Obama hires repulsive transgender Jew to oversee selection process for presidential appointments

Yesterday, The Jewish Daily Forward published an article announcing the Obama administration recently hired a thing called Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, who apparently is the first openly transgender person to ever be hired by the White House. Freedman-Gurspan, truly a repulsive, disgusting freak being presented as some sort of brilliant, indispensible public policy professional, has been hired to “help oversee the selection process for presidential appointments,” the Forward reports. Freedman-Gurspan is, unsurprisingly, Jewish.


Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, the disgusting, insane Jew who will be screening presidential appointment candidates for Obama.

Great, just what America needs – yet another Social Justice Warrior screening all candidates for presidential appointments and otherwise influencing White House policy and positioning.

I don’t think it’s officially up, but those with eyes to see clearly see the sign nailed to the front of the Obama White House: “Straight White Heterosexual Males – the people who founded this country – are to be systematically displaced and eliminated in Marxist America.”

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Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has become the first transgender person to be hired by the White House, reported the Washington Blade.

A Jewish woman from Brookline, Massachusetts, Freedman-Gurspan was a member of the Jewish Students’ Organization at St. Olaf College in St. Paul Minnesota, where she completed her undergraduate studies. In her Facebook profile picture, she wears a necklace with the Star of David.

On Tuesday, she was appointed to a senior position in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel. While the Obama Administration has hired transgender people before, none have been tapped to work in the White House.

Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama, said to the Washington Blade, “Raffi Freedman-Gurspan demonstrates the kind of leadership this administration champions.”

She has worked for many years in transgender advocacy, most recently with the National Center for Transgender Equality. There, she campaigned for transgender people of color and those living in poverty.

According to Carl Sciortino, a former lawmaker in the Massachusetts State House, Freedman-Gurspan was “instrumental” to passing the Transgender Equal Rights Law.

Freedman-Gurspan starts work on Tuesday, where she will help oversee the selection process for presidential appointments.

What an absolute disgrace. And remember, as John Kaminski and I repeatedly emphasized in our recent radio broadcast, the disgraceful state of American politics and culture is a direct result of Jewish power and influence over our society – power and influence we willingly give the Jews by failing to recognize their subversive, destructive, and parasitic nature.

#WithJewsWeLose – every single time, always and forever.


  • As with M. Obama, J. Anniston, S. Williams…one word… EWWWWW!

  • Well, at least we know these Jews aren’t faking it. They are f..ing nuts

  • Looks Hispanic to me.

    I live near Brookline. It has a high population of Jews. Massachusett’s Brooklyn. A town surrounded by Boston saturated with Jews and considered a wealthy town, fwiw.

    Despite all the reported discord between Obama and the power Jews over the Iranian nuclear deal, Obama still favors and promotes them.

  • The white people in America must awaken to the fact that Obama is a Lucifer worshiping anti-Christ hell bent on the destruction of America. Let’s look at some basic facts. His mother was a white looking Jew and his father was a black Muslim. And, from birth he’s been reared to be a Muslim mulatto anti-Christ Marxist with the goal of fundamentally changing America. America was once a white christian nation. And, until we repent and follow God’s laws again we will continue our downward spiral. A good place to start would be returning to a monetary system of just weights and measures of gold and silver. And, standing together as proud white people that will no longer accept the farce being perpetrated by the Jew and Swiss banking cartels.