Middle Eastern Guy Demands Equal Rights for White People

A truly epic rant by a young Iranian man born in America. One question though: why do we need any immigration at all into America?

YouTube video description:

The City of Anaheim held a council meeting on April 25, 2017. Council Member Dr Jose Moreno, a Democrat, proposed a resolution that opposes President Trump’s Executive Order No. 13769. An eloquent Republican and Trump supporter of Iranian descent gave an impassioned speech against Dr Moreno’s resolution. Many Democrats in the audience were triggered.


  • Matthew/Boston

    This man has passion and conviction. Something that is sorely lacking in BRAIN-DEAD AMERICA.

  • He’s right, tho – why are people like him only invading White countries? Iran’s beautiful this time of year …

    • Latimer - the Bunny Rabbit Supremacist

      This might throw you but, pre-Arab/pre-Islamic Iran was/is HWhite Aryan, not what it is now. There’s a very large Aryan renascence movement happening for the young non-Arab non-Islamic parts of the population to restore Aryan values, religious expressions and ultimately the Aryan Imperium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkQfp2GmZH4 It’s a very interesting perspective that most in the HWhite diaspora aren’t aware of.

      • Latimer - the Bunny Rabbit Supremacist

        Just a follow-up to my original comment. Another resource.


      • White and Aryan and not synonyms.

        There are no living Aryans. The only people known to have called themselves Aryans were from India – and would be White-looking to us. They vanished from the scene and into the wider Asian gene pool long ago.

        White is a more more modern racial self-identification. It attaches today to individuals who are members of ethnic groups formed in European Christendom and derivations therefrom: the Americans and Australians, etc., who descended from those peoples. This is not a brief for Christianity, it is just a matter of fact. Whiteness as a biopolitical entity originated during Europe’s Christian era, even as Whiteness has outlasted it.

        Simply: Iranians and even the greenest-eyed high-caste Indians are not White. Caucasoids, sure, if you like that kind of anthropological grouping. Aryans, no – coz they don’t exist anymore. White – no, coz we’re the Whites and they ain’t us.

      • “It’s a very interesting perspective that most in the HWhite diaspora aren’t aware of.”

        It’s a very White-confounding perspective that the altright is working feverishly to introduce.

  • It will take Persians and other peoples centuries to recover from Islam. I wish them well and hope we’re in a position some day to be able to help them. Arabs probably never will recover and so probably won’t survive. A great shame. But right now we face the more existential threat and can’t afford to equivocate on the invasion issue just because some of them are not so bad. They all must go!

    • @barkingdeer
      There are some very interesting undercurrents in the South African situation historically and currently, some great lessons and insights for all whites can be found.
      It is also worth considering those folks who have and are coming up with strategies to survive and thrive…below is a great example. Youtube killed his channel so he’s slowly reloading his past videos and is now also working out that by setting up multiple youtube channels he can focus his message to South African blacks who are just as smart as this young man but are always being told lies to inflame white hatred -when it’s the whites who are being victimized!

      Globally whites are experiencing the same forces and they can share strategies, I especially like his talks on how the Boers defeated the odds more than once and are still here!!


  • There are two main MYTHS that favor the jews: one that the jews are the chosen people of God for which there are no biblical bases, on the original Bible(not jewish edited).Second that jews are smarter than NONjews namely white Aryans. JEWS never built great empires,civilizations on their own soil before or independently of Aryan nations. The main reason jews excel is because they are not bound by any (goyim) laws, ethics, morality etc. In fact quite the opposite JEWish religious principles command jews to disregard goyim order and moreover to subverted, use it, abuse it for ONE jewsih imperative objective to dominate the goys, to profit from them even if that means laying,cheating, stealing, deceiving, and even killing the goys in this sacred pursue the jews are pardoned of any legal, moral, religious fault. In fact once JEWS achieve domination of gentile political, academic,economc, media, cultural institutions they carry out policies that exclude, marginalize, prohibit any gentiles, or non jews. Once in power the jews make sure that only other jews obtain key positons of power by appointing other jews as college presidents, dept heads, CEOs, etc. For example JEWS control the judicial system in the USA, jews regulate exams, academic admissions, faculty, deans, judges, accreditation and even the State and national BAR associations as well as lawyers guilds, etc. This model of close jewsih tribal control assures that jews and only jews can ascend trough the echelonsof power, the samesituation is replicate in Sciences, music,arts, engineering, etc. Even if nonjews with superior IQs happen to achieve scientific breaktroughs they will not be able to patent, their inventions, the jews deny them venture capital financing, market acces,media publicity, patent approval, etc. So no matter how dull, dumb, a jews is he/she will beatken care by a ultra loyal, inner, intimate tribe that allows them a confortableliving, contrarily no matter how intelligent,smart, hardworking a gentile, non jewish goyim is he/she will never acces the circles of power. Ironically now that white Aryans had been excluded from university education in law,sciences, arts, and many Asians, Chinese, Hindus with superior IQs and higher intelliegence than jews even these nonjews are being kept back by racial, ethnic quotas design and control by JEWS. NO jews are NOT the chosen people of God and the only way the jews achieve and continue dominance is by creating MYTHS that control is by cheating, lying,killing the NON jews, by subverting controlling white Aryan MINDS .