On Rick Adams Uncensored


Yesterday I appeared as a guest on Rick Adams Uncensored which broadcasts live on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Rick and I discussed some of my recent articles published by American Free Press and The Barnes Review, Jewish supremacy, media fakery and PSYOPs, and related matters.

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  • Good show John. I would love to have you on Rick’s show again as well. Spot on Mate.

  • Las Vegas was 100% Jew deception. The gunfire was broadcast on speakers and the few victims that were shot were crises actors. Lots of people got hurt from “fire” being yelled in a crowded theater. When are people going to understand that biology is real? Blue birds will always be blue birds, just as jews will always be jews or eagles will always be eagles. Biology and biological attributes are REAL. The Mass Media is the most powerful PRIVATE weapon on Earth and anyone or anything on it, is purposely put onto the weapon. Psychological War = All Jew Media