Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone! I really enjoyed the following videos and hope you do, too.

2016 has been great, and 2017 is shaping up to be even better! Trump has opened up huge opportunities for pro-White and “anti-Semitic” ideas to flourish – let’s take advantage of the situation!

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  • I like both Videos, but especially the Second-One. However, “Santa Baby” reminds me of the jew Irving Berlin, and symbolically at least, the Dice-Players at the Foot of the Cross, who guided by Lucifer deftly steered the Emphasis from the Head of the Cross
    (SOLEMN CHRISTMAS) to the Foot of the Cross Dice-Players,Gamblers/Casinos to a MERRY CHRISTMAS instead!!! Irving Berlin and all of Judedom rejoices!!!
    I also worry that these Videos, without a comprehensively clearly written Statement at the End of such Videos, the Videos may well give Rise to reenergising the Coalition of actual Deplorables which would include the apparently large Number of Idiots of our own Race!!!! Yes, I do know that EMOTION is not to be discounted nor avoided because “cool, rational Thinking” by itself— is a bunch of Crap!!! Martial Arts for the Mind like Martial Arts for the Body requires both!!!
    The Statement that I am thinking about would be along the Lines of:
    “We, The White-Race, will not tolerate and we will defeat at whatever Cost Enemies both ACTIVE and SUB-Conscious that work for our Destruction. We state, that we do not necessarily seek Animosity with other Races. All Races have their own Interests, including the Race-Mixed. But if any of the Groups mentioned and most certainly those behind the Scenes pushing for an All-Inclusive Destruction, they will be destroyed for having the Gall to seek PREVENTING US from having our own EXCLUSIVE Countries!!! It is ether Friendship or it is War. Please be clear about it.

  • Never mind who Trump is, or wishful-dreams @ his appointment.
    His election has released freedom of speech from PC BS prison.
    This is “A Huge OPPORTUNITY for White People”, for sure!
    “Take ADVANTAGE of the situation!” Absolutely, from this moment.
    Chase the enemy. Don’t let the parasites rest. Don’t say that’s far enough. It is never enough with these vermin. Keep chasing. Be vigilant, point them out, and chase them to their Khazarian desolation.

  • She’s a star, thanks JF – and merry Christmas, happy Yule to you and yours!

  • Let’s make 2017 the year we excise the Jews from the cultural and political narrative. When we have expunged the Jewish influence on our lives we can be free. Happy Christmas Sir, and much love from London.