Populist Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Advances in French Elections

Le Pen

  • France’s first round of presidential voting is over, and the news is surely alarming to globalists and EU-firsters everywhere. Marine Le Pen of the populist, right-wing National Front Party has come in second place, having secured the votes of 7 million of her countrymen who agree it’s time to put France first and shut down the massive immigration that threatens to forever change the French culture.

Two political outsiders will face off in the second round of the French presidential election after no candidate won a majority in the first round of voting, which wrapped up this past Sunday, April 23rd.

Centrist Emmanuel Macron, who represents En Marche! (On the Move!), a relatively new political movement that only formed in April 2016, will compete against Marine Le Pen, long associated with the National Front, a right-wing, populist party that is critical of the European Union and mass immigration, after the two outsiders came in first and second, respectively, in the first round of voting.

The first round of voting took place during a state of emergency declared by the French government following the alleged ISIS-inspired terrorist attack on the Champs-Elysees, the world-renowned boulevard in the heart of Paris. A French policeman was reportedly killed during the attack, which occurred just days before the first round of voting. Two other French police officers were allegedly wounded during the attack before the attacker, reportedly inspired and affiliated with ISIS, was shot and killed by police.

The National Front, which is regularly vilified and demonized by France’s political and media elite, has only two members of parliament and little political support among other more mainstream parties and leaders. Macron’s En Marche! has no representation in parliament, yet is viewed as a more centrist and legitimate political party compared to Le Pen’s nationalistic National Front. Macron, who at the young age of 39 has formerly served as a deputy secretary-general under President François Hollande’s first Socialist government in 2012 and later went on to serve as Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in 2014 under Prime Minster Manuel Valls, is a former banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque and is viewed by critics as a pro-European Union globalist.

The two political outsiders each won over 20 percent of the popular vote in the first round of voting, besting their more established political rivals. Macron secured 23.8 percent of the vote, netting well over 8 million total votes, while Le Pen secured 21.7 percent of the vote, attracting well over 7 million total votes.

François Fillon, the center-right candidate whose campaign was plagued by scandalous accusations of abuse of public funds after it was alleged his wife and children were paid public money for work they either never did or were unqualified to do, has encouraged his voters to back Macron, as has Benoit Hamon, the Socialist candidate. Combined, Fillon and Hamon received over 9 million votes, votes both Macron and Le Pen will be vying for in the second round showdown, currently scheduled to take place on May 7.

Hollande, the current president of France, has also encouraged voters to support Macron in the second round of voting, saying Le Pen and the National Front “deeply divide France.” Ethnic and minority groups have also targeted Le Pen and the National Front, vilifying them as “racist” and “xenophobic” for their nationalistic stances on issues such as immigration.

Francis Kalifat, the leader of CRIF, an umbrella group of French Jewish communities, has described Le Pen as a “candidate of hate,” and has urged his community and other French voters to support Macron regardless of his policies in order to prevent a nationalist from becoming president of the French republic.

In a move that has surprised many of her supporters, Le Pen recently announced she is stepping down as leader of the National Front in order to focus on the upcoming presidential election. The National Front has long been a polarizing feature of French political life, and Le Pen has worked carefully to counter that image by expelling hardliners from the party, including her own father who founded the organization.

“Tonight, I am no longer the president of the National Front. I am the presidential candidate,” Le Pen declared while making her announcement on France 2, a public television and news outlet. “I will feel more free, and above partisan considerations.”

While the establishment appears to be supporting Macron, Le Pen and her supporters are optimistic. In an interview in late January, Le Pen described Macron as an “ideal” candidate to face off with.

“A runoff between a patriot such as myself and a caricature of a diehard globalist like him is ideal,” Le Pen said at the time. “It’s a gift.”

Nationalists across the world will be watching the second round of the French presidential election closely, especially nationalists in France concerned about the future of their people and nation. France, like most Western European nations, has seen astonishing levels of immigration from Africa and the Middle East, resulting in rampant crime, rioting, and unrest while the traditional French population is replaced with foreigners.

“This is the last French struggle, and we don’t have much chance to defeat globalism and reverse the White genocide that is happening here, whether demographically or culturally,” Electre, a French nationalist and activist, recently explained to AFP. “If Marine Le Pen doesn’t win now, by the time of the next elections the foreign population – which is already out-breeding French natives – will have grown so much that the local White votes won’t be able to counter foreign votes.”

Electre noted she and other French nationalists will vote for Le Pen, but many are fearful that she will ultimately let down nationalists by compromising with globalist, anti-French forces.

“Even if she manages to be elected, the nationalist struggle will still not be over, because the National Front has essentially become another Republican Party,” Electre explained. “She’s definitely less toxic than all of the other candidates, yet I don’t really trust her to save the country, because if you betray your own father, to whom you owe everything, what’s holding you back from betraying your people and nation?”

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  • Marine Le Pen didn’t betray her father. Although I consider him correct in several issues,
    french voters have to be enticed with a different speech, as many things could be done to help the nation, any openly blunt adressing things sometimes scare people that could be attracted with a more soft stance. Perhaps, Le Pen understood that her daughter had a more popular and accomodating approach to political ideas and didn’t feel betrayed.

  • Looks Like Trump Got Himself All Jewed-Up


    John Friend needs to read this excellent (and severely depressing) article from Incogman’s website. Too bad Incogman never does radio, because the guy would be a fantastic guest to listen to. His writing and satire are the best in the entire Pro-White movement.

    BTW: I am seeing articles appearing online that ‘claim’ that Macron is slipping in the polls and those same articles claim that Le Pen is ‘surging’. I smell a set up. Less than 3 days ago, these mainstream, jewish controlled media outlets were assuring everyone that Macron had an insurmountable, double-digit lead over Le Pen – and this, despite the fact that Macron is a Hollande and Rothschild groomed clone and Hollande’s approval rating is somewhere around 4%? We are expected to believe that the same French voters who hate Hollande’s guts are going to vote for a Hollande stooge and give him a landslide victory?

    Obviously, Macron has never had a double-digit lead over Le Pen – but, in order to set the stage for a rigged victory for Macron, the jews had to drop that line of baloney and suddenly claim that Macron was slipping and Le Pen was surging. Its far easier to fix elections where the two candidates are presented as being almost equally tied according to the fake polls.

    However, having shared my suspicions as to what the jews are trying to pull over on the French people – even if Le Pen somehow squeaks out a victory, after watching how fast the jews were able to swarm over and devour Trump (in less than 100 days) – I am 100 percent certain that they’ll devour Le Pen and bring her to heel in less time than they did Trump.

    Le Pen shares her bed and all of the ‘fringe benefits’ that go along with it – with a jew, for crying out loud. That ensures that she is compromised from the get-go even more so than Trump was, unless of course, those fairly disgusting hints by the liberals on the left about Trump and his daughter Ivanka are credible. And, based on how badly Trump appears to be P-Whipped by Ivanka, it does make me wonder. After all, in today’s thoroughly jewed and poisoned Western culture – where it is common knowledge that huge numbers of our elites are involved in pedophilia, homosexuality, Satanism, and every other sexual perversion under the sun – why would it come as a shock to anyone to find out that ‘incest’ was also on the list of aberrant behaviors that the globalists dabble in?

    America, circa 2017, is at least a thousand times more decadent and corrupt than was Weimar Republic Germany before WW2.