More “Holocaust” Propaganda at the Oscars

The fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative is constantly and endlessly promoted, reinforced, and perpetuated not only by our mainstream educational and political establishment, but – perhaps even more importantly – also by the mass media and “entertainment” complex centered in Hollywood. The Jewish Daily Forward recently reported that, once again, “Holocaust”-themed films are up for Academy Awards at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

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Two films about the Holocaust and its aftermath have made the cut to compete for best foreign-language film. They were selected from among entries from 80 countries vying for Oscar honors, according to an announcement Thursday evening by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Both entries, “Son of Saul” and “Labyrinth of Lies,” are among the critics’ favorites to garner an Academy Award — indicating, once again, that the Shoah retains its grip on the minds and souls of both international filmmakers and the members of the academy who cast their votes.

Last year, the foreign-language Oscar went to the Polish movie “Ida,” which followed the path of a devout young woman raised in a convent and about to take her vows as a nun. Suddenly, she learns that her parents were Jews who perished in the Holocaust and sets out to rediscover her roots. […]

It should come as no surprise to astute observers and critics of Hollywood and American popular culture that “Holocaust”-themed movies tend to be represented at the Oscars, with many of them actually winning Academy Awards.

Hollywood and American popular culture are entirely dominated and controlled by Jews with a specific agenda, namely, the demoralization, exploitation, and ultimate genocide of the White race. The fake “Holocaust” narrative, which has been scientifically and scholarly debunked by courageous and honest historians, is crucial to international Jewry’s global agenda directed at the destruction of the White race and Western civilization. Indeed, Jews themselves have admitted that the “Holocaust” is a central factor to the Jewish takeover and domination of America and the wider Western world following WWII.

The lies told about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, and WWII generally form the basic historical paradigm the vast majority of Westerners hold today. The fake “Holocaust” narrative has not only advanced Jewish political, economic, and cultural interests, it has also served as a weapon used by Jewry to demonize and pathologize White identity. Jewish leaders often blame the entire White Western world for the entirely fictional “Holocaust” Jews allegedly experienced during WWII, and equate any sort of White racial consciousness with “White supremacy,” “Nazism,” and Adolf Hitler.

It is time for the world to recognize these basic facts, and understand the central role played by Hollywood and the mass media – which as stated previously are entirely controlled by Jews with a specifically anti-White agenda – in perpetuating the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII.

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  • British Ministry of Truth Said in 1944 That the Holocaust Must be Created to Distract from USSR Massacres

    • Nice article. I’ve never heard of or read that letter before. It’s just another feather in the revisionist cap that proves the holohoax never occurred.

  • These people have been hiding behind their “Holocaust” conspiracy theory for so long they won’t know what to do without it.

    And that time is coming.

  • A few years back I recall a very entertaining film called the Thirteenth Warrior. Excellent film, certainly not (as the shill critics labeled it), riddled with clichés. That same year I had the misfortune of paying to see a Spielberg film called “castaway”. The Spielberg film won over Thirteenth Warrior. Going by just the name, which one do you think was “riddled with clichés?
    Then it dawned on me;
    The Spielberg film, although it was nothing BUT clichés was a “chosen” bit of fluff from the politically connected simp responsible for the ridiculous “Jurassic Park” series.

    Since becoming acutely aware of Jewish control over the west I can no longer choke down watching hero cop, hero spy or hero U.S. films any longer. learning the truth of a matter does that to you.

    • The original name of the story is “The Eaters of the Dead”. I’m not sure why they went with “The Thirteenth Warrior” (maybe because they wanted to elevate the Arab in the story and push multiculturalism onto us by way of our Viking heritage). Anyway, many elements found in the story “Eaters of the Dead” was based on the historical writings of one Ahmad Ibn Fadlān, a member of the embassy of the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad to the ruler of Bulgars (Wiki).

      One scene particularly, when the “Rus” (Roos) are passing around the washing bowl and are spitting and blowing their noses into the water. No doubt a nasty scene and I wonder if it wasn’t one of the first instances of propaganda concerning our people?

      I do like what one Viking said to this Arab:

      “You Arabs are a foolish lot!’” So I (Fadlan) said, “Why is that?” and he (The Viking) replied, “Because you purposely take those who are dearest to you and whom you hold in highest esteem and throw them under the earth, where they are eaten by the earth, by vermin and by worms, whereas we burn them in the fire there and then, so that they enter Paradise immediately.”

      I can really relate to that statement, though I could be called a “Christian”, on the fringe. We have adopted customs that are completely foreign to us which originated in the area the alleged jews say is their homeland. And 1000 years after this statement was made we now bury our dead like they do, instead of gloriously burning them in the fire and sending them onto the next world with honor.

      Crazy world.

  • You are wrong LOCOMOTIVE BREATH!
    Hollywierd is controlled by the British Crown. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuaite are all British Crown protectorates. Selling the holocaust lie is necessary to justify the treason of the N.A.T.O. mafia , the real holocaust against europe committed by the British Crown and the ongoing holocaust of mass murder using war as an excuse for permanent genocide for profit. Fake money and fake banking are tools of genocidal vermin. Israel is a nuclear terrorist state.

    • The “British Crown,” aka the “City of London,” is entirely Jewish save for a smattering of shabbas goy which they need to hide behind.
      It has nothing to do with the “British” Royal Family, ie monarchy, which for 300+ years has been primarily German ever since George the king of Hanover became the king of Britain at the age of 54. He was a great grandson of Mary Queen of Scots who was beheaded by her cousin (ostensibly for “treason”) queen Elizabeth I, the “virgin” queen for whom Virginia and West Virginia are named.

    • You’ve got balls, all give you that shotgunrock. You come to a Jew-Wise website and try to shill for the jew. Or perhaps you just collect shekels every time you shill for the jew? I’ve never quite understood the motivation. Do you honestly believe you can ‘fool’ us? Must be the money. Jews love money. FEAR THE QUEEN……..what a joke.

    • Hey,

      Can you tell us the difference between the adjectives “English” and “British”?

      (Hint: the word “Brit” in Hebrew means “covenant”.)

      Burn in hell, Oliver Cromwell.

  • Didn’t the Jews in Israel already have their Miss Holocaust Pageant in Israel earlier this year?
    I guess Jews can’t push that crap enough. Probably have grand children being neurotic over holohoax stories and demanding reparations?

    • Yeah, they actually have that going already, believe it or not.

    • Evidently,”pushing this crap” is still working,especially among older people because they have been exposed to the brain washing for a longer period of time.( I have friends and family who think it is despicable of me to question the validity of the holocaust).

      Indeed we fight a clever and deeply entrenched enemy since the bastards hold complete control over the media.You have to admit though, that making a movie like “Shindler’s list,” an almost religious experience, was brilliant move.It’s hard to apply logic when deep emotions are invoked, and they are masters at it.How many of us were required to see “The Diary of Anne Frank” when we were in junior high school ? They rounded us all up,took us to the auditorium ,and made us watch it.I remember to this day how I felt after seeing it.We were told it was “history”.

    • Has anyone here watched the YouTube documentary “Behind the Scenes of the ADL”? It proves beyond all doubt how the jews purposely destroy the minds of their own children by way of a state-instituted brainwashing program. Luckily, one clever Israeli captured it all on film for us and our posterity. One of the crowning moments in the film is found towards the end, when one Israeli man ponders over whether all of this “death culture” (concerning the holohoax and Auschwitz) is good for the jewish people, and specifically if they would be better off if they stopped worshiping the holohoax narrative and just let the past go, you know, like normal people would!

  • Too bad the Holohoax is a lie, because it’s such a damn good idea!

  • Jews are the spawn of satan and the Second Coming of Christ will once and for all remove these vile, degenerate creatures!

  • What a comedy show. Got a thing in the mail today from a guy named Mike Evans wanting my wife to donate money to a book wanting 6 million donors to be named to honor the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Minimum donation was $30. I guess $30 was meant to somehow relieve Christian guilt? Really?

    Dear Friends of God’s Chosen People

    “You didn’t commit the crimes. You love God, you love God’s people the Jews”

    Sorry Mike, I don’t believe they are chosen nor do I love them.

    So quickly they forget Jesus calling the Jews the “Sons of Satan”

    Really unbelievable.

  • If you really want to know about the history of the Jews, here is a link to the true story, written on 8 March 2015 by Veterans Today’s two leading managing editors – Mike Harris and Professor Preston James. :)
    At least 96% of today’s Jews are Ashkenazim (descendants of Khazars); the rest are Sephardics. Israel is composed of mostly Ashkenazi Jews, who had migrated to Palestine from mostly Central and Eastern Europe after WWII. It’s the progeny of these migrants who continue to push the Holohoax theme .. along with those in the USSA, UK and other such nations, who’ve never been interned during the war.

  • William Spencook

    Just the simple action of questioning the “Holocaust” seems to tear into the nerves of some people. Generally, if you ask someone if “Six Million” jews really perished, the reactions vary from laughter/ridicule to people telling you to shut up. And these are the reactions of non-jews. I’ve concluded that this is all a result of a successful mass-brainwashing conducted by the US Federal government and their allies in the mafia, mainstream media and Hollywood. Also if you ask about “Jewish Power” in this country i.e. jewish control of Federal Reserve a similar reaction is given. Ditto for “Dual Citizenship” and the question of allegiances. The reaction is similar to the raving, jewish homosexual in this clip (this has to be seen to be believed)