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It's the Jews

I was recently a guest on Truth Cat Radio, a radio network that I had never heard of prior to being invited on. A man named Richard Kary, who hosts a program called Beyond The Matrix, emailed me and invited me on after discovering my website. I agreed to participate not really knowing too much about Richard or the radio network he broadcasts on, and it turned out to be a rather interesting discussion. Frankly, I do not think these guys knew what they were in for! I’m an open “anti-Semite,” “racist,” “conspiracy theorist,” and “White supremacist” to boot! Check out the discussion and please do let me know what you think in the comments below. :)

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  • You handled yourself very well John. Once again, there is always that one person that will try to deflect the fact that most of this behaviour, almost always, comes from the kikes.

    • Thanks Robert!

      I agree – it’s the Jews behind virtually everything wrong with our society, it’s just not even debatable when you know the facts. And what kills me: we have Jews openly admitting it in their own newspapers, magazines, books, interviews, etc. It’s no secret!

  • GREAT job, John. Love the idiotic Scottish wanker, Graham, with his deeeeep research and diaper loading. A++

    • Horrified at oversimplification, but, “See there’s a New World Order controlled by 13 families.”

      How about this Graham, “There’s the world and in it are many competing individuals and groups. – Take your own side or get rolled!”?

  • Oh, no he didn’t! The man from Scotland said International cabal is ruling the planet. While it is international in nature so are the Jews and the proper name would then be International Communism. He sounds like he’s been listening to Alex Jones.

    Jews fear whites and look at them as a people who pose a threat to their agenda. The Northern War of Aggression, WWI, and WWII are wars engineered by Jews that led to 10s of million whites.

    They hate Christians, hate Jesus, and feel with whites out of the way they can rule over all other races. White genocide is real and killing all whites is discussed in the open and on our college campuses. Richard was cool and what was with the end with that Steven fella when he said you’re not coming back? Whose show is it?

    You did an excellent job John as always but that’s to be expected.

    • Thanks Steven! I agree with your comments 100%.

      Richard seemed OK, genuinely curious and interested in hearing me out. I guess the other guy Steven runs their network – I don’t think they get many listeners or viewers. Steven was interfering and interrupting almost the entire time… Same with the Scottish dude, although he was better than Steven! It would have been a lot better if it was just Richard and I talking. Maybe next time?

  • You acquitted yourself very well and gave an excellent interview, John, typified by your usual honesty, candour, informativeness, openness, and fair-mindedness. You kept your cool in a situation that was, at times, unnecessarily irritating (to say the least).

    By the way, I thought it was immensely rude of that Steven guy at the end to proclaim to a guest in aggressive tones that ‘you are not coming back – you are history’. What?! Such discourtesy. Unbelievable.

  • Good for you, John. You stood your ground. It is not the Zionists, Globalists, NWO, Illuminati, or Kabbalists, and it is not complicated but simple … it’s the Jews!

    • It’s Jews behind some stuff, the holo hoax, 9/11, race and nation policies destroying the White race. But with old-line conspindustry tards like some of the folks JF was talking to, there’s a tendency to talk nonsensically about this or that group being, “behind it all,” – literally. And Jews are not “behind it all.” Even if only because quite a large portion of the things these conspindustry tards talk about is not even really going on – depopulation and eugenics, for instance.

      We have to avoid responding to Grandad’s Jewish-authored conspiracy theories about the Jesuits or the Illuminati, with a simple ‘”it’s the Jews.” Because Grandad’s conspiracy theories are very often hokum, and we disservice antisemitism by blaming Jews for non-events.

      But of course I agree with you generally. It’s the Jews.

  • I didn’t know there were still people broadcasting who are loyal to twenty and thirty year old conspindustry material like Springmeier’s BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI, or have the absurd and childish need to call Jews Zionists. Funny ending!

    • Great Job, John – As the other commenters indicated, you did a great job of standing by the truth as you find it. I especially appreciated your giving Steve his due, at the end of the interview. The problems in our society have accumulated incrementally as people such as the rude interloper are not checked, as they well should be. Thank You for your courage and integrity.

    • Haha, right! These guys seemed way confused about the NWO and who’s really behind it… LOL all rational and honest people have discovered the fact that it’s the Jews behind it!

  • As they are few and far between these days, I was excited to see your recent interview in my RSS feed and happier still that you continue to stay on point. You are one of our champions in the truth arena, never surrendering ground and capable of getting the key points across. When I listen to interviews like this I can not help but wonder why you are not a leading voice in the Alt-Right movement because I think you are far more effective than many of those seen as leaders at this time.
    You put a smile on my face with you closing remarks to Richard about talking with him again without Steven Kelly interrupting. Which prompted Steven to make it clear you are “out of here, and never to return.” Beautiful and well-done brother.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed that.

    Richard was interested. Graham, a weirdo Illuminati lover afraid of the jewish problem, and Steven, the dick, who obviously could see his Paypal account dwindling because of the truths you spread. I suspect that there might be some Christian Zionists (or the like) that tune in and don’t want to hear anyone blaming “all of them”.

    Your presentation was great, John.

    The last sentence from Steven can more than likely guarantee that folks who understand the JP will NEVER listen to that “show” again.

    I also predict a divorce between Richard and Steven.

  • You’re history! Lol

  • You’ve grown as a voice over the last few years, you are more confident about stating your own position and have an impressive ability to remember facts and details and incorporate them into your exposition. Fetzer with flexibility (no disrespect to Jim F, I think he’s a legend).

    I was really impressed with this interview the more I reflected upon it. Cheers, John!

  • Good job, Mr. Friend!

    That ending pretty much exposes that network. It seemed Richard could see what you were saying and that’s why the other two piled in.

  • Great red-pill experience for hosts and listeners alike. This is the best way to lead people down the correct rabbi hole.

  • One of your best interviews. You stated your points and beliefs without apology. People are attracted to this.

  • Excellent work John. Your understanding and articulation is amazing. When that Scottish wanker tried to divert attention away from the Jews by talking about pedophilia amongst politicians, he should be reminded that rabbis are encouraged to rape our three year old girls. This outrageous crime then ensures that there will never be any fraternisation between the parasite and the host. To secure control over the goyim in powerful positions, these also need to be involved in pedophilia to ensure easy control by way of blackmail.

    Also, thank you for stressing that the entire world war history as we have been indoctrinated to believe, is entirely false, and is in fact the first part of the Jewish assault on our race. Now the parasite needs to finish us off before we understand what the jews have done to us over the past centuries.