On Incendiary Radio w/ Robert Reyvolt

Trump Red Hat

Last night, I appeared as a guest on Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt, which is broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network. We discussed the recent NPI conference in Washington, D.C. that I attended this past weekend and the increasingly hysterical attacks on Donald Trump. Be sure to check out the recent articles published here dealing with Donald Trump – we highlighted and discussed a number of them.

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  • All from Feb 29: Farrakhan on Trump, evil jooz, 2 mins:

    Farrakhan on HClinton: “That’s an evil woman” 3 mins:

    Farrakhan on GOP Candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich: 3 mins:

    ^ it seems LF’s as conflicted about Trump as most of Trump’s reluctant patriot/supporters. At least LF has it about right re the other candidates!

  • I noticed Angelo Gage put up this 27 min vid, “NPI Event Report”:

    Most readers are aware, AGage fell out with several of the Renegade characters (KHunt, Sinead, Michelle, Shaun, Drew) over AG’s vid advocating vax-jabs, re-bunking geoengineering/chemtrails, (and critical of the flat-earth theory, on which I largely agree with him but also feel FE is a distraction extraordinaire and most likely a cog-infiltration/marginalization psyop).

    So unfortunate that AG’s falling out of grace so closely coincided with JKaminski’s similar blow-up with Renegade & with Darkmoon.me. With JK’s being shut out of his 2 formerly main publishing venues, I’m not even sure where to find his essays any more, esp to hear his side of this conflict. It might be worthwhile for you to do a pod with JK, John? But not on your Friday Renegade show… and regardless, you’d need to walk on eggshells in “being neutral” and seeking not to (further) alienate, wedge, inflame the Renegade/Darkmoon parties!

  • Seems to me I heard Mister Friend comment on the lack of high paying jobs available to Americans at the present time. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he made any mention of the evils of the H 1 B Visa.


    All these protests suddenly by blacks and the lib-barbarians suggest that the Judaists are behind it.

    Lying, scamming, alienism, negrophilia, hatred for their own white race and other barbaric behaviors are highly prevalent among the Judaists. This is because many Judaists believes they are a “special race” called “Jews” (in reliance on the Torah, (Old Testament, OT 1-5) and derivative works), though they are mostly whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. (See the book: “Invention of the Jewish People” by Sholomo Sand). They believe they are children of Abraham, who was a pimp who sold his wife/sister to an African (therefore black) Pharaoh. They worship a mass murderer Moshe (who was so black, the black Pharaoh assumed he was his grandson) as a prophet.

    The Old Testament writers who made up stories of Abraham a pimp getting his sister assaulted by a negro pharaoh must have been mentally deranged black criminals themselves. According to Jewish author Hitchens, the Old Testament (which is Judaism’s most holy book, esp. the Torah, OT 1-5) was written by “human animals.” Brainwashed by this barbaric criminal cult fabricated by mentally deranged negro human animals, the Judaists becoming mentally deranged barbaric criminals, or “human animals”, develop negrophilia and and start attacking their own white race and country and promote its invasion by all the garbage from all over the world. The gutter people of a gutter religion want to turn the nation into a gutter or sewer so their gutter behaviors won’t be noticed.

    We must say, no, and try to civilize these barbarians instead.