On EuroFolkRadio w/ Pastor Dan


On Wednesday, November 18, I was a guest on Pastor Dan’s radio program By Yahweh’s Design which is broadcast on EuroFolkRadio. We discussed a variety of subjects, including the Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute I attended in Washington, D.C.


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  • You sort of deride those of us concerned about spying in this podcast. If you think the jews got where they are by being straightforward then you are naively optimistic. We won’t prevail through total openness, either. One doesn’t have to live in total fear to be aware.

    Further, you discuss the criminal railroading of certain people like Trafficant and Edgar Steele. Yet you along with most in this whole milieu continue to ignore that as we type, whatever due process the system still affords us is about to be legislated away through the Murphy bills in Congress, which calls for the stripping of all Constitutional rights from people deemed ‘unreasonable’ by leftist lunatics aka ‘psychiatrists,’ from Section 205 of Tim Murphy’s ‘mental health’ bill in the House (which has around 170 cosponsors):

    (A)the State involved has in effect a law under which, if a State court finds by clear and convincing evidence that an individual, as a result of mental illness, is a danger to self, is a danger to others, is persistently or acutely disabled, or is gravely disabled and in need of treatment, and is either unwilling or unable to accept voluntary treatment, the court must order the individual to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment; or(B)the State involved has in effect a law under which a State court must order an individual with a mental illness to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment, the law was in effect on the date of enactment of the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015, and the Secretary finds that the law requires a State court to order such treatment across all or a sufficient range of the type of circumstances described in subparagraph (A).(2)Definition
    For purposes of paragraph (1), the term persistently or acutely disabled refers to a serious mental illness that meets all the following criteria:
    (A)If not treated, the illness has a substantial probability of causing the individual to suffer or continue to suffer severe and abnormal mental, emotional, or physical harm that significantly impairs judgment, reason, behavior, or capacity to recognize reality.

    Note that ‘acutely disabled’ doesn’t require any long term ‘history of mental illness’ and that it’s defined by not just ‘mental’ or what used to be psychotic features but of ’emotional harm that significantly impairs judgment, reason, behavior.’ All it’s going to take once this bill passes is some personality-disordered marxist commissar declaring a person as ‘having substantial probability’ of thinking, feeling or behaving ‘unreasonably’ to be imprisoned and ‘treated’ without any of the due process our Constitution guarantees us before the State can deprive us of liberty. The only ‘clear and convincing evidence’ the State requires is the hysterical projections of these sociopathic snake oil salesmen; in most states it’s already legal to commit citizens without any court proceeding based on sheer innuendo (even anonymous). Once such a threat is so easily implemented, americans will do whatever it takes to avoid it without having to be interned. All these psy ops are conditioning the american public to accept this total circumvention of our Constitution via fictionalized profiles of ‘mentally ill’ shooters that have no resemblance to actual schizophrenia or manic depression (the only two real psychotic and genetic mental illnesses).

    The fact is, though, that for white men to acknowledge the historic depravity and foundational falsity in psychiatry (where ‘diagnoses’ are issued without any empirical science) would be for them to forfeit their classist rugged capitalist male privilege.

    When white american men actually learn to think tribally again, they might have a chance of survival. In the meantime they’re killing not just themselves but the less narcissistic and greedy europeans as well.

    • More on psychiatry as a tool of political repression (contrary to some claims, that’s all it’s ever been):




      The supposed ‘opposition’ to the Murphy bills (Tim’s in the House and Chris’ – from Connecticut – companion one in the Senate) is 98% controlled op that ranges from grassroots self help groups to the House Democrats who recently pretended to challenge Tim Murphy’s version. They all preserve shill Murphy’s version of the provision on involuntary committals and outpatient treatment, and they are all massively funded by Big Pharma. Talk about ‘squids.’

      The bill will also collapse the privacy guarded by HIPPA, which makes some sense considering that there is nothing medical whatsoever about psychatric ‘diagnoses.’ But this arrangement will legally hold that such conditions are medical on the one hand, and hence not matters to be explored or proven and established in court while simultaneously involving police in the confidentiality of such ‘medical’ conditions. American freedoms literally hinge on the fully legal installation of a pseudo medical police state.

      Susan Lindauer is one example of an american citizen already processed through the beginnings of the growing Psych Police State apparatus. She was lucky to have been highly connected. General Ted Walker was also lucky to have evaded RFK’s attempt to intern and drug him when Walker defied JFK’s integration policies in the 1960’s.

      Allison ‘Sunny’ Maynard is an Ivy League educated attorney who defied the oligarchy in her state of Colorado to then be deprived of her right to practice law by a judge who ordered her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in spite of both her clients’ and women’s groups’ support of her performance. This happened only a few years ago but Maynard was effectively disbarred for merely challenging those in power and refusing to cop to ‘mentally ill’ (she refused to comply with the unconstitutional request). Only an anglo woman’s word would ever be openly ‘medically’ invalidated thus in America, as a side note.

      White women have been ‘diagnosed’ by the Freudian reeducators for more than a century, and in the era of the fraudulent ‘Bipolar Mania’ ‘anglo’ women especially have been overtly pathologized for rejecting black men in workplaces and on the streets of their own country. Soon white men’s guns will be confiscated and dissidents and capitalist dysfunctionals alike will be interned en masse as well, but all that’s really required to castrate a movement is to take out its leaders – and to rule by fear. Tyranny is often installed through bureaucratic means.

  • If you’ve been paying any attention/watching the Newspeak (conditioning) as of late, it seems every time there’s an alleged mass shooting, this “mental health” talk immediately follows. The TV/TalmudVision/kosher nostra/MSM has been busily promoting a link between mental illness and crime. They’ve been pushing this mental health agenda for some time. Loyalty to God, Family, and Country may be deemed a mental health defect in the near future. Question the numbers of the Holocau$t® narrative, you too may be captured/kidnapped by the State, deemed mentally defective, in desperate need of some re-education meds, training, “psychiatric help” for your own good of course.

    Some strange oddities to note:

    This bill was originally introduced on 12/12/2013 as H.R.3717 Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2013 by Rep. Tim Murphy.

    This bill was allegedly introduced/touted as a response (in the aftermath) to the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. However, the alleged Newtown Tragedy didn’t occur until 12/14/2013.

    Doing a search on H.R.3717, it is now listed/known as the U.S. Israel Global Neuroscience Partnership Act?

    H.R.3717 – U.S.-Israel Global Neuroscience Partnership Act