Pete Papaherakles – Trump, populism, & revisionism

On Saturday, March 5, I sat down with Pete Papaherakles to discuss Donald Trump, America-first populism, and historical revisionism. Above you can watch all four video interviews I conducted with Pete, or you can visit my YouTube channel to watch and/or share the videos individually.

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  • To me, Trump is simply enjoying the opportunity given him. He knows that America doesn’t trust the Mainstream political establishment, even with the mass of media coverage it seems to control (although, IF they really control it, why are they focused so much on Trump). Obviously, they know that covering trump brings viewers/readers.

    But really, what is going on with the Republican Party? My buddy John and many others believe that he is more than just an opportunist.

    I don’t.

    But people who believe will suggest that the republican Party stalwarts like Romney are simply Jew sycophants and that Jews hate Trump (insinuating that Trump is anti-Jewish control or somehow “outside” their influence).

    This is the failure of the belief.

    Jews don’t hate Trump (at least those who are controlling this). What you are seeing is Kabuki Theater. Jews play ALL sides of a debate. Jews are controlling Trump, as well, but the Theater keeps the believers at bay.

    With the Republican Party infighting, it really is a power struggle of shabbos goy, but the believers think it is something else. That Trump doesn’t need Jews (even though he is on record, many times, saying things that show he is their pawn).

    Not me. Ever again. There will NEVER come a solution to our country’s woes from anyone within the R or D party.

    The sooner people understand this, the sooner the stupid cycle stops.

  • Great interview, Pete is a great journalist and historian and always a pleasure to listen to.


    He speaks common sense on immivasion and trade. He defends Hitler from lies and wants proof for the holo. He likes Duke but says he shouldn’t so quickly disavow the Klan.

    And Pete Papaherakles has the greatest name ever.

  • Have read Mein Kampf in English and Luther’s book – as well as many of the Revisionist Historian’s even regarding Hitler and Germany, about whom the whole world has been lied to.