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The Daily Traditionalist: Cultural Genocide in America on Radio Aryan

Matthew Heimbach was joined again today by John Friend to discuss a variety of topics. Our show started off with a discussion of recent interviews and work that John has been doing at The Realist Report specifically attacking the media lies and half-truths about National Socialism. John also interviewed Traditional Worker Party Mid-Atlantic Chairman Paddy Tarleton in a discussion on his racial awakening, TWP activism and his recently released music project.

Matt and John began a discussion over the recent change to the American $20 bill and the implications of cultural genocide against White Americans.

Beginning with the removal of the Confederate flag in South Carolina to discussions of destroying the Confederate monument at Stone Mountain and even plans to dig up the bodies of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, the forces of multiculturalism have long been working to dismantle any symbols of White identity and heritage in America.

While this cultural genocide began with Confederate symbols, all White American icons and symbols are now under attack. Just as the Bolsheviks destroyed symbols of the Tsarist regime after their takeover and ISIS is destroying ancient archaeological sites and churches in the Middle East, the forces of multiculturalism will stop at nothing to remove all symbols of White America as they attempt to rewrite history.

To combat this cultural genocide, Matt and John discuss how important it is to raise our children with our heroes, myths and history; because the Establishment sure as heck won’t.

In celebration of Earth Day, Matt and John then go into how we have for far too long allowed the Left to dominate the environmental issue. Conservatives align with globalist plans to loot and destroy the planet while the Left puts the environment first, nationalists need to extol an organic view of humanity and nature to create a sustainable future for our children. By identifying as conservationists, we seek to not only conserve our people, but the land that they live on for the sake of future generations.

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  • Matt asked the question- how can nationalists appeal to (liberal) environmentalists?

    We are more legitimately pro ecology than any Leftist environmentalist – a glaring example is the American southwest, which is being over run by illiterate Latinos- border patriots want the border to be secured, and part of this security involves preserving the fragile ecology of the American deserts and badlands. The border invaders trample underfoot endangered plant and animal species, they have zero sense of ecological stewardship. Hypothetically, if the border patrol all went home and the border was 100% open, in short order there would be nothing left of our beautiful southwest. The illegals leave tons of trash all over the place already. Drug and people smuggling is so bad that some parks are now closed to US citizens, warning signs tell citizens to stay out- these parks are paid for with US citizen tax money but only criminal illegals can ‘enjoy’ them. Additionally, adding 35 million illegals to the US is a huge drain on specious water resources….not to mention how the illegals here drive cars and thus pollute the air, as well as create extra traffic and more noise…. Stopping mass immigration can go a long way toward saving the US environment.

    In a more general sense, only white people seem to be overly concerned about the environment. In third world countries, & China, etc, the concern seems to be at a lower level, the moral being that if you have more white people on the earth, then you will have more environmental protections in place.

    The corporate-banker Left is hog wild about man- made global warming, which I believe to be a fraudulent theory. White nationalists should not embrace the global warming lies ( watch on YT ” John Coleman (founder of the Weather Channel) Global warming scam.” )

    I’m opposed to nuclear energy, since security and disposal of the waste has always been a problem plus the industry simply cannot be trusted- they cut corners, and nuke plants have been allowed to outlive their designed lifetimes yet they are still standing, over 400 crumbling rotting plants now booby trap the planet.

    Like Matt said, in Europe there is a convergence of opinion on the Left and the Right- solar power, renewable or recycled sources, algae-to-oil, etc, this is the future. ( Bio diesel if done with non food crops is hugely better than using food plant sources, which has had devastating effects. Deforestation to harvest Palm oil to make fuel is literally destroying places like Indonesia. Bio diesel carries grave risks.)

    Perma-culture and sustainability makes life better for everyone, not just white nations. When we take care of the entire planet this should reduce ethnic racial tensions overall.

    As nationalists, our economics is a form of dirigisme, usury free, and protectionist….we embrace autarky….We want a standard for air, water and food and medicinal labeling… One of our key beliefs is that the government is in control over the banks and big business, so nationalist governments will be able to ‘dictate’ environmentalist terms to the corporations, as opposed to the current situation where the international cartels control the govt, and thus environmental legislation can be stopped or ignored.

    Hope these thoughts on the subject helps…