On Blackbird9’S Breakfast Club Podcast

Frederick Blackburn

Earlier this evening,  I appeared as a guest on Frederick C. Blackburn’s blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Podcast for a brief 30 minute segment. We discussed my trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the NPI conference, the polarization of America, Donald Trump, and related matters.

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  • Sorry to hear (37:30 in this Blackbird show) your weekly Renegade show is no more. I hope it’s not related to the recent A.J.Gage and/or JKaminski blowups? Or disagreement over Trump enthusiasm vs distrust levels? The question of “defining” what IS vs ISN’T “Alt-Right? Flat earth? lol 😀 And now, even the old SRoberts/ADLaney/BMartinez (ZCF) wounds are being picked open again @ renegade; see comments at:


    You care to share any background re your former renegade show ending, John? :)

    • It was nothing personal – I think Kyle and Sinead and the other hosts on Renegade have done some really good work in the past, especially the Hellstorm documentary Kyle put together. Sinead and Kyle are both great radio hosts and have a lot of talent. Sinead’s parodies are awesome, too.

      But I don’t agree with their critiques/attacks on Spencer, NPI, the Alt Right generally, Trump, and Gage. Very few of their criticisms are valid, and much of it is baseless and, frankly, childish. I am not looking to pick a fight or cause any more conflict than there already is, so we parted ways professionally. Best for all parties.

      • Okay, thx. Classy of you to let it end ‘quietly’, & not do any articles/pods righteously declaring your differences & consequent parting ways, IE throwing gasoline on the so-far-NON-drama… then not mentioning it until asked explicitly in a (my) comment here. Wait, don’t tell me; you’re not just putting the finishing touches on a nice alt-right incendiary bomb of an article as I post this, are you? lol 😀

        I do express some opinions re the recent alt-right personality frictions in my thread “anti cultural-marxist/multiculti, White preservationist podcasts”, beginning here: http://tinyurl.com/zn62bwh then off/on through the next 10 replies (IE end of thread atm).

        Nearly a month prior to that reply #99 linked above, prior to any of this recent alt-right-personality friction, in reply #91 I introduced the then-latest Red Ice show with this commentary:

        “Alt-Right” has become somewhat controversial as a new expression describing people who believe– and therein lies the problem! 😀

        Off hand I’d say, global conspiracy aware, joo-wise [don’t miss Digger for Truth’s “How Many Jew-Wise People Are There in the World?”, where he breaks down various levels of joo-wise people], jooz.gov hoax/FF ‘Event’ aware, White Preservationist– though not categorically White themselves, sure as we’ve seen John Friend, DDuke, Kyle Hunt & others interview non-Whites who shared a sense of importance in preserving racial/cultural global sub-societies which the JWO wish to destroy & reinvent into a big milk-chocolate colored, hive-mind thinking blob of humanity slaves, ruled over by the satanist U-Know-…OOZ?!