One in Nine Congressmen Is ‘Re-Educated’ In Israel

One in Nine Congress

  • Israel’s “powerful stranglehold on the American government” hasn’t lessened since Jim Traficant spoke those words in 2009. In the last month alone, AIPAC’s “charitable” sister organization, the American Israel Education Foundation, has funded more than 50 U.S. congress members’ trips to Israel for “educational seminars” where they’re wined, dined… and indoctrinated.

The late Jim Traficant, the populist and courageous former congressman from Ohio and a regular contributor to this newspaper, was a powerful critic of the death grip the pro-Israel lobby and other high-profile and well-funded pro-Israel organizations have over the American government, particularly America’s congressional representatives.

“I believe that Israel has a powerful stranglehold on the American government,” Traficant boldly declared in a 2009 interview with Greta Van Susteren following his release from prison on trumped-up corruption charges. “They control both members of the House . . . and Senate.”

Traficant’s frank assessment of the pro-Israel lobby’s control and influence over the United States Congress has been proven accurate once again, as it was recently reported that more than 50 congressional representatives of both major political parties visited Israel last month.

That amounts to just under one-eighth of the 435 congressmen and women currently in Congress. The trips to Israel were funded in part by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), a charitable organization associated with AIPAC, America’s most prominent and influential pro-Israel political lobby. According to its official website, AIEF “funds educational seminars to Israel for members of Congress and other political influentials” in order to “help educate political leaders and influentials about the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship through firsthand experiences in Israel, briefings by experts on Middle East affairs, and meetings with Israeli political elite.”

U.S. congressmen and women—Democrats and Republicans alike—regularly visit Israel to consult and network with their Israeli counterparts, a long-running tradition in American politics that is largely overlooked by the average American voter. A report published by the Jewish News Service highlighting the August trips to Israel noted the bipartisan nature of the trips, as House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) led the groups during their time in the Zionist entity.

The American lawmakers met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, were briefed on strategic threats in the region, and met with other Israeli political, security, military, and media officials and representatives during their August visit. LegiStorm, a top congressional watchdog group that provides analysis and intelligence to D.C. insiders and policymakers, reported that AIEF “spent nearly $490,000 for a week of travel for 12 freshman, five other Democratic members, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) and three of Hoyer’s aides.”

Roughly one week later, “AIEF spent $668,000 to send 31 Republican members to an education seminar in Tel Aviv,” according to the report. The AIEF-funded trips to Israel are clearly paying off for the pro-Israel lobby, as support for Israel remains a bipartisan consensus on Capitol Hill. The Trump administration and virtually every other prominent political official also constantly voice their unwavering support for Israel. President Donald Trump recently met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and reaffirmed “the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel” and “the unwavering commitment of the United States to Israel’s security,” according to the official White House announcement highlighting the meeting.

The news comes as the United States opened its first permanent military base in Israel earlier this week. The base, located in southern Israel near the city of Beersheba, will “house dozens of U.S. troops and a missile defense system,” according to a report published by The Hill. The American taxpayer dishes out billions of dollars annually to Israel, most of which is related to maintaining Israel’s military advantage in the region.

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  • IF President TRUMP CAN , JEW down this scum, making a better DEAL for the USA they will write songs about him.

  • I’m going to lay out a few facts regarding our “friends” in Israel and their insidious “dual citizens” here in the dying empire;

    This is NOT getting near the outrage and exposure it desperately needs-

    “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

    “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
    (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

    While those “dual citizens” shoved the nation-killing immigration reform bill down our sleeping throats

    While those “dual citizens” and their Shabbos Goi CONTINUALLY try to disarm us, grant immunity to kosher big pharma, (yes, they REALLY have!)

    While their “dual citizens” “grant” Israel contracts to train our cops on the art of “dealing with” domestic terrorists, (i.e. Vets, precious metal purchasers and those unhappy with the drain the Judas Class is washing us down)

    While “dual citizens” force immigrants on ALL Christian/Muslim nations yet allow ZERO into their illegal state


    Tell me, is your blood boiling yet? No? Then hell, you’re already a corpse!

  • Isreal will have to self-destruct from within. For now, no congressman has the courage to say anything against Isreal; if they do they can kiss their jobs good-bye. They won’t even make AIPAC register as a foreign lobby. Money and power are in the hands of the (fake) jews for now.

  • Where does the AIEF source it’s funding from?
    If any more than a little of it comes from US tax payers then both “embezzlement” and “treason” ought to be the keywords of this article.

  • That is nothing to the “Re-Education that our dumb down education system is doing with the HoloHoax narrative with the kids in the schools.
    Millions upon millions of school kids are being forced fed the Jew version of the Holohoax every minute and there is NO way to stop them. Then our law enforcement officials are also being sent to Israel for some real good indoctrination on how to do their job enforcing Jew laws on us Goyim. You got to give it to the Jews they sure know how to do PR.
    There is no doubt we are out numbered here, and the amount of information backing up Israhell and supporting them in ALL their endeavors is mind numbing.

    Jim Rizoli

  • R.I.P. Jim Traficant, I am very familiar with his right on target stance on U.S/Israeli relations. I never believed for a minute he died in a one tractor crash on his own property.

  • worst possible scenario – the deagle report is true.

    and like the ex-spook says – they don’t even care if people know about it because there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it..

    because, there is very little freedom of speech in congress concerning the zog, and much less will there be any innovation forthcoming from the power/control center in dc or the statehouses. the state of mental slavery under the jews-who-are-not-jews indicates a sycophancy from which not much real good could logically be expected.
    there’s nothing dynamic about the us congress.
    things are so crooked by now that you’d need a state the size of florida in order to incarcerate everybody, insider crooks and their cronies.

    like scores of others who were deemed threats to the zog state the ‘accidental’ death of jim trafficant reeks of murder.
    as icke said “a stench to make the nostrils ache”.
    the zionists don’t stay in control simply because they know how to kiss people’s asses.
    and i guess there’s not one decent person with a badge in the whole state of ohio to officially call into question the coroner’s ruling on trafficant’s death as an accident.
    of course since the passage of the patriot act the county coroner’s function is over-ruleable by the federal government and you see very suspicious deaths of important people occurring time and again ruled as accidents, sudden illnesses, suicides and murder-suicides…
    with the obama national defense authorization act the security state, whoever that really is, can kill any citizen they choose with no official statement. not even one of their fake trials.

  • White Nationalists all know the jews have vast power in the West. But it’s actually much worse than we want to accept. America is an occupied territory, and this is no exaggeration. Our country has been robbed from us. It is in the hands of the jewish state. We can’t even speak. America is run and controlled by jew psychopaths. Certainly, our congress, every congressman and senator receives direct instructions on every vote they cast from their jew handler.

    It’s not like these politicians don’t know about the jews. How could they not. Cognitive dissonance only goes so far. They all know, in detail, exactly what’s going on, and they all know what will happen to them or their family members if they resist or attempt to reveal what’s going on to the people of the US. Besides, they understand, who would believe them?

    And the cuck media bozos, they have the same knowledge. That’s why we call them the “controlled media”. Those in the forefront, the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the FOXjews’ fakes, and the countless others who support and propagandize for the jewish system — they know.

  • abrowith a fake email

    The interviews are great- get Yeager on a regular basis. You are mistaken on scripture though. The OT was rewritten by (((evil folk))) in Babylon- they stole our stories from the Babylonian archive- the Doggerland stories.