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John Friend from American Free Press and The Realist Report joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s episode to talk about Students for Trump, who have recently had their meeting disrupted by Cultural Marxists and BLM supporters. This appears to have brought it home to these students that what these protesters are really against, is White people. This invasion of their space in order to intimidate and silence them, is a reflection of what is happening throughout the wider American society today, where either you want to make America Great Again, or you are on the side of the Communist thugs.

Matt talks about how it is always the same Marxist protesters that turn up at all the rallies. Most of them are sponsored by George Soros with tens of millions of Jewish dollars, while the genuine White Americans who turn up do so on their own dollar, because they believe in what they are doing. John points out the similarities in all this to the Arab Spring, which was also funded by George Soros and the NGOs that he is involved with. Putin was right to ban these groups from Russia.

The organised Marxists think that they are rebelling against the Republicans, but both parties support the same policies towards immigration, open borders and free trade. The ‘protesters’ are really just the boot-boys for both the Republican and the Democratic Parties.

The establishment are terrified of Trump because he has openly denounced political correctness and is undermining the Jews at the top. The ADL are working overtime alongside the media to undermine him, using weaponised language in particular. They call the murder of millions of babies ‘Choice’ and the replacement of our race with people that hate us ‘Diversity’. If you want a job and you want to support your wife and family, then you are a White Supremacist and a Fascist. These words are now finally losing their effectiveness and becoming almost a badge of honour, thanks to the way they have been over-used on the Trump supporters.


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