Nazi Germany 1936 – 1945 (In Color and HD)


  • Make Germany great again. Oust the jew and the foreign invaders. Oust Merkel or it may be too late.

    • it is too late…the zionistjews have taken over…now watch what wars will get into…and most of these wars will be nuke….and DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS FIGHT THIS WAR….this war is for the jews and their greed…..

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    Hitler was the last Aryan world leader who had the will, ability and courage to stand up against the evil globalist jew/nwo cabal. Holy warriors of the Third Reich were faithful and true soldiers of God fighting the good fight.

    As a student of history, including Bible history, I have noticed an analogy between Hitler and King Josiah [last righteous king of ancient Israel before the 70 years of Babylonian rule. ]

    Both Hitler and Josiah lived in evil times. Josiah’s time could be likened to Germany’s degenerate Weimar Republic.

    Both Hitler and King Josiah stood up with radical righteous reforms and cleansed their nations of evil, perversion and fifth-column enemies.

    Both Hitler’s and King Josiah’s righteous reforms were short-lived because both died prematurely in battle.

    Both Hitler and King Josiah were followed by the draconian rule of a globalist evil empire.

    Ironically, historians call Josiah the last great righteous king in Israel… and one day Aryans will understand that is also Hitler’s legacy.


  • It’s beautiful. :3

  • the usa needs a strong nationalist movement to save it from the globalist banksters super-surveillance state techno mind-control dictatorship.
    it would be a heck of a leap to have such a movement based in something other than race, as was apparently the case in the germany depicted above.
    yet there is no need to think it must be one race over another.
    every race can and should take pride in itself and endeavor to preserve its distinction.
    the multiculturalist agenda is understood to be a machination against racial, ethnic and national pride in the name of diversity.
    but when all races and nations have been mixed there will no longer be diversity. not diversity nor individuality.
    it is clear something great was afoot with the rise of german nationalism and it was a terrible loss to have it eventually thwarted.
    white pride is great and desperately needed in america now as some rallying point against the obvious immigration push to breed the white race out of existence.
    not just white people but all americans need to realize what they’re up against and take steps to secure the right leadership,

    • Hitler was not against other races or wanting to destroy them all except Germans. He wanted other races to take care of and nurture their own which was what he was doing for Germany.
      BTW Germans military was the most racially diverse ever.

      • This is quite true, particularly of the Waffen SS. I have seen many photos and old news reels of the racial diversity of that glorious fighting group. As usual though, most of what the general public hears is just the opposite.

  • Absolutely glorious!! Parades will never have the charm they once possessed. At least Germany had glory and divine functionality for a little while. They truly are the master race. I say this with all the love in my heart. Not only are their list of innovative inventions a mile long, trumping pretty much any other country, they also triumph not only in superior engineering but also in art, literature, architecture, and music! They can do it all divinely! I become physically ill thinking of Germany’s present day. The global elite (who can’t be named but we all know who they are and what letter of the alphabet they start with) are out for the kill and must be destroyed. Anyone who thinks this is an outrageously racist statement is completely uneducated on facts and have been misled by fake history and fake news. Whites must find their roots and rise again into their divinity and disallow immersion with non-whites.

    • Dear Monica:
      I am requesting that you please consider establishing private Communication with me. I wish to see how close our Minds are. I need fully Pro-White Friends!!
      And Privacy of our Communications is important, so I opt for Paper and Pen. It was good enough for the principled Founders of this erstwhile “Nation”, I hope that you’ll agree that is good enough for us.
      I am a Spaniard.
      Your German-Loving Friend!

  • noticed the complete lack of white NIGGERS with their hand be grabbing their crotch
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    ISAIAH 13:14


  • First, take note of Monica’s post. Fake history and fake news, yes even back then. The victors do get to write their version of history. WWI created WWII. Europe put such sanctions on the Germans after WWI nobody could survive and with the U.S doing the same to Japan I guess the central banksters needed everyone involved to make their money. If you notice Hilter driving around in an open car with thousands of people around and nobody shoots? Maybe his people saw what was happening first hand and knew what the truth was.Know your real history and do your own research and don’t trust me or anyone else to open your eyes it must be done from within.

  • All those flags! I wish I had a couple.

  • God Bless Saint Adolf.


  • Have a picture of my grandad standing in his uniform and a couple other soldiers next to the Nazi flag. My grandfather died in Mexico is buried there. He was a very kind man and helped many people even in his old age. He just didn’t like Jews they hurt other people back then, and still do.

    • My wife’s photo of her late Uncle Horst of KG53, in his Luftwaffe uniform, hangs proudly in our den.

  • If only they had won… if ONLY they had won.

  • Beautiful footage!

  • After seeing this footage, my disgust grows with that Marxist hag Merkel. To think that our German blood brothers and their great society murdered by the west and the Soviets at the instigation of the you know who’s, is too much to stomach.