On The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show

American Free Press

I was a guest on The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show earlier this week. Andy and I discussed the latest print edition of American Free Press, which focused heavily on Donald Trump’s presidential election and related matters. Subscribe to AFP – America’s last real newspaper – today!

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  • excellent program, john.

  • Sotamayor is a Jew, Sephardic. Check out Brother Nathaniel

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg should resign, for insulting the President elect, and politized the US Supreme court.

  • This Jew hysteria is so nauseating. The very opposite is the case. No US government of the last decades was legitimate, because of the outrageously disproportional presence of the Jewish element, compared to all other US groups. And sadly and maddeningly the Trump administration seems to become no exception. Again the horribly unjust over presence of the Jewish element. I doubt very much that Trump will be any better than the since G.W. Bush usual Republican Neocon freakshow. Look how fond Trump is of Netanyahu… I am especially afraid that these insane warmongers will get their war against Iran, committing yet another nation-murder with millions of innocent victims. In hindsight I think the battle between Trump and Clinton was the battle between Aipac-Jews (backing Trump) and J-street/Soros Jews(backing Clinton). Aipac wants war with Iran, Soros wants war with Russia.

    Unless Americans succeed in bringing back the Jew influence to just proportions, nothing will change.

  • With Trump my biggest fear is it will be Israel first, not America first. Israel is no friend of the US. “Israel uses America like a whore” James Traficant, former congressman and patriot.