On The Brian Ruhe Show

I recently appeared as a guest once again on The Brian Ruhe Show, a good friend of mine in Canada. Brian and I discussed a number of topics, including the recent attacks against Donald Trump, how history has been weaponized against us, some of my recent travels, and related matters. Be sure to check out Brian’s YouTube channel, where he has made a playlist of all of my appearances on his program.

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  • Interesting you & he were so in agreement on everything discussed… but then again you stayed away from Sept Clues theories, or flat earth, or CI (Ruhe is quite Buddhist!) or anything else where you might bump up against disagreement, lol 😀

    A bit OT, but also interesting how Renegade Broadcasting & Tribune have been mostly offline since about Fri; and now I’m having only intermittent success reaching those homepages, and even then even the linked child-pages often fail to load. I recall Kyle designed your own therealistreport.com site, so I’m surprised you apparently chose a different webhost company so you’re not having similar problems. I haven’t yet heard any full summary of the source of Ren’s website trouble, IE “innocent” hardware failure, or nefarious attack. I think it was just last Friday’s KBarrett/THall FFWN show that KB bemoaned his truthjihad.com site being taken down for a day or so, and he was advised by his webhost that it was a sophisticated attack, signature of the spook agencies’ work. Just something for you to follow coz you already know you’re on The Real Hate-Filt-Haters™ hate list, and your site is surely in their crosshairs.

    • Just a follow-up on the Renegade website problems: this Mar 20 roundtable show hosted at Shaun Surplus’ website, is in part Kyle & Shaun discussing their suspicious & still ongoing website problems:

      Kyle comes on at 37:00, and the mysterious & inconsistent website probs, and their suspicions re foul play, are discussed through 58:00. The first 37 mins is with drama-magnet Sinead, if that interests you. I haven’t heard 2nd hour yet.

  • So, please tell me what you thought of Donald Trump’s speech at AIPAC last night. As far as I can see and hear, he is completely in their camp as well. How can you be so deceived?

    • His speech was sickening to watch. However, the only issue that really matters in this election is immigration, and Trump has been solid when it comes to that issue. Once again, I’ve never said that Trump is some savior and that he is a perfect candidate – he’s obviously not. But I still support him just based on his stance on immigration alone.

  • Ed in Salt Lake

    “I support him on his stance on immigration alone”

    Trump is a ruse in a dying nations last gasp. The world-historical forces are much larger than either him or the fake money-grubbing political process itself. If and when ‘a wall’ is built, it will NOT be to keep people out, but just like Gaza- to keep all of us caged in! Communism is mass-murder my friends! Watching some of the footage on Brussels today reminds me how the masses have no idea the seriousness of our situation. In one of his last interviews before his iamthewitness went down, Daryl Bradford Smith captured the essence of where we are at last month linked below. He mentions how when ‘they’ are ready, ‘they’ will remove the food and then,…well,…you understand!

    DBS interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPkHI9CovF8



    “Only a God can save us”- Heidegger


  • Another good commentary from the dynamic duo.