On Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt

Jeff Sessions

This past Sunday evening, I was a guest on Robert Reyvolt’s program Incendiary Radio, which broadcasts live on RBN. Robert and I discussed a number of topics, including the targeting of Jeff Sessions, the war against Donald Trump, the alleged “anti-Semitic” threats against Jewish Community Centers and other Jewish institutions across the United States, and related matters.

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One comment

  • Christopher. Coleman.

    March. 11, 2017.

    Hey John this is Chris how’s everything.

    Great Shows always.

    If possible John if you could do a few interviews from European Nationalists to talk about what’s
    happening in Europe particularly:Spain.

    1:One person in particularly is Pedro Varela Geiss:and he is a Spanish Historian from:Barcelona

    Just Google him on the internet.

    I don’t know him personally.

    His Website is :Conferencia De Pedro Varela-WordPress.com.

    If possible John if you could have Pedro Varela Geiss on your Show.?

    Take Care John.

    Christopher. Coleman.