday or Christmas present.

  • As much as I enjoy hearing Trump say things about immigration, the chances of him delivering if elected are probably nil. He’s too much a creature of Jew finance. I sometimes wonder if he’s sincere and realizes the country is finished if we don’t change course, but if that were true he’d never survive.

    Richard Edmonds, in his discussion of JewKIP, discusses how Thatcher deceived the English with her 1979 rhetoric about England being swamped by immigrants. She was elected and promptly did nothing to stop the invasion.

    Discusses at the 31:00 mark. He covers it earlier, too.

  • Talk about desperation on the cusp of madness! Israel doesn’t like Trump (another reason to vote for him) and has tapped Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the man who while comptroller of the Pentagon misplaced some three trillion dollars, and before he was appointed comptroller of the Pentagon by Bush(2), ran a company that makes remote control systems for aircraft, suspected as having been used to steer the planes on 9-11, as their pet attack dog!

    • Michael,I share your perceptions that Jews did 9/11,Larry Silverstein confessed and Dov Zackheim provided the remote control apparatus to fly the planes into their targets.Having deeply immersed myself in the readings of the Urantia Book it appears to me that this stuff has been pre-ordained and we can be consistently forewarned by daily meditations and thinking about the UBook.
      It was on a friendly,sunny day in October,2001 and I was in my hammock,power lounging with a diesel blunt and thinking deeply about all of us while perusing The Book that my epiphany occurred:evil Jewish men had carried out 9/11.It was a Eureka moment.Later,I looked for facts to flesh out my moment.
      Happily,I met folks like Luke,Frank,Ralph and Mya,Rory McSniff and my last remaining acolyte,Ron MacShnoodle from up in Harlem.
      The rest is history and we are almost there! Please contact me,I believe you have my info.


      Do you think it is possible for me to appear on your radio show to promote my latest scheme,rethink911.org?

  • As agent for the State of Israel, Zakheim and the State of Israel are jointly and severally liable for $2.3T embezzled from the Pentagon, PLUS the triple damage multiplier authorized by 18 U.S.C. 1964(c). Both are PAST DUE and IN DEFAULT: http://supremelaw.org/cc/zakheim/notice.of.default/

  • The Jews informed power will not be the overlaying factor in the next election; it will the babyboomers. The boomers a very manipulated group like Pulp Fiction will be the overlaying factor in the next election. The boomers are realists not ideological so they’ll just get real as despairing as real really is. It’s possible they’ll just vote for Bernie Sanders who actually is a Jew — the boomers are very manipulatable. The real trick with the boomers is to try to get them to say no to the Military Industrial Complex and all the imperialistic wars. Pro America and Liberty.

  • Yeah, the Jews don’t want Trump and are telling themselves that if they don’t want it, it can’t happen. Ha ha. The truth is Trump is completely wise to the Jews and I suspect hates them with a passion. You can’t live and work in New York without figuring out these parasites. The American people are waking up – fast – and the Jews might want to start packing. They know the drill.

  • John. Your analysis is spot on.

    Its a game.

    And Trump is winning the game.

    Take note of Dov’s attitude towards Trump supporters.

    Take note of his attitude towards Trumps support of Israel.

    He resents it.

    He dissaproves of The Don appealing to those they have planned on making Jeb the next war president.

    Notice how this Dov is nowhere to be found UNTIL Trumps support has been firmly established.

    He comes out with this just as Trump puts forth his Immigration Reform plan.

    Excellent summary of what a neoCOMMIE is by Tim above.

    They are international embedded spies. They never support domestic or socially right issues.

    Leftist to the core. They are being exposed for all to see.

  • Good God, who in the hell else is saying what Trump is saying. Who? . .no one! Support for Trump needs to go over the top before primary even get close. Dam it! Get to work!.. now

  • Hey rabbi, shouldn’t you be doing something about stopping the genocide in gaza rather than muck about in US politics?? How about returning Palestine to it’s actual owners, the PALESTINIANS!?!?! You remember Palestine, right?? it’s the country that zionists bribed and blackmailed UN members and certain politicians in the UK to induce them to illegally and immorally annex Palestine, thereby creating a country that had never before existed, that country being the FAILED WELFARE STATE OF ISRAEL!!

  • There can never be a perfect candidate in a nation so Jew owned as the US, and indeed the entire West.

    However, Trump is the best one can get. Believe me, any Gentile who makes it big in New York City must know about the Jews !

    Just as Ambassador Joseph P Kennrdy who fought the Jews in banking, Wall Street, liquor, and foreign policy…he vigouously opposed WW 2, knew…and so did JFK, and RFK.

    The Jews feared the Kennedys independence, as they fear Trumps.

    He threatens their total takeover of the Republican Party ,and his sweeping out the Kosher Koch Brothers Tea Party, Evangelical Israel worshippers, Rothschild’s FOX cult, and does not need Casino boss, Jew Sheldon Adelsons money.

    Educate yourselves in party organizing ,and get out there and help takeover the GOP for Trump !
    Help sweep out the Jews,and their lovers from it !

    As for Rabbi Zekheim he ,as Comptroller General of the Pentagon under Bush ,lost ‘1 trillion dollars ‘. A very evil man .

  • Zakheim needs a court hearing and then a hanging.

  • It is important to realize that most of these prople are not descendants of the ten tribes of Israel or the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The people who claim the mantle of “Jews” are descendants of the Khazars who trace their beginnings from Turkey. They were and are known for their barbarous and savage conduct. They were wiped out By Genghis Khan in the 11th century but not before they had found the Kabbalah and the Talmud and embraced Satan. The remnants fled into Poland, the Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe. After destroying Christan Russia through Communism they flooded the rest of Europe. Germany was one of their main targets. The German people had two political choices, Socialism or Communism. When Hitler came to power the country was already morally declining from this Khazarian filth by those people calling themselves “Jews.” Uncover any cesspool of moral filth and you will find members of this Kazarian Mafia at the bottom of it all. If it be the entertainment industry, politics, banking,etc, you will always find that scum sucking parasite, the Khazar, hiding under the mantle of the Jew.

    • Jewish ideology is evil whether whoever adopted it…Khazar or not !
      It stands for a small tribe worshipping a predatory racist “God”, called Yahweh, who promised them the world.

      They where at war with all cultures, and peoples ,the Gentiles; throughout history and today.

      ‘Thou shall have no other Gods but Yahweh ,’ means , “Every knee shall bend”.
      Mid Eastern, European, or Khazarian, Judaism is ANY form, “true “, or not is fundamentally evil.

    • NATIONAL Socialism or Communism which is advanced marxist socialism. Marxist Socialism is a social engineering designed and promoted by a hostile foreign minority (jews) who hate local majorities and install its ideology to destroy those majorities. The main thrust of leftist socialism is to divide and destroy a Nation.

      NATIONAL refers to the People, the “Folk”. The native, ethnic, people of that ‘nation’. Not jews or theiinvading outsiders they clear a path for. National Socialism was designed and promoted by men who sincerely and deeply loved their people and refused to see them squeezed dry, butchered and destroyed by jew Capitalism and jew Bolshevism being driven by the hostile jew minority, as it is being used today in all White European countries.

      This is why Nationalism and National Socialism is being vehemently demonized today in all countries that are being destroyed by the jews.

  • The Trump show goes on with Masonic hand signs, Rothschild money, and sideshow distractions… C’mon America, the Chosen Ones get Selected long before ANY elections. Looked at the spraying in the sky
    lately? How ’bout the new disease epidemic, (problem) to cause fear (reaction), so you and your kids will get the latest vaccine poison (solution). Perhaps smart blood or a bio-chip in there next time. How
    about Windows 10 or the new (I)Spy Phone? Or the real-time facial
    recognition tech currently in beta-test mode across urban America,
    with cameras, gunshot mics, license plate readers, and air-borne drones gobbling up every second of your waking existence. And
    the food? Are the fertility drugs working? Do you even question
    WHAT the money IS and WHERE it comes from? Ready for
    Camp FEMA and the Patriot Purge? How much lies and
    disinformation are you willing to submit to just so long
    as your comfortable existence goes on as planned?
    Time to Wake Up America
    -Shawn D.

  • (Ivanka et al) “A Jew remains a Jew even though he changes his religion; a Christian which would adopt the Jewish religion would not become a Jew, because the quality of a Jew is not in the religion but in the race. A Free thinker and Atheist always remains a Jew.” (Jewish World, London December 14, 1922)