On Stormfront Radio w/ Don Black & Don Advo


Earlier this morning, I appeared as a guest on Stormfront Radio with Don Black and Don Advo. We discussed my recent trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the NPI conference, the increasingly hostile and hysterical attacks against Donald Trump, and the Trump phenomenon generally. We took some calls during the second segment of the program.

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  • John….I think its great that the White Nationalist are still chugging along as we expose the evil in this world ….but I do have issues with them on who and what the real issues are. They seem to (correct me if I’m wrong) look at everything from a Black vs White issue….where I look at things from a White vs Jew issue. The blacks and all other minorities are just a symptom to the bigger issue which is….. the Jews running the show and using the minorities as a bashing board for White Nationalist. To me that is running the red herring over the trail…the real enemy are the Jews and everthing they stand for.
    I’m curious do the WN and Don Black and his followers etc…look at the Jews and their role in the HoloHoax as a main issue? Do they see where we are in this stream of time has a definite link to the HoloHoax and this scam playing out on the world scene today.
    Or are they still harping on Black White issues? Seems so 1960’s…Good to see David Duke understands whats going on and has come into the 21st century on the Jew issue.
    On another point….
    Do the WN represent good moral values and have a deep respect for God and spiritual things or are they wrapped up in immorality and the ways of the world in their life choices. If they/we want to succeed they/we won’t without God. I don’t want to come off as self righteous and make it look like I have all the answers and don’t sin but we have to be united under someone more powerful than us, especially concerning the Godless enemy that we are facing.
    Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain to build it…Psalms 127 vs 1
    So my question to the WN is what foundation do they build their house on?

    I leave you with this last thought….
    There has to be a foundation more powerful than us to help us win….
    Thats probably why we are not winning….

    If you think by brute force ( a revolution) you’re going to succeed than think again…..
    Jeremiah 17:5…..Cursed be the man that trusted in man and maketh flesh his arm and has departeth from the Lord….


    Jim Rizoli

  • Can you guys post this on your website please?

    Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells, the Politically Incorrect Thriller of the Time