On Real Politik w/ Dr. James Tracy

Memory Hole – Dr. James Tracy

Thought Crime and Punishment in the USA

James speaks with Southern California-based political commentator John Friend, a 29-year-old man who was recently terminated from his position in the Escondido City Manager’s office because after being targeted for his online political speech. He has been deemed a “conspiracy theorist,” “white supremacist” and “anti-semite” for challenging conventional historical narratives of 9/11 and World War II.

Friend appears to have entered the sites of anonymous forces who chose to use the press–in this case the San Diego Tribune (here and here)–in a campaign that pressured Friend’s employer to force him into relinquishing his position with the municipality. Tracy experienced a similar scenario when the South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran a smear campaign in early 2013 highlighting Tracy’s analyses of Sandy Hook school massacre press coverage.

John Friend has an undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska, a Masters of Public Administration degree from Ashford University, and is a regular contributor at American Free Press and rense.com. Additional information is available at Friend’s website, therealistreport.com.


  • 114 reader comments on this JT/JF interview now;

    It was good to hear Dr. Tracy squarely confronted with the joo problem. I’ve valued his work & blog since 2013 following sandy hoax; but it’s been with the caveat that he omits the kosher elephant in the room in his interviews, even on topics where that elephant is at the root of the problem! MSM ownership, pick-your-false-flag, etc.

    You’ll notice in this Tracy/Friend interview, when JF went into the joo problem, JT never vocally confirmed agreement or disagreement; he only listened politely and then asked the next question. With his media-related PhD, and years of conspiracy research, he CAN’T NOT KNOW about the joo problem; yet he chooses to appear, at least outwardly, to be oblivious, or perhaps “overly polite” etc re the problem. This is probably just a “smart survival decision”, as he aint independently wealthy, and has 3 little mouths to feed; plus a major life investment in getting where he is; IE tenured uni prof.

    So I give him a pass on his silence re the joo problem; and he’s still a brave truth teller in having people like John as guest; even as he remains “neutral/opinionless” while he gives John free reign to explain the joo problem to thousands of listeners.