Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast


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  • Once whites are gone the Asian countries will cut themselves off from the mud people created by the destruction of whites. They will continue to evolve all be it at a slower pace. The rest of the world will go into a state of chaos and the muds will destroy each other as the, once great civilizations, they immigrated to and bred out of existence, begin to crumble. With out the whites to provide the welfare tax dollars and knowing that such races do not have welfare in any of their own countries. The civilizations of Europe will lay in ruin. Why did they flee to white nations? Because they have never built a civilization of their own worth living in. The UN will die. The EU will die. And the Jews will come to realize that their goal of world domination has led to them trying to control a world of heathens that no longer offers them the modern day slavery that world banks and political corruption once did. Jews desired to mud out the white race because they were too smart to enslave but greedy enough to control. Muds cannot be controlled through monies or political means. They have not the intellect to provide such enslavement while also maintaining a society. The muds will only be temporary. Only lasting a few hundreds years. Before the pure blacks and Arabs wipe them out as impure. In the end. The Asian countries will move on and leave the rest of the world to its own demise. The whites will become the fancy of campfire fairy tales. With Negro children doubting that such a race ever existed. Their great grandparents will claim it is true that once there was a race that went to the moon. That it had light without the use of fire. That it could talk to each other all over the world as if sitting next to you. But it refused to defend itself and allowed for its own destruction. All because it didn’t want to be called names or feel bad for its accomplishments. A race so powerful that it could have destroyed the earth a thousand times over. But chose suicide over feeling bad about its superiority..

    • What makes you think that they know how to start a fire?

    • Policemen bring bottles of water for them and they immediately throw away down onto the train rails!
      And couple of weeks ago some idiot in Florida got on my G+ page and worried that Trump would not be polite to world leaders…Hahahaha…. Actually he said it’s a shame that voters support Trump!

  • Up to the gates of Vienna. This is no longer an insurgency, it is an invasion under the cover of “humanitarian aid.” Too bad Europeans have been successfully disarmed over the years, they can not fight back now let alone defend themselves. Yet once the Europeans rise up to save themselves, they will be typed as “racists” and “bigots.”

    The third world will always be underdeveloped because its inhabitants lack the conscience and values to build civilized society. They expect to be taken care of by the developed nations like spoiled children, taking, taking and taking while having nothing to offer in return.

    If you want to blame Europe for creating this crisis in the first place, keep in mind that European colonialism attempted to bring civilization to undeveloped places, only to be rejected.

    All this happening now in Europe, reminds me of the Marielito Boatlift we experienced in the early 1980’s.

  • Pat Buchanan explained in his book, Death of the West, that when women became more educated they started careers instead of having babies (birth control and abortion are also factors). Families with four or more children are no longer the norm. We no longer produce enough babies to replenish our population, unlike Hispanics and Muslims. So this wasn’t some grand conspiracy to wipe out the white population, we’re doing it to ourselves.

    In Mr.Cox’s description of how ‘things will be’ in a few hundred years it seems that he’s not considered the tons of radiation that’s been spewing unabated for four years from the Fukushima disaster. We’re seeing the depletion of the bottom rung of the food chain in the Pacific right now.

    I’ve read scores of blogs by those who see a hidden hand creating the big picture. They all share similarities. So what’s your solution, Mr. Cox? Or is there one?

  • Notice how the Communist welfare state plays into the hand of the Zionist war profiteers? One hand washing the other.

  • I’m skeptical of anything that originates from the Alex “Hollywood is owned by the Arabs” Jones bagel brigade.

  • A sewer pipe, from Africa and the Mid-East was delivered to Europe, and now the sewage is flowing 24x7x365

  • Hey Man!

    Sorry to hear about the issue at work. I wish like hell you could sue.

    As for the hordes rampaging Europe and here: the people in power need to be held accountable. The puppets too afraid to counter the propaganda need to go pound salt.

    But I suggest that even the one saying all the right words is full of horse manure and if elected will adhere to the same Jewish agenda all the others follow. Sad, but there are NO candidates allowed through (and Trump will be the same).

    Here’s how you will know. If he makes it into primaries and is not killed, you can bet your sweet bippy that he will serve the Jewish agenda.

  • The thing to ask is who put the frog in the pot in the first place! Educate yourself about Zionism!