On Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt – San Bernardino Shooting

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Last night, I appeared as a guest on Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt. John Kaminski was the guest for the first hour and a half before I joined to conclude the program. We discussed my trip to San Bernardino and the independent investigation I conducted into the alleged mass shooting that reportedly took place on Wednesday, December 2, 2015. The photos I took are publicly available on my Facebook page.

Below are the video interviews I conducted while visiting San Bernardino. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you are not already.

Here I interview a man who works for Sepulveda Building Materials, a building materials store directly south of the Inland Regional Center where the alleged shooting took place.

Here I interview a local woman at the prayer vigil and memorial on the southeast corner of S. Waterman Ave and E. Orange Show Rd, which is roughly 200 yards from the Inland Regional Center where the purported shooting took place.

Here I interview a local woman who works for a company called Westech, which is right near the Inland Regional Center where the purported shooting took place.

Here I interview a local resident who describes the chaotic aftermath of the alleged terrorist shooting.

Here I interview David, who works at Haley Brothers Inc. in San Bernardino, which is on the same street where the purported shootout between the Islamic terrorists and law enforcement officers took place.

Here I interview a man who lives on the north side of E. San Bernardino Ave directly in front of where the shootout between law enforcement officers and the terrorist suspects ended.

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  • Your report on San Bernadino reminds me of what happened in Sandy Hook, where a “Sting” was set up for a drug-dealing ring “coordinated” by the DHS Fusion Center. The drug sting was purposefully set up at the location of elementary school to increase the
    criminal penalties for those caught in the sting. Shame how the cops ended up shooting scores of little children as a panicked Adam Lanza ran out the car,
    as Christopher Rodia sat there frozen in fear. The problem for us independent voices,
    is that in the instant age of the internet, it’s going to take us some quite a bit of
    time; to figure out what exactly happened in San Bernadino. Great investigative reporting, just like American Free Press (AFP) did in the wake of 9/11. BTW: I heard that when AFP claimed that jews, not Muslims were behind 9/11; they lost scores of subscribers. As Rahm Emanuel once said; “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” I think something more than a “drill” took place in San Bernadino. There was
    a huge cocaine bust in San Bernadino in June 2015 involving Mexico’s Sinaloa
    drug cartel. Can’t include links because of your blog spam filter, but one
    headline from June 2015 reads: “$35 million of cocaine seized in massive SoCal drug bust” in San Bernadino. A few months prior in April 2015; there was a bust in San Bernadino involving “2 gallons of PCP (Angel Dust)”. I’m guessing the Mexican Drug Cartel was involved in San Bernadino shooting incident and is blamed on the Muslims.”San Bernardino police find weapons, drugs in connection with carjackings”, a headline from February 2015. San Bernadino seems to be some sort of hotspot for Mexican drug cartel activities. March 2015 another headline; “Thirteen arrests and over 3,000 marijuana plants seized in Hi-Desert drug bust ” Bet all of this is related to the “Isis” mass shooting. Research any drug rings operating in San Bernadino, you’ll find the connections.

  • Were two innocent Muslims caught up that day in some crossfire that day by trigger-happy police? “USA Today” recently referred to San Bernadino as “America’s Wiretap Capital”.
    To my surprise, a major battle in the “War On Drugs” has been going on in San Bernadino for some time. Check out a compiled list of headlines here.
    The amount of drug busts is astounding to say the list. Appears that a Mexican Drug cartel has also infiltrated the San Bernadino County government as well as the local police. Some great puzzle pieces are compiled in the link above. A word of caution; if the police were involved in shooting the Muslim couple in San Bernadino, a lot of people will NOT want to hear about it.

  • Color me suspicious but David Espinoza’s interview with Fox news reporter Adam Housely reminded me of the interview on 9/11 with the Harley guy, Mark Humphrey and/or Mark Walsh. Espinoza’s statement at the 7:55 mark in the Fox News video that “it happens everywhere, now it’s happening here” was a bit bizarre.