On The Brian Ruhe Show

On Wednesday evening, I appeared as a guest on Brian Ruhe’s program broadcast via Google Hangouts. We discussed a variety of subjects, including the persecution of Canadian patriot Arthur Topham, my trip to Washington, D.C. (I made it safe and sound, by the way), Jewish control over the West, my current research into the Ku Klux Klan (I’m working on a major article dealing with the Klan as I post this), and related subjects. This was a very interesting discussion, to say the least, as was our last conversation.


  • Regarding your research on the KKK, years ago I was curious about same and found some amazing archives in the Library of Congress. I believe it was called the writer’s project. It was a large collection of interviews with survivors of the invasion of the Confederate States of America. many interviews dealt candidly with the KKK, the invaders from the North and how they incited the blacks to violence to citizens (men/women/children), then turned a blind eye to their please for help. So, it seems things haven’t changed much as regards the “honor” U.S. soldiers had way back then. Some of those interviewed went so far as to say if the KKK hadn’t been there to instill the fear of God in former slaves no women of the Confederate States would have survived. Wish I could be more precise with the name of the project but it’s been many, many years. It also went into detail regarding the Jews’ corrupting the officers in charge, (ten years under martial law, laughingly called “the reconstruction”) of districts to raise taxes until the land owners couldn’t pay, then they (carpetbaggers/Scalawags), would slither in and buy up plantations for pennies on the dollar. Some real snakes, even back then. Grant at one time became so disgusted with them he issued orders to his officers to expel them.

  • As for the Klan, it started in Pulaski, Tennessee in Dec 1865.
    Forrest did contribute to the Klan and led it for a short while.
    Note: The original KKK had 42 blacks as members.
    The KKK was organized to mainly oppose the carpetbaggers from the North.
    The carpetbaggers were inciting the blacks to assault whites while the carpetbaggers came in and extorted money in many ways from the whites, including promising protection from the blacks. They also encouraged blacks to challenge whites, keeping them form voting in order that Northern appointees keep whatever posts were open for election.
    Forrest left the KKK after about 10, about 1877 because US Grant had issued orders for a crackdown on the KKK. The KKK was targeted for infiltration by the government.
    KKK dissolves many chapters due to infiltration by the government.
    By WWI the KKK was making a comeback though it was not the same KKK. At the same time old chapters of the KKK continued to exist and stayed basically the same working as a group to help insure moral law or Christian laws were honored.

    (I know of instances where this was put to practice by a KKK group going to homes and confronting problem people. One case I know of, in short a young married drunk man was beating his wife and child. After a couple of visits by the KKK the KKK said next time there will be no more talks but you’re gonna be punished. Well he got tied to a tree and severely beaten. He never drank again and in his latter years went on to become a County Commissioner. He ended up joining the KKK. The man was white and color made NO difference to the KKK in my area concerning keeping the peace and a civil society. I knew some of the members in it)

    After WWI the KKK infiltration took the more sinister label and look we hear today. The government infiltrators were actually leading the calls for violence and directing change in as many KKK chapters as they could gain control over. Usually this took several years of patience as regular members come to trust the new member. By WWII, though a lull in KKK activity arose due to the war, the government men stayed in, and we know as more recent history how the KKK was framed and perceived since WWII.

    The men I mentioned knowing went back to the 70s. The incident with the drunk who became County Commissioner happened in the 60s.

    (Pardon any grammatical and spelling mistakes. I did not proof.)

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur
    Classical Historian Western Civilization

  • Never fail to see the impact of the Masonic Hidden Hand, which is controlled by Zionist Jews. Luciferian and Satanic. All around you-hidden in plain sight. The goal is Controlled Opposition. Follow the financing; see the agenda. Sure, it may sound swell-they are always recruiting Believers! Thats the idea-Synthesis and Consensus. Where are the Patriotic Jews and Others; ready to infiltrate, subvert, and dismantle the Pyramid from within?

  • The Klan has had three distinct formulations- the first being the most noble, under Nathan Forrest the Klan basically prevented a total destruction of the South.. The rumor is that the nickname “Invisible Empire” is derived from General Lee, who, near his deathbed, proffered his support for the Klan as long as his support remained secret, or ‘invisible.’

    The second formulation in 1915 was inspired in part by the huge success of the D W Griffith film “The birth of a nation” , based upon the book ‘The Clansman’ (1905) by Thomas Dixon.