On Stormfront Radio w/ Don Black and Don Advo

Earlier this morning, I was a guest on Stormfront Radio with hosts Don Black and Don Advo. We discussed my racial awakening, the state of the pro-White movement, Donald Trump, and related matters. This was an excellent discussion – be sure to check it out!

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  • Listened to the live version this AM. Per usual, Mister Friend comes across as youthful and energetic. I do wish the speakers had focused in on bringing an end to the H 1 B Visa. I find repeated remarks about “halting immigration” a bit too global. The easiest population for us to deport would be foreign scientists, mathematicians and doctors. Once they are safely removed, with the tide turned, we could focus our attention on the detritus flooding across our southern border. Who knows, maybe someday in the not too distant future we could ship blacks in prison back to their native lands! Australia got started as a prison colony!

  • Santilli ‘an independent journalist.’

    John, please …

    Santilli works for the ‘government’ aka jewish crime syndicate.

    The evidence is irrefutable