Poll: 25% of Israelis Believe Another “Holocaust” Is Possible

According to a recent report published by The Times of Israel, a new poll has found that roughly 25% of Israelis fear a “second Holocaust” is possible. How delusional are these people?

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Israelis are worried for the future of world Jewry, a new poll has found, with a quarter of respondents believing another Holocaust could take place and almost a third agreeing that European Jews should move to Israel.

The complete findings of the survey by the World Zionist Organization will be presented on Sunday at a conference in Jerusalem devoted to new forms of anti-Semitism and the international boycott movement against Israel.

“This new data is sad and surprising,” the Hebrew-language website NRG quoted WZO Vice Chairman Yaakov Hagoel as saying. “It is inconceivable that Jews, having a country of their own, still believe the Holocaust could happen again.”

“I am not in the 25 percent that think another Holocaust may take place, but in the 75% who believe that so long as the State of Israel exists – and it will exist forever – there will not be another Holocaust. In my eyes, there was a Holocaust because we didn’t have a state. Today this would not happen,” Hagoel told Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon. […]

In other “Holocaust” related news, a U.S. appeals court recently “gave new life to a lawsuit by a group of Holocaust survivors seeking damages from Hungary for its role in the deaths of more than 500,000 Jews during World War II,” The Times of Israel reports.

Could it be any more obvious that the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative is simply a weapon utilized by the organized Jewish community to extort massive amounts of money and endless sympathy from (formerly) White nations, demonizing any form of White racial consciousness and nationalism as “hateful” and fundamentally illegitimate in the process? It has also served as a useful tool in promoting Jewish ethnic interests and identity, as this article (and many, many others) demonstrate.

This has to be understood, especially by those of us concerned about the future of the White race. The fake “Holocaust” narrative is the number one weapon being used to demonize and slander our race and any form of White racial identity. As Eric Striker (listen to him on The Realist Report), a very talented and insightful young writer associated with Matthew Heimbach’s Traditionalist Youth Network, recently argued in a brilliant article:

Exposing the Holocaust as what it is must be one of the main tenets of any emerging Western nationalist movement. Don’t settle for anything less because this is the first – not the last – problem we need to deal with before any real work gets done.

I couldn’t agree more – Striker is spot on. The fake “Holocaust” must be directly confronted and exposed, especially considering how central it is to not only Jewish identity, but the Jewish agenda to genocide the White race. The fake “Holocaust” narrative is a weaponized, entirely false version of history that has and continues to be used against the White race and White racial consciousness.

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  • I think if you substitute the word “pogrom” for “Holocaust” you’d get a better picture of what is most feared by the Elders of International Jewry. Contrary to the mainstream history textbooks and the Tee Vee, a “Pogrom” was an order or government edict for jewish criminal operations to leave or vacate a neighborhood i.e. “get out of our town”. In other words, just like a landlord might evict a tenant for turning a premises into a focal point for criminal activity, a “pogrom” was the basically the same thing. Ever wonder what the term, “Wandering Jew”, really refers to? If you study the history of “pogroms”, the organized jewish community was asked to leave just about every country where they had established an organized presence i.e. Zionism. Running child prostitution out of the Synagogues, with the proceeds going to fund the jewish theocratic state in Israel? Please leave our law-abiding community, thank you. Believe-it-or-not, this did happen in the US years ago. General Ulysses S. Grant, who was later elected President, issued the expulsion of jews due to a incredibly huge black market he ran across during the Civil War in 1862.


  • I’m sorry, I was under the illusion that in order to be “another” of a thing there would have to have been a first of a thing. The only “holocausts” I’m certain happened were committed in China – Russia – Germany – Danzig – most all of Eastern Europe and thanks to the Judas Class in D.C., the U.S. soon.

  • The Holohoax is the biggest lie of the last century, but it’s also one of the best ideas!

  • I would say that many jews/Israelis encounter a lot of people talking about them openly on the internet and it has them worried, and rightfully so.
    and for the record: The holohoax scam isn’t going to work anymore.

    • Atomic,

      So right you are. I just recently watched a video which came straight from the Israeli Ministry of Mind Control. The Jews are very concerned and are pushing Hasbara on every digital square inch of the Internet. I just had a jew ask me to thank him for all the technology Israel gives to the world! Correct me but I’m pretty sure that’s our gig, making the world a better place, not theirs.

      Anyway, I forget what the documentary was called but John Friend and few other vocal journalists were mentioned, along with “Brother Nathaniel” of Real Jew News.

    • amen at least some can see the probbs.every human being has the ability to make a decision. and being Jewry is an ideology and not a race.than u all made yer bed now lie in it..u (all).enjoy reaping the bennies now reap wat u have sown..if we the people take a Jew life for every life Jewry took you parasites will end up owing planet earth. Gfy

  • We can pray……

  • Do you mean hundreds of millions of non-Jews must again die as they did and do die, everyday, of our lives? For, the Jews, do we die. The “Jews Holocaust” story has been proven, many times over, to be, a Holohoax, an impossible thing to have happened, discredited, and so much that Jew Judges have taken to insisting ‘no evidence can prove the Holocaust didn’t happen.’ Jews don’t even try to prove IT anymore they just do their best to make sure none of us are allowed to disprove IT. Though the “holocaust” lie is sponsored by the sold out, Jew owned, Politicians, Judges and Educational Systems, for starters, (people, who think themselves to be so good, so chosen, that they wouldn’t spit on us common folk if we were on fire); for centuries, people were sworn to ‘believe’ the Earth is flat and the center of the Solar System. Finally, today, we know better than that, we are closer to the real truth, the whole truth. The day will come when we learn as common knowledge that the Rothschild’s Jewish Mafia used many tricks to enslave and murder (hundreds of millions of) other humans, not Jews, and, the Jews Holocaust story was just one trick they used to cover their tracks. Until, then, until this knowledge is common in all the world of people, until then, come on. Come on, because, with each insistence, the story (lie) loses more ground, until, the day will come in America as it has in a lot of Europe. A day when the government disallows any discussion of the Jews Holocaust Story, as discussion only proves the lie the story is, declaring, the Jews Holocaust Story is a fact that cannot be questioned, then, we and the world will know, without any doubt left; the Jews Holocaust Story is a lie, a murderous lie, intending to in part cover over the terrible, murderous treatment of people not Jews by Jews WW2. WW2, WW1, seems like forever and for always we must die so they can live and live more elegantly, than ever before. Hey, when do we get a chance to have a life of our own, Jew? The more you look the more you will see we are enslaved, and, as the Jews gain strength we lose, even what is vital to our existence, we lose. Such fool’s as we who must be on the bed of death before we admit: I, was wrong…

  • I hope they’re right.

  • “25% of Israelis Believe Another “Holocaust” Is Possible”

    You mean the first one! Lol.

  • They are certainly owed one.

  • Yes, there is a Holocaust coming, according to the Bible. It’s called WWIII and involves Nuclear Weapons. Apparenlty a ‘clean’ one is to be used on Jerusalem itself, hence the warning to leave the city without taking the time to go into one’s house to grab clothing or anything else. This is the time when Christ himself returns, standing on the MT Olive and causing it to split and form a sheltering path for those fleeing.

  • Considering Jewish behaviour since 33 AD not holocausting the Jews would seem like an injustice or an obstruction of justice. Clean up your act Jews! While you still can.

  • I never knew the truth needed laws to protect it from attack. Matter of fact I thought the truth was dependent upon being attacked in order to contineously prove the truth as being final.