On By Yahweh’s Design


Last Thursday, I appeared as a guest on Pastor Dan’s program By Yahweh’s Design, which broadcasts on EuroFolkRadio (archives for BYD are here). Pastor Dan and I discussed a variety of topics, including my research into 9/11, the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, the reality of White genocide, the righteousness of our cause and message, President Trump and related matters.

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  • Hey John

    BYD got shafted from EFR for their silly flat earth nonsense.

    And rightly so.

    • Oh wow, I wasn’t even aware! Bummer… I believe that all topics should be open for open discussion and consideration, including alternative perspectives about the shape of the planet we will on. My personal opinion, not sure exactly what happened, but sad to hear the news. :(

      • Completely agree with you that everyone should have the right freely to express their views and to engage in open discussion – even if many people find those views silly or ‘offensive’ (which I personally do not on the flat earth issue – there is thought-provoking, scientific reasoning behind the claim – but it is far from settled, of course).

        The key point surely is: there is far too much censorship in this world today! Look at what has happened to all those great scholarly books on the reality of the ‘Holocaust’ – disappearing in one fell swoop from Amazon and also (largely) from Abebooks. Let’s always speak out and stand up for freedom of expression – even if we don’t share the speakers’ particular viewpoints (e.g. on the flat-plain earth, or fake ‘global warming, or whatever) …

  • John: You & Pastor Dan referred to Henry Bor, I mean Kissinger as a very evil man. From personal experience I agree with you 100 % ! The first time I was in the same room with him I was startled by the evil I felt in his presence. My first thought was, “What in the world is our government doing by having this monster in our highest levels of governance making decisions that have such an effect on our lives ?” That was in the 1970s and that POS is still around ! Sorry for the acronym, but I couldn’t think of anything nice to say. That was only one of the primary factors that drove me out of government service.

  • And all of these false-flag attacks on Jewish cemeteries, and the wholesale disappearing of superb Holocaust truth books by Germar Rudolf, Arthur Butz and others, have all suddenly happened with the advent to power of Trump – the man who SURROUNDS himself with Zionist Jews.

    Just a coincidence, of course. Nothing to worry about …

    Wake up, people. Don’t live in fantasy land. Don’t let misplaced hope triumph over decades-long experience!

    • Richard: You are so right ! Did you see the James Corbett Report of February 4, 2017 on youtube entitled “How Trump Filled The Swamp” ? Our Presidents do not select their Staff, it is done for them by the PTB (Zionist Joos). I watched this stuff going on for 9 years in the 1970s before I got out of there ! They did the same thing in 1917 when they destroyed the Christian nation of Russia and implemented the atheist communist government and called it the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and they are now doing it to the once Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America. Let’s hope that Vladimir Putin and the real Russian people can complete their restoration of the once Christian nation of the real Russian people. Viktor Orban is trying to fix his government in Hungary by driving the IMF out in 2012 and unshackled their people from the chains of debt slavery, which he managed to complete in May of 2014. When will we do the same here in the United States ? Can it be done ?

      • Hello Bob. Thanks very much for your support. I must watch that Corbett Report you refer to – it sounds very informative.

        Am impressed by your evident historical and cultural knowledge. Keep it up, Bob – and let’s hope that eventually a genuinely Constitutional Republic can be restored, which will set a shining example to the rest of the world.

  • Meant to say thanks, John, for the great work you and your guests are doing, especially on exposing the Holocaust myth. Excellent.

    Also loved the cartoon you posted of the young student being stuffed full of Jewish Zionist propaganda. Very funny indeed – and oh so true!