Netanyahu: Iran wants another “Holocaust” against Jews

The Times of Israel today published a report announcing that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again accusing Iran of “preparing another Holocaust” against the Jews. How many times have Netanyahu and other Jewish leaders made this ridiculous and entirely baseless claim?

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu railed at Iran Sunday for holding its annual Holocaust denial cartoon contest, charging that the Islamic Republic was “preparing another Holocaust” against the Jewish people.

Iran “denies the Holocaust, mocks the Holocaust, and is preparing another Holocaust,” he told ministers at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem office, “and I think all the countries of the world need to stand up and condemn this unequivocally.”

Israel’s problem with Iran, he said, “isn’t just its subversive, aggressive policy in the region. It’s the values on which it’s based.”

Iran’s annual international cartoon contest lampooning the Holocaust features around 150 works from 50 countries. It began Saturday and is running for the next two weeks. […]

God bless the Iranians for having the nerve and courage to actually organize their annual cartoon contest. America prides itself on free speech and “tolerance”, yet no one would dare organize a conference questioning the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII and hardly anyone would tolerate such an event.

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  • This, from Talmudic swine with the blood of nearly 85,000,000 Christians/Muslims on their hands;
    The “perennial victims” embraced by the Judas Class in D.C. and worshipped by fools within.

    Sewer Nation – Idiot Culture.

  • Maybe someone can fulfill his wishes, he seems to keep going back to this fantasy.What a paranoid loon.

  • o-vey! Not annutta holly cost!!!

  • Good job, Iran! What need is a genuine holocaust.

  • In order to have “another” holocaust, there must be a “first” holocaust. …..

    • Well, Adam, there was a first holocaust, the genocide of some 15 million German civilians during WWII; but, there was no genocide of 6 million Jews .. thus, no second holocaust. That was proven by the International Red Cross after the war, when they compilated the total number of Jewish deaths in concentration camps during the war from German documents to be less than a million.
      However, you’re still right on track.

  • I wish I could personally assure Netanyahu that I am no Holocaust denier.

    I don’t deny any of the Holocausts Israel is responsible for

  • This narrative has to be broken cause it is used as a pretext for our mental prison in the past and future making enemies of our kids by educating them the false narrative.

  • Since the Islamic “74 lashes for adultery” Iran is a 60 million strong controlled opposition Mossad/CIA asset since 1979, Nutenyahud’s comments are really meant for the daily growing ranks of the internet holohoax exposers. Those are the people he’s really worried about expanding exponentially and creating “game over,” not the Mossad’s own people in power positions in Iran, strategically making anti-Jew comments whenever and wherever Israel needs it.

    It’s always “retaliatory” because they know that the only moral use of force is self-defense. So they always use collective punishment and pre-emption, whacking people before any even remotely physical threat is detected, and then they visit wonderful Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv where even 10 year olds are allowed to carry automatic weapons, and lie to the world, through the worldwide press they have mostly bought up through the uberfrauds of legalized usury and counterfeiting.

    Not very complicated. Always works. And the people that it works on are therefore justifiably called goyim or cattle since anyone who falls for such transparent BS artistry is as dumb as sheep.


    I called into Chris Kendall’s Hoax Busters show yesterday at the 1 hour 21 minute mark

    while Jay Dyer was on, talked with him for while, then, when Jay left, had a long debate with Chris & John mostly about the usual suspects until the 3 hour 9 minute finale. We went on for another hour that talk shoe didn’t record but Chris did, and I thought it was great audio, but he won’t release that part using the Talk Shoe limitations as an excuse. lol It’s alright. Chris has an ego too and I was basically on a roll, and they were starting to look more than a little silly, really reaching for straws. It got more funny than heated although at one point I did raise my voice because Chris wouldn’t let me finish my points. You should call in on Mondays 9:00 PM Eastern USA time and shoot the breeze with us if you’re not too bee-zee in the bees-nest of trutherism. The conversations get very philosophical and we rarely stay on-topic if we can help it. We jump all over the place and try to connect the dots afterwards. It’s fun. It’s like hanging out with intelligent friends, both recreational and educational.

  • I recommend to the viewers of this great site to also visit activist Arthur Topham’s site Radical from Canada. On it you can view more information on German-Canadian activist Monica Schaefer and her brother Alfred Schaefer in their fight against the Holohaux fable. There’s plenty of information over-lapping Canadian and American interests in our fight against Jewish censorship and tyranny.

  • Another Holocaust against the Judaics Bibi ? didn’t you state: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at that time, he wanted to expel the Jews”.

    HAARETZ. Thursday, October 22, 2015. Heshvan 9, 5776. Vol 96/29316

  • What about that narrow window about to close 6 years ago where the US had scant weeks to attack Iran in order to save the world?? LOL! Netenyahu, foaming at the mouth at the UN back then with his assinine charts wasn’t about to pressure Obama into war with Iran and the same will be true with Trump!! Donald Trump no doubt knows about the S-400 missile defense systems Russia sold to Iran and if Trump even blinks concerning his promise of no more ‘interventionist’ wars there will always be Vladimir Putin ready to inform the Donald as to who is behind all this warmongering.