Questioning “The Holocaust” – Why We Believed (Part 1)

Here is the latest documentary produced by Eric Hunt. This is definitely worth watching. Also, check out his website and donate some money to help him continue producing these great documentaries exposing one of the biggest lies foisted upon humanity.


  • When, I wonder, will Mister Hunt start talking about suing the jews for their lies about the holohoax? The German People deserve trillions of dollars in reparations for injuries inflicted on them by the jews.

    • I want reparations for having been victimized by the deliberate premeditated psychological trauma & fraudulently damaged self esteem resulting from the dindooz’ holohoax racket. Not to mention all Western tax monies directed towards anything holohoax-related must be returned; and indeed reversed with the dinjoo holohoax racketeers, after returning all their swindled booty plus compounded interest, also paying the same amount again in reparations/punitive damages to their victims.

  • John, thanks for posting this. I am almost finished reading “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich and I also have the DVD. And I have the 4-disc DVD set “Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told” so Eric Hunt’s work goes right well with all of this. As you know I am a long-time subscriber of both The American Free Press and the Barnes Review. I sure wish I had this information 50 years ago.

    –Bob Bowen

  • Excellent new film. Needs to be distributed as quickly and broadly as possible.

  • Brad J. Finseth Bakko

    Lethal gas was formerly employed by eleven American states as the method of inflicting capital punishment. One of several drawbacks is the highly flammable quality of the gas being generated. Look carefully at the floorplan shown above of what is alleged to be a gas chamber. What is that immediately adjacent to the shower? A boiler room. I daresay this is a less than satisfactory arrangement, wouldn’t you agree? In a conventional gas execution the air temperature must fall within a definite range or the gas loses much potency. There are a host of seemingly trivial details, none of which may be safely disregarded lest the entire operation miscarry. Prison authorities in Mississippi learned this to their woe in 1983. Observe that the gas is purported to have been introduced from above, that the walls of the room are of porous material and the door wooden. Someone in a position to know assures me it is quite impossible for such a facility to have been employed for executions unless the condemned were locked in and left to succumb to malnutrition. Even were it possible to release gas through the shower heads, the gas naturally rises and could not be produced in sufficient quantity to asphyxiate scores upon scores of victims. Is it not curious the only German officers or camp personnel to recollect mass gassings were those blindfolded and clobbered black, blue and bloody by the heroic British and American victors wielding brass knuckles? Perhaps having one’s teeth smashed in, eyes blackened and jaw fractured contributes to clarity of memory. My word. Things do grow curiouser and curiouser.