Q&A With Emily Youcis

This weekend I contacted Emily Youcis, an independent animator and artist who was recently fired from her job hawking pistachios, beer, and other snacks at Philadelphia Phillies baseball games following coverage of her attendance at the NPI conference in Washington, D.C. late last month. While at the conference, Emily attempted to interview some of the rapid antifa protesters who were demonstrating outside the Ronald Reagan Building where the conference was held. The following video is well worth watching if you have not seen it already:

Also worth watching is her appearance on Red Ice TV where her and Lana discuss her recent termination:

Based on a recent Tweet, Emily has already locked up a position with Red Ice TV working as an independent journalist, a perfect gig for someone with the skills, knowledge, and courage that she has. I think we will continue to see great work from her and the rest of Red Ice TV crew in the future.

Sadly, in modern day America, the so-called “Land of the Free,” anyone who openly holds pro-White political and racial views, questions mainstream narratives (contemporary narratives as well as historical), and/or espouses perspectives that run contrary to the Jew-approved politically correct discourse dominating our society is at serious risk of losing their job, as demonstrated in Emily’s case. Regular readers of this website recall I have been fired on two separate occasions (see here and here) after my former employers were made aware of my personal political, racial, and historical views and independent journalistic and blogging activities. There are many, many other examples of Americans losing their jobs simply for expressing their politically incorrect point of view publicly, a topic I’ve written about fairly extensively.

I hope to have Emily on The Realist Report to discuss all of this in the near future. In the meantime, I encourage readers to consider making a donation to Emily (alfredalfer77@gmail.com on PayPal) or supporting her animations via Patreon. The full Q&A follows below.

JF: First off, were you surprised you were fired following the publicity surrounding NPI? Why or why not?

EY: I wasn’t surprised at all. Ever since I started talking about white identity politics and race realism a couple months ago, I knew I was stepping in very hot water. I’d wake up every morning with a knot in my stomach about it, waiting for ‘The Big Phone Call.’ Even back in April when I was merely supporting Trump I was scared I was saying too much, so when I went Full 1488 in October I felt termination would be inevitable. At times I thought perhaps I might’ve been able to keep it all under the radar enough that it wouldn’t go recognized by any significant amount of Philles fans, but low and behold, when I saw the Commie Attack played on all the major news outlets immediately after NPI, I knew I was done for. After Will Bunch wrote the original hit piece about me a few days later, and I saw the rapid influx of articles stretching all the way to MLB.com, I knew I had sold my last nut. When they did finally call me two Sundays ago to officially let me go, it was actually a huge relief. It was the last thing they could take from me, and I was happy to not to have to worry about getting canned anymore. Truth be told I was getting sick of the job after being employed 7 years, and I was glad I could finally be forced into doing Animation full time, which is my true talent and passion.

JF: In recent years we’ve seen dozens and dozens of hard-working Americans lose their jobs for publicly sharing points of view that run contrary to the enforcers of political correctness – what does this say about the state of affairs in this country? What happened to the First Amendment?

EY: Unfortunately when you ask “What Happened to the First Amendment” in regards to this case, the first argument people will use to shut it down is “They’re private employers, they can do what they want. No one has an obligation to keep any employee around, the First Amendment doesn’t apply here.” In my case, I had signed a contract which stated that I could be terminated for disagreeable social media, so despite a few lawyers here and there saying I have a case, I think that pretty much sealed the deal. Obviously anyone with any sense in them can see the hypocrisy in the fact that I was fired for speech by a company who regularly hires felons, ex cons, rapists, robbers, and possibly murderers. How many of these people are BLM supporters or members of the Muslim Brotherhood? How many of them have ‘disagreeable’ social media? I’m guessing a lot, since the majority of employees come out of the bowels of the ghetto, and quite a few are Muslim. I’ve heard countless racist things on the job by these mostly lazy, incompetent black employees, and yet no one ever seemed to bat an eye.

The fact that afterwards the media essentially went on a manhunt and publicly lynched me from a tree in front of the whole city (and afterwards the nation), subjecting me to possible violence and ensuring I never get even the most meager job ever again in my life, proves just how viciously they want to set an example for others in the movement or anyone who speaks out against White Genocide. CNN ended their story on me by telling anyone who shares my sentiments to start deleting tweets if they want to stay employed. Luckily I’m largely self employed and was able to sacrifice myself upon the alter for the movement, but the damages are still done – I’ll never be able to go out to dinner or take a simple stroll around Philadelphia without constantly checking my back for people who want me dead.

JF: Can you briefly comment on your experience at NPI? How was the conference overall? What were the people like who attended?

EY: I walked away from NPI hugely inspired and optimistic for the future of the movement. The speakers were articulate and incredible as usual and handled all of the medias’ bait questions with grace and reason. When Spencer made his final speech and everyone started heiling, I felt a great jolly warmth in my heart. I felt empowered, finally proud to be white after a lifetime of self-hatred, knowing who we truly were and that we were going to take back what our ancestors forged. Of course when the media showed the clips later like it was a horror movie and began their shame-spiraling my spirits were a bit dampened, but I’ll never forget how wonderful I felt at the time. I’ve only been to gaming or animation conventions before, during which I always felt an emptiness – I knew deep down these cons were just a fluffy distraction from what was really going on in the world – so it was so refreshing to be in a room full of people devoted to uncovering and exposing reality, not escaping from it. The people at NPI were some of the most intelligent, well-read, passionate folks I’ve ever come across – certainly at a convention – and it was quite humbling to talk to them and absorb their vast amounts of historical and ideological knowledge.

JF: Finally, can you comment on the hysterical protesters outside the event? From what I understand, your cameraman was physically attacked, protesters disrupted a private dinner, and many of them made threats against attendees of the conference – and yet the police did virtually nothing. Your thoughts?

EY: Ever since I was a teenager, the communists of old had always fascinated me and made me laugh at their pipe dream ideals of equality. The modern day Anti-fa riff-raff are ten times more hilarious and ironic, chock full of comedy gold. At NPI it took them no less than five minutes to surround me after merely wanting to have a discussion, spraypaint my hair and eyes (if it wasn’t for the breeze it would’ve probably done serious damage), and send my cameraman to the ER where he received 8 stitches. The fact that dozens of 6 foot tall men hidden beneath bandannas, sunglasses, hoodies, and megaphones could attack a small woman armed with nothing more than a microphone shows their cowardice. I stitched together a video with all of the footage that you can find on my youtube, and you can clearly see how ridiculously the situation unfolded. Of course there were no cries of misogyny or woman-battering from the media, of which they so love to scream when it’s convenient. As far as they were concerned I incited and deserved the violence, and received no sympathy. Even more ridiculous was the way these children were allowed to disrupt the dinner at Maggianos, ruining the evening of a group of teenage girls having a birthday party, and regular paying customers who were just trying to have a quiet meal. The fact that they sprayed and assaulted employees – many of whom were people of color they claim to hold so precious – and in consequence WE were given the blame and made to leave, is so mind boggling it’s hard to stomach. I guess that’s the rage that keeps me fighting for this movement, even when I’m in the depths of black-pilled disillusionment when I realize I lost everyone in my life and skyrocketed into infamy for being a “Racist Nazi.” I’ll probably never experience normality again because of it all, but hey, I barely had normality or anyone before this whole thing happened. I really didn’t have much to lose when I went into this, and now that what I had is lost, I have no where to go but up, and can devote myself completely to unashamedly spreading the truth. The media in their post NPI witch-hunt probably think they snuffed me out – but in reality, the flame is burning inside me stronger than it ever has. The relentless publicity is putting White Nationalism into the minds and hearts of more disenfranchised White Americans than ever before in history, and I don’t think they realize what just they’ve helped to give rise to.


  • Great interview and I’m looking forward to listening to the audio interview you plan on doing. I saw her on Red Ice and I was very impressed. What an incredible and talented young lady. I have subscribed to her youtube channel.

    By the way John I dropped you a 20 donation.

    • Thanks Steven! And yes, she is very talented and has a lot of potential!

    • Latimer, the Evil Bunny Rabbit Supremacist™

      The kosher lie-media Marx-tards just doing what their caustic utterly-miscegenated DNA guides them to do. As predatory parasites, they learn non-jew host-folk society hate from the tit on-words.

  • It’s amazing how liberating it can be to be fired from the PC world of International Jewry.

    I too was fired from a high-profile job at a major sports arena. Not for speaking the truth, but rather for refusing to suck up to my Jewish and communist “superiors”. “Insubordination” they call it.

    I sued the bastards and after 6 years of sleeping on couches, and a life I don’t wish on anyone, I eventually won the case in a State Supreme Court.

    The case was Ellis v City of Seattle if you want to look it up.

    It ain’t for the faint hearted and trust me, you have no idea how corrupt the legal system is until you see it up close and personal. But somehow, with a LOT of luck and blessing from the Almighty, justice sometimes prevails. I hope you can do the same but I must warn you, the courts can eat you alive and quite often do.

    You’re set up to fail, by design. Judges are the gatekeepers for the elite.

    Anyway, God Bless you and best of luck, whatever you decide.

    And nice work, so far.

    • “You’re set up to fail, by design. Judges are the gatekeepers for the elite.”

      Amen! Isn’t it the truth! …the elite, and the insurance companies, and the police, and the government…

      I always thought Ellis was a jewish surname. (I’ve read your comments for years now and you hate the jews. That’s a little ironic.) Maybe the jews stole it from some part of Great Britain.

      I hope you got or get a hefty award.

  • The first thing the Jews and their White self hating cultural marxists do to a White Nationalist is to deny them means of self support….

  • dave e — that’s just the problem. it’s a “legal system’.. it’s not about justice. it’s about “legalities”. if you’re poor and you get justice out of it you’re lucky.
    lawful is what the constitution says. legal is whatever flies with the authorities at the time.
    white nationalist racism? well, you might call it that but, as the donald would say it’s very unfair.
    you have white countries being overrun unlawfully (maybe legally but no way lawfully) by colored ‘migrants’, enough of whom have made it real plain they fully intend to eliminate the national identity (white people) and replace it with their own culture, if you can call islam and sharia law a culture.
    it’s white people standing up against hordes of undocumented colored invaders, with high public officials abetting the human trafficking and giving non-citizens the right to vote, which is treason.
    why didn’t the police arrest the masked men who assaulted the woman’s companion?
    because they’re not law enforcement officers. they operatives in an agency. agents, who follow orders.
    if anybody comes close to the same attack on one of them they kill him dead immediately.
    why are the demonstrators wearing masks? because they’re there to commit crime.
    i don’t think racism is exactly the word for white people who fight against all this.
    it’s not the word for those who have pride in their racial and national heritage either.
    i know resisting the invasion has not necessarily anything to do with bigotry.
    and even if mud people do have lower iq scores it doesn’t mean they’re inferior.
    there are way too many people in the usa and the world now in the first place.
    we can’t spare the water. the fish need it.

  • Great interview John. Emily is a star! I wish we had more like her. She’s a real inspiration. I have a feeling her courage and spirit will encourage more women to speak out like she does.

  • Come on folks…lets push the REVERSE DISCRIMINATION angle!

    The Supreme Court ruled on this subject back in 1978.

    Its called the Bakke Decision! Lets see it pursued!

  • In the big picture, the war against whites is just one facet of the overall Jewish Agenda.

    The Jew pits:

    1.) Whites against minorities and vice versa.
    2.) Men against women and vice versa.
    3.) Money and “management” against those who actually work.
    4.) “Educators” against those who want the truth.
    5.) The “media” against those with a brain.
    6.) Real Christians against stupid ones who can’t read John 8:44
    7.) Christians against Muslims and vice versa.
    8.) “Revolutionaries” in the church like Jesuits and radical Islamists (like Wahhabis and Takfiris, these are almost all Jews, in both cases) against legitimate followers of Christianity and Islam.
    9.) Illegal immigrants against US citizens.
    10.) “History” against the truth. (holohoax, Hitler, etc.)

    And probably a few more I can’t remember.

    • I left off more than a few:

      11.) The court system against the common man.
      12.) Law enforcement against the PC bolsheviks and gimme-gimme liberals.
      13.) Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg et al. against the Constitution.
      14.) Jill “Steiney-poo the Jewey-Jew” against the brilliantly-designed Electoral College, among other things.
      15.) Alexander Hamilton, Rothshild agent and big-government instigator against freedom and individual rights.

      Lots more I’m sure…… feel free to add.

  • Goodness! “She had the grit to pray for Judus if she took the notion—there warn’t no back-down to her, I judge. You may say what you want to, but in my opinion she had more sand in her than any girl I ever see; in my opinion she was just full of sand. It sounds
    like flattery, but it ain’t no flattery. And when it comes to beauty—and goodness, too—she lays over them all.”

  • This Emily woman showed people the true face of these commies that are backed by Obama, Soros, and the Democratic Party (IMO). They are trash and their street armies are violent. Soon they will be using firearms and starting guerrilla movements like the commies of old. They think the time is ripe. If we, as Patriots, do not get in the streets and fight them tooth and nail, we will succumb to their power and the US will no longer exist as we know it. Time for patriots to form armies of protection, street armies to counter strike the reds, and to go after the democratic party at all levels. This Marxist sickness must be pulled out of AMerica by the roots.