On The Brian Ruhe Show

Yesterday, I was a guest on Brian Ruhe’s first ever radio program broadcast on Google Hangouts. In this wide ranging discussion, we covered a number of subjects relating to my awakening to the Jewish problem, 9/11, WWII revisionism, and the Jewish war on Western civilization. I hope to join Brian again in the near future.


  • I have written to John Friend my proposal for further episodes with him and me on my, “The Brian Ruhe Show”. I also suggested in my letter to John that we and our friends get organized into fielding our own team, as he talked about in out video together.
    Victory or Valhalla!
    Brian Ruhe

  • Fired from work (in this land overflowing with “freedom and liberty”) for merely having and voicing (correct) non-mainstream political views and opinions. What a travesty. Thanks Jews. That’s right, I said JEWS. You Talmudic vipers are the ones responsible for creating this evil, repressive politically correct* tyranny we’ve been living under for way too long.

    Hang in there, John!


    * Political correctness is nothing more than Marxist mind control. And joo-know-who created Marxism.