On Radio Wehrwolf w/ Dion

Radio Wehrwolf

Last night, I was a guest on Radio Wehrwolf with Dion (follow him on Twitter @Radio_Wehrwolf). We discussed a number of subjects, including my trip to Washington, D.C. and the U.S. “Holocaust” Memorial Museum, Donald Trump, and, of course, the Jewish assault on Western civilization.

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  • John: I just spent a couple of hours listening to you and the Wehrwolf ! I enjoyed it so much that I sent you an app for a lifetime subscription ! Everything you said about trying to expose the public to the truth, I have experienced all of the responses you discussed on this show. I keep handing out my cards requesting feedback on the things I discuss with them and rarely do I hear back from them. Like Sibel Edmonds discussed on her Boiling Frogs Post last year, apathy has engulfed the American people into a stupor and the inability to think clearly and/or logically.

  • When activists do these radio interviews; does either party know who they are REALLY talking to? For example, does anyone really know if the interviewer an FBI agent trying to get a gauge of the interviewees “intent”, intentions or “future business plans”? Is the interview simply to add to an existing ‘Behavioral Profile’ maintained in a government database? Activists should ask themselves these questions. An interview might seem harmless enough, but if the Intelligence Agencies are involved, who really “wins” as a result of the interview? Sure, an Activist may get more publicity for a blog/site, but what is the “price” paid? Could the “price” be your privacy and/or freedom? The Intelligence Agencies are always trying to set up and entrap activists of all stripes, and they use various psychological methods. An “Interview” is the age old technique. Most activists jump at the chance to speak their mind to a larger audience, and are often grateful for such a platform in a increasingly competitive grassroots media environment. Media interviews arranged for Intel purposes are are also great for ‘Planting ideas’ and/or to gauge certain emotional reactions to “subjects” or “Keywords” raised. Another technique is for one activist asking another to please forward a email message of a PERSONAL nature. While forwarding an email is usually not illegal, it can be an attempt by Intel to groom a certain type of behavior. The notable lawyer, Lynn Stewart went to prison because she forwarded a “message” for one of her client! All of this is just food for thought. BTW: It was a good interview!