Obama’s Ghetto Plan

Obamas Ghetto Plan

  • Congress fails to kill president’s social engineering program.

In a welcome victory for conservative values, the United States House of Representatives recently voted in favor of an amendment that would kill one of the worst examples of the Obama administration’s overreach into the affairs of local governments. However, just as this newspaper went to press the amendment was defeated in the Senate, due to stiff opposition from liberal Democrats and spineless Republicans, by a vote of 60 to 37.

The Senate version of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations legislation included the amendment proposed by Senators Mike Shumway “Mike” Lee (R-Utah) and Richard Craig Shelby (R-Ala.) that would have prohibited federal funding and implementation of THUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation. For the past two years in a row, the House has passed an amendment to the THUD appropriations bill that is similar to the Lee-Shelby proposed measure.

Although that amendment was defeated today, language was approved that prohibits the federal government from using any of the funds made available by the act “to direct a grantee to undertake specific changes to existing zoning laws as part of carrying out” the AFFH rule. In other words, the federal government cannot usurp local zoning rules.

Rick Manning, the president of Americans for Limited Government, stated, “[T]his limiting language will provide municipalities and counties a small, legal foothold to resist HUD [Housing and Urban Development] coercion to condition the community development block grants on submission of HUD-approved local zoning plans.”

The AFFH regulation, which has been widely criticized by conservatives and limited-government advocates, increased the power of the federal government, allowing it to essentially dictate local zoning policy in an effort to artificially create equality in housing and access to community resources. Using race, income, and other social data from the U.S. Census, federal bureaucrats will be allowed to interfere with local zoning policies in order to implement their radical egalitarian agenda, effectively reshaping neighborhoods to match their utopian vision of multiculturalism —and there is nothing local residents can do about it.

“There is zero excuse for allowing the federal government to dictate local zoning policy via community development block grants to impose racial and income zoning quotas on cities and counties,” Manning recently stated. “Zoning ordinances only determine what can be built where, not who lives there. People can move wherever they want, and rent or buy. Real housing discrimination, that is, denying housing on the basis of race, has been illegal for decades.”

It should be clear to all that the Obama administration’s radical Marxist agenda to systematically engineer local communities through federal regulations and policies, such as the AFFH policy, will ultimately result in failure and a further degradation in the living standards of the productive middle and working class.

“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is not about expanding the poor’s access to housing; it’s about expanding the federal government’s reach into local municipalities,” said Manning.

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  • “…..and there is NOTHING that local Residents (People. White-People!) can do about it.” BULLSHIT!!!
    Such DEFEATIST Thinking on our Part say that there is no Line, no Limit on what the criminal Opposition to our Existence can affront, defy, cross, and force on us!!!
    Really??? Well then, The Realist Report, and ALL other “patriot” Attempts should sometime during this very Week or Month simply cease being, and like George Carlin once said, “simply sit back, and watch!” Watch our Demise as a Race. As the greatest, yet most FOOLISH RACE!!!

  • Marvelous. All Jew neighborhoods will, of course, be exempt from the AFFH regulations. They will remain separate and segregated from these sub-human scumbags . . . just as they are in Israel. They will be isolated from all the diversity that forced immigration and multiculturalism brings to the rest of us. How sad is it that they will miss out on all the wonderful experiences the ghetto affords . . . like rape, robbery, murder and sharia law.

    The American dictator – and his thirteen Muslim aides – mean to turn this country into a third world hellhole before he leaves office.

    Who picks America’s invader immigrants and the Hijra . . .

  • Obama’s post White House mansion. Mr. “Hope and Change.” All I want to know is will his zip code be subject to the AFFH regulations. Ya think?


  • Only if the locals let them get away with it.

  • Let them start with Cackling Cankles’ ‘hood.

  • Obama hates white people. He wants white people to suffer the devastation of the ghetto though they work and slaved all of their lives to make sure they and their families could live in safety. Obama does not want white people’s hard work to benefit them. He wants us (white people) dead or in the same shape of those who never work, have criminal records, walk the streets, and murder, steal, and stay high. He has forgotten that there are some hard working black people that have worked themselves out of the ghetto and live in majority white neighborhoods for safety. OF course he does not consider them black since they do not depend on him (the government) to live. A person works hard and finally buys a house in a good neighborhood (mostly white neighborhoods). It goes well. His family is safe. The neighborhood is quiet and clean. Suddenly Obama’s regime builds a multi-dwelling project filled with ghetto scum a block from the quiet neighborhood. Suddenly the house you planned to stay in all of your life just lost 100,000 dollars in value overnight. THen ghetto people begin walking your street all day and night stealing what you left in your yard. Houses begin to be broken into. People begin selling a leaving and the government buys these houses and fills them with ghetto dwellers. Now they are everywhere. You must sell or live like a ghetto person yourself. The one nice neighborhood is now an undesirable street of crap. Obama laughs and they look to see what other neighborhoods they can destroy. You can bet that will not happen where the ultra-rich live. Hillary and Bill will not see such filth. Neither will any congressman or Senator have to face that in his/her neighborhood. Obama’s next home will not have to be in such a ruined neighborhood. Obama needs to be jailed.