On Fakeologist w/ Abirato


I was a guest on Abirato’s Fakeologist radio program this evening. We discussed a variety of subjects, including the subscription feature of my website (subscribe today!), the alternative, independent media, media fakery and psychological warfare, and related subjects.

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  • This should be very interesting.

    Ab never talks about the jew.

  • Ab “it’s not the jews” irato.
    Why even waste your time with people like this? We are being genocided and you want to talk to a person who think jews are not the problem and if wasn’t ( and it is) jews it would be somebody else. The guys who promote this mystery hidden group who use jews to be blamed? You’re better than this by now John.

  • Chris did Ab stop John from saying anything he wanted to?

    • @John

      You should have Rollo on your show. He drinks way, WAY too much, just listening to him gives me a bad hangover (lol), but he’s the happiest Aussie drunk I know by voice and video only and a great and funny conversationalist when he can control the sauce. lol Also, our good friend Delcroix is a buddy of his and he’s a good judge of character. Plus Rollo stuck up in very vocal and quite often honorable fashion for fellow Aussie John le Bon against the absolutely vicious attacks of that, unfortunately very popular, Jeff C clown limited-hangout jerk on you tube. Although mainly known for the “Ball Earth Skeptic” podcasts, he is also very knowledgeable about almost every aspect of what we all are investigating, from the holohoax to Hitler, from 9/11 media fakery to the most recent ones; philosophy, history, strategy, he has a very well thought out and extremely well-expressed opinion on almost everything. In my opinion, le Bon (27 years old, I think) is the smartest guy in the younger factions of the “truther” movement we’ve seen since the likes of Max Konrardy (mid to late 20s? Hoi Polloi on Clues Forum) and Brandon Martinez (25 or 26, previously the infamous Zion Crime Factory, now running Nonaligned Media in partnership with British/Canadian journalist Josh Blakeney).


      Abirato actually says this: “How can a tiny minority of people control the world?” when it comes to Jews and their shabbos goy freemasons which is ridiculous, since it’s like saying “How can MASSIVE and concentrated power in a few hands control the world?” lol Or how can one person with an AK-47 and plenty of ammunition and food control an entire village of backwards people who don’t even know what a gun is? Does he really think the many “majorities” of millions and billions of peons with no pot-to-piss-in control the world through their sheer numbers alone? A lot of these people barely eat a bowl of rice a day!

      Ab should visit India once and see for himself, all the endless numbers of poor beggars and people with barely skin on their bones, literally dying and dead from starvation on the streets and sidewalks, while many thousand of people pass them by, men, women and children, and don’t so much as throw a single dime their way. They couldn’t help them even if they wanted to because they’re almost as hungry themselves most of the time and lucky to stay alive another year.

      Has Ab never heard of legalized compound interest and usury (charging a tiny and seemingly insignificant amount of interest on the entire money supplies of entire countries, a huge amount, which then compounds into gigantic piles of shekels?

      Has Timmy boy never heard of a very powerful tool called “The Mass Media,” which is then easily bought up with the huge amounts of stolen loot and used to promote sucking-up to power to BILLIONS of people?

      Has Ab never heard of a hierarchical structure pyramid? lol Come on!

      The strongest, regardless of HOW they got that strong, fairly or unfairly, justly or unjustly, honorably or dis-honorably, sit at the top giving orders. Below them are a larger number of people who want some of that strength for themselves. Those who suck-up are promoted. Those who don’t are not. What’s so hard to understand about that? lol

      Same thing with ideas. Ideas that suck-up to their power and allow them to keep and expand their power, and lose it the least, are promoted

      less How can a tiny minority of people head a corporation then? Has Monsieur Tim (Ab) never seen a large family led by one father figure or a large company employing thousands with ONE boss, usually the person who started the company

      What do you have against Jeff Rense aside from UFO’s, Sasquatch and silly Fukushima fearmongering? lol He’s more than a bit of a goofy guy with weird interests for sure, and his website was originally financed by Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, back when it was mainly a UFO site called “Sightings” but he has also done an INCREDIBLE amount of good work if you can take the baby and leave the bathwater. As an example: he put Ernst Zundel’s photo with “political prisoner” written on it at the very top of his front page for every last day of his 7 year imprisonment for thought crimes, 2555 straight days and I was on his site reading something for most of those days and also a paid subscriber to his shows for all of that time.

      During the same period, Alex “Charlie I’ve Seen Your Hernia” Jones, who was still friends with Rense at the time, and would go on Rense’s show 3 hours a month like clockwork, did not mention this most important of free-speech violations of the last half century, even once! I know because I was on Jones’s site at least once for most of those 2555 days as well. I was even a paid member of Prison Planet in those days when Michael Rivero, Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett were all on GCN. I might have been scare-mongered into paralysis for a while but I also bought many Gold and Silver coins through the carnival-barking of Alex that are now worth almost double. I still lost in the end, of course. A few thousand dollars is not worth letting some loudmouth scream in your face for 4 hours a day, maiming your spirit and inner strength with paranoia.

  • Finished listening to this and it was just as I’d suspected.

    Ab is a full on POS who more or less ambushed John and then suggested that he interview another POS in Johnny Cirucci who pushes this pro-Jesuit/pro-Vatican agenda without once delving into who is truly behind these organizations.

    I think John was way too nice here, and was put off-guard by the line and manner of questioning. I believe he’d have been better served to have gone on the offensive.

    All the stats and truth are on John’s side, so he’d have had no problem beating this charlatan over the head.

    There was another John, John Le Bon who was involved in one of those marathon chats in which the subject of mass non-White immigration was brought up. And you can guess which side this naive Canadian (hint hint – CANADIAN, one of the most Marxist pro jewish multicultural cesspits in the Western world) was on.

    John tried explaining to Ab what this ruse was all about – but the CANADIAN wasn’t having any of it!! Things were pleasant up until that point, and then it began to get heated. Ab just wouldn’t let it go, admonishing John for his anti-immigration views, believing that mass anti-White immigration was a great thing, that there was absolutely no agenda and that it could do no harm, and that John was essentially a racist.

    This is the Marxist mentality of a man who is out of touch with the real world, focusing all his attention on BS conspiracy theories (and I’m not talking about the obvious ones, like Sandy Hook, but real esoteric shit. Basically, everything is a conspiracy and jews play no part in that conspiracy, including of course MASS NON-WHITE MAINLY ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION INTO WHITE AND ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES).

    Even as John Le Bon signed off from that show, a good 2 hours after the subject was broached, Ab continued to admonish John for his basically naive/racist views!!

    I think if John were to interview this CANADIAN, he should come with all guns blazing – reeling fact after fact, in the jews’ own words, about their plans for world domination; while at the same time rebutting all this Jesuit/Vatican nonsense which serves as the jews’ smokescreen.

    These words – Jesuit/Vatican – are as powerful as ‘anti-Semite’ or ‘racist’ but luckily through spreading the message, these words are losing that power and their meaning.

    So this is what the likes of John are up against – distraction, obfuscation and disinformation.

    These wacky, far-out conspiracists are the new video-gamers, spending inordinate amounts of time on trivialities and useless entertainment.

    If you haven’t worked out that the jews are humanity’s (first and foremost White Christians) mortal enemies, you’ve spent far too long doing those things (including watching Talmudvision). To think that a jew is racially like a normal White person (particularly Christian and I don’t mean Judeo-Christians, for they are merely Zionists), or could even aspire to be one, might as well be one.

    Would I take a liver transplant from a jew? Not if I wanted to turn myself into a vampiric entity I wouldn’t. And if there isn’t something in the Bible that forbids this, then there ought to be. Because there can be no more an invidious dilemma that one is faced with, then accepting or rejecting a vitally important organ that comes out of the body of the parasitical jew.

  • Thank you, Dante, for calling out Ab(e) who is most certainly a member of the “organized community that cannot be mentioned.”

    There is an important distinction, Dante, between a Canadian and a Torontonian. Ab(e) tells us he is a Torontonian. And buddy, that’s the lowest form of Canadian! Ab(e) has the temerity to promote SmartMeters and deny Chemtrails whilst claiming every banal car accident as FAKE. Talk about misdirection!

    My question is how does he do it? How does a full-time working man with children, a mortgage etc. find the TIME to run a blog and answer/chat on all the peripheral doodads he has going on? Most working people with families have trouble finding the time to answer their e-mails?!

    Ab(e) is an industry-ious little jew, indeed!

    I was banned for calling Ab(e) a LIAR, which he indubitably is! I don’t expect sycophants such as Dalpra or Rollo to confront/contradict Ab(e), but then neither will any of the other cowards and hypocrites pullulating his site.

    Rae and John shouldn’t waste their time on this nasally Torontonian version of Jeff Rense.


  • Thank you, Negentropic, for your comment. Would you agree to chat on Skype a while?