On Inside the Eye – Live! w/ Dennis Fetcho

Oregon Standoff

On Saturday, January 16, I appeared as a guest on Dennis Fetcho’s radio program Inside the Eye – Live! We focused primarily on my trip to Oregon and my investigation into the #OregonStandoff. I was the guest during hour two of this three hour broadcast.

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  • Great interview, John. I’m so glad someone in the pro-White community is following this very, very important event. I don’t know who this woman is, but I love her. She’s so right about Stewart Rhodes. You can’t deny that Soros is behind the Black Lives Matter movement and the Oath Keepers went full force to support them and insanely wanted to arm them on the streets of Ferguson. That’s the first time I lost respect for them. All the people who supported the Soros-created Black Lives Matter organization along with the Oath Keepers — Alex Jones, Dahboo, etc — are all doing a black-out on this Oregon Stand-Off. And it’s EXACTLY what they report on all the time. It’s very obvious.

    Well done, John.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHyZQrMZ7lA

    John, a video showing BLM setting fires and burning ranchers out, BLM destroys buildings and kills cattle with fire.

  • While all the cool guys in tight-fitting, elf pants in the MSM are kvetching about the ‘White’ Oscars and Hollywood Bloopers, straight males are following the events unfolding in Burns, Oregon on the Internet– which along with the collapsing financial markets– are the only things worth following– well, last night, Robert Reyvolt, Incendiary Radio, had Professor Doom on as a guest.

    It turns out, Professor Doom had just posted an excellent video, “BLM Land Grabs & Dirty Oregon Judges” https://goo.gl/RWERXZ based partially on

    “Gov’t Employee Brags About Stealing Land” https://goo.gl/f49WQg and

    “The Mary Bulloch Story” http://goo.gl/7KMQWF

    I thought I’d post the information here for those that missed it.

  • Yeah, inaction and ignorance – the white man’s prime enemy, alongside the Jew. We wont win unless we step up the activism. This means talking more beyond the echo chamber, we do too much of the preaching to the choir thing. Simplify the message and talk to more of the unconverted. Wander into your local Congressman’ s office and talk to them. Leave literature…. leave graffiti everywhere pointing to our pro-white websites ….whatever it takes.

    Bad times are coming- network locally and store up a years supply of food. The wheels of the economy are coming off, get ready.