On The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show

Jesse Lee Peterson

Yesterday morning, I drove up to Los Angeles to appear as an in-studio guest on The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show. Unfortunately, I arrived late after getting stuck in traffic, but it was still an interesting discussion. I debated a man named IQ al-Rassooli, who views Muslims as a major threat to Christians and Western civilization (a point I agree with), but apparently loves Jews. I tried to present facts and evidence from Jews themselves demonstrating their hatred and contempt for Western civilization along with their overall anti-White agenda, which includes massive Third World immigration to the West (but certainly not the Jewish state of Israel!).

Jesse Lee Peterson is an honorable and courageous Black man. He is a great radio host and covers a variety of issues that are important and relevant to all Americans. Jesse is the man behind BOND – Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, and is in the process of establishing a new web-based television series called The Fallen State. I just chipped in $10 to their Indiegogo Fundraising campaign which is being conducted to raise the money necessary to start the television program.

I hope to appear as a guest on Jesse’s program in the near future, and am trying to arrange for Jesse to appear as a guest on my podcast.

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  • Ironic that this guys name sounded like IQ. Good job John, on a poorly structured debate.

    • The Joel Stein article (L.A. Times, December 19th 2008) didn’t just admit the Jews run Hollywood. I’ll quote Joel Stein himself:

      “I appreciate Foxman’s concerns. And maybe my life spent in a New Jersey-New York/Bay Area-L.A. pro-Semitic cocoon has left me naive. But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

      Stein admits that the Jews run the entire mainstream media, our government, and Wall Street. I would go further and say the Jews control all of western banking, i.e., they are the International Bankers who created and run the BIS and the Federal Reserve of the United States.

      They wield great power over all of our people, just as they did in post-WWI Germany. And Ernst Zundel predicted a true holocaust is on the way because of their ethnocentrism and racial hatred, which drives them to dominate us financially and culturally. Their core belief is that they will one day rule the entire world under a Jewish Messiah, in which each Jew will be gifted 2800 gentile slaves.

      But when a white person wants to protect and defend their culture they are demonized and called Nazis and racists.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jesse Lee Peterson (along with Ezola Foster) back in the nineties while he/they were on a speakers tour with/for the JBS. Jesse is indeed an honorable, courageous Black man. He is a minority amongst minorities in being a conservative Black man.

  • Hi John. You yourself are a brave and honorable guy. This joker you were debating is a mess. His whole shtick was self promotion, like an advertisement to the MSM. “Hey, look at me. I’m a Muslim sell out. I’m for sale. ”
    He didn’t speak in an abstract way. ” I know a jew Who doesn’t think that way”.

    The guy was a Jack ass. IQ is not something he has an abundance of.

  • I’m only 22 mins in and IQ’s IQ dropped far below an average person. He claims Jews only occupying a small portion of land was intellectually disingenuous. He obviously hasn’t seen the map that shows how Jews took most of the land in Palestine. He also cites the small percentage of Jews worldwide as an argument to discredit proof Jews are in control.

    Yes Mr minus IQ was selling lies and most likely for his Jewish publisher.

    Conservative Jews are silent on the anti-white agenda because they are part of it. IQ needs to read what Jews say. He’s a fool or a tool but likely he’s both. I don’t think he is a muslim who converted to christianity, he’s a Jew.

  • IQ quoting proof of holocaust via CBS a Jewish owned media outlet. He has no facts nor reality. Documents allegedly found in 2006? It took them that long to fabricate them. Now, had this really been a big find of proof, how come it didn’t make national news or why is it not being thrown in our faces.

    I won’t google his name because I couldn’t not understand him. What version of Mein Kampf is he reading? The one with the foreword by Abe Foxman?

    • Sorry, my mistake, I see his name in the description. I will do some research on this character. You did an excellent job in the debate with the limited amount of time.