Meet the Jew Who Will Help You Flee to Canada Once Trump Is Elected

For months now, cry baby Jews and whining liberals have been hysterically threatening to move to Canada if once Donald Trump is elected president of the United States.

According to a recent report in The Times of Israel, a Jew from Boston who currently lives with his family in Toronto has set up a blog to offer advice to Americans wishing to flee north once Trump steps foot in the Oval Office. Unsurprisingly, the Jew throws in the typical Hitler comparison when talking about Trump’s political rhetoric.

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It is too early to tell if there will actually be a wave (or even a trickle) of Americans immigrating to Canada if Donald Trump is elected the president of the United States this November. However, based on a spike of more than 350% in Google searches of “how to move to Canada” after Trump won primaries in seven states on Super Tuesday, it would seem that at least some Americans are looking into their options.

Jay Rosenthal, an American Jew who married a Canadian woman and moved to Toronto, wants his compatriots to know they don’t need to go it alone if they choose to cross the 49th parallel. In a new online initiative, he has offered to be their concierge — their go-to guy for all their questions about life in the Great White North.

Rosenthal recently launched “If Trump Then Canada: Helping Americans Escape Since 2016,” a blog on which he posts US election-related items. It also has a page where people can get in touch with Rosenthal.

“I’m here to help. Looking for where you might go, I can help. Seeking which hockey team to root for, I can help. Planning a little visit, need a lawyer or an accountant or just a friendly shoulder to cry on… I’m here,” he tells potential US escapees. […]

Rosenthal, 42, told The Times of Israel that he has fielded a handful of email inquiries from people asking about different Canadian cities and neighborhoods.

“I’ve gotten into conversations with them and forwarded them articles and other information,” Rosenthal said.

Rosenthal is also happy to refer people to an attorney and an accountant — both professionals whose services he knows first-hand are helpful to American transplants. […]

As an American observing the US election campaigns from Canada, Rosenthal finds what is happening “scary but not surprising.”

“The emphasis on celebrity, the populism, and the taking pride in anti-intellectualism that we are seeing are not surprising. The chickens have come home to roost for the Republican party,” he said.

Rosenthal was disappointed that AIPAC invited Trump to speak at its annual policy conference last week.

“There should be concern among American Jews about his rhetoric. His playbook is not dissimilar to Hitler’s in terms of scapegoating and playing on fear of the other,” he observed. […]

These people are so weak and pathetic. The constant comparison of Trump to Hitler, despite the ADL’s memo denouncing such a comparison, is truly absurd. Trump simply wants to enforce U.S. federal immigration laws and deal responsibly with America’s immigration crisis.

Trump is clearly a threat not only to the left, but the entire political establishment.

He is going rogue on U.S. foreign policy (see here). He has already gone rogue on immigration, political correctness, and “free” trade. The neocon Jews who have dominated the Republican Party for decades now are openly saying they will vote for Hillary or run a third party candidate to prevent Trump from winning the White House.

If some Americans really do wish to flee the U.S. once Trump is elected president, I say: good riddance! I hope all the neocons, Israel-firsters, cultural Marxists, and brainwashed anti-Whites join them.

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  • Canada is the US’s largest national park it only costs $4.50 to visit.

    • Cost’s more than $4.50!! Today you need a Passport and if you have ANY kind of Police Record heaven forbid a small Marijuana charge 20 years ago! Or multiple Traffic Citations they most likely wont let you in. And felon’s? FORGET it!!
      Canada USED to be America’s Nature Park! My Ohioan and Michiganer family went there vacationing since the 1930’s and soon after 911 had to stop going. WHAT a hassle at every inlet! Such a shame it’s an absolutely beautiful nation, and once filled with our European relatives. But today we are all in jew hell, and cant go where we want to or once did FREELY.
      BUT may have to consider the demon’s offer for some help crossing over, and disappear into the Great WHITE North wilderness…..

  • This is what I call first rate investigative journalism!

  • We may have to build a Northern wall so they don’t come back.

    • We Canadians need to build an even bigger wall to keep the creeps out in the first place.

    • Jewmerica is pissed that they are losing control of the government to a man who dont need their money.

  • And of course he will do that purely out the goodness of his heart.

  • It is a total disconnect to call others “Israel-firsters”, when your own man is the preeminent Israeli-firster.

    • We shall see about that… I know Trump has made a number of pro-Israel statements, but I’d like to see how he handles himself as president. See links above re: foreign policy – he openly said that he thinks Israel should pay for their own defense. I need more clarity on it, but an interesting statement nevertheless.

  • Another great zionist scam. There’s never an end to the scams that they conjure up.

  • Plenty of gentiles are willing to bring people to Canada in the back of their pick up trucks and at no charge.

  • Hang the 911 dancing jews on national TV!
    Vote for TRUMP to send the 911 criminals in the US government to the HANGMAN !!!

  • Personally, as another Canadian, only NOT Khazarian or AshkeNAZI, but enjoys reading about the Great One that these control freaks like Jay (maybe he’s a Toronto Blue Jay… certainly a blue hair… DUH) never miss a heartbeat comparing everyone they don’t like to… correct, Hitler The Great One.
    As far as I’m concerned, Jay should go back to USA because there are MANY here who got real upset at our former Prime Minister King Steve Harper when he mentioned publicly that CANADA is a Great Friend and protector and supporter of Israel. — I can still hear the screams of multitudes, yelling at Harper to SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! (Our current PM recalled ALL our troops back to Canada, just to show how much we should support these warmongers) I’m sure there are many Canadians as brainwashed as Americans who believe any so-called, self-styled Jew should be friends of Canada, but sadly they’re part of the problem as they turn their eyes and ears away from the Palestinians who are systematically slaughtered even worse than farm animals to insane ratios such as 500:1 (1 Jew is killed, so 500 Palestinians must DIE as payback). To prove the point, please watch on YouTube – — starting at 1:11:40, the short speech by Norman Finkelstein, which is MOST riveting. Listening to what he says, you can then easily compare exactly WHO is most like Hitler, even though Hitler wasn’t even remotely close to all the garbage propaganda we’ve had rammed down our throats since mid elementary school when the History Propaganda Books are introduced to commence a child’s introduction to brainwashing.

    I guess maybe I’m rambling a bit, but if you have the ability to think critically and DO research to find out what REALLY went down during Hitler’s Germany, you quickly find out the Holocaust was against Germany, not the false Jews that Christ mentions in Scripture, calling them the synagogue of satan and also LIARS, which they truly are, about EVERYTHING. (March 24, 1933 in ALL newspapers, front page… “JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY!” — Cripes, Adolph hadn’t even been in office for two months and already Jews are declaring WAR? Except it’s NEVER Jews who go to war… they get all us SUCKERS to fight their battles for them. Totally disgusting, and they should all be charged with treason and quickly HUNG from trees and lampposts!) Hence why many Canadians fell off their chairs while puking, when Harper said how much Canadians love Israel. Pathetic. Of course Canada is similar to Europe in that Jews have created laws here similar to that you cannot criticize them.
    But, things are changing all the time, and this is why you see dozens of new films and documentaries (every week) of Jews targeting the same old bullcrap lies from the past, as if they still apply like they foisted on the world PRIOR to the Internet, when FINALLY Mankind had a medium by which we could expose these cretins for who they REALLY are.

    If I had my way, I’d have them ALL rounded up and sent back to israel, even if they were born elsewhere. From how they always talk about Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel… so fine then, GO THERE and leave us be, so we can learn to have PEACE for once in our lives.

    Better yet, deposit all 14 million or whatever of them on some remote, lifeless, south pacific island. Let them have that place to live and thrive. Before long, they will have killed each other off via trying to force the weaker ones to be the fat cat’s slaves. Which would never work, as ALL of them are allergic to any form of WORK. They need Gentiles, else they’d just go extinct.

    I’ve said way more than I had planned, but could keep on for many more pages. You get the idea. Give Palestine back to it’s rightful owners, and kick the Swarthy Eagle Beaks out. Fend for yourselves, or expire. You choose. No one will be handing you BILLION$ anymore…. can you imagine.

    I hope Trump wins, and I hope he cuts them off of all those undeserved Billion$, never getting a plugged nickel of value in return (unless you figure their involvement of the master plan to knock the towers down as something of any value). Then stop the practice of Usury, and then do what Hitler did and wipe out ALL Debt, which has enslaved us since 1913, when stupid Woodrow Wilson shafted everyone and GAVE these swine carte blanche to screw us all. Just THINK of all the cash we give them, and for WHAT? Figs barely grow on trees there anymore, and that’s IT so far as having anything to trade… UNLESS you’re in the market for young boys and girls to USE as sex toys (killing them if they don’t measure up to a good, obedient sex object). It’s just SOOO disgusting, the world should decimate them in protest! Time for Tel Aviv nd other cities to experience first hand a thousand volleys of White Phosphorous! Give them a taste of what they do to Palestinians often, to see if those who survive will continue to keep their mouths shut… Oh yeah and who was it that stated about Palestinians (yeah it was Trump at AIPAC) being taught to HATE Jews? Check this video also, SEE and hear exactly who is taught to HATE and want to kill the other: —- “Israeli kids taught to kill and hate” – Noah Cohen
    Here’s one more: “Teaching Israeli Children to Hate Palestinians” at – –

    So WHO is teaching their kids to KILL and HATE? Alright maybe both sides, but the VAST majority are from Israel hating Arabs, and the KILLING? So easy for Israel, like Norman said… Israel’s Hi-Tech Killing Machine… against rocks and twigs. Palestinaisn can’t even get suplies from Boats!! What sort of missiles do they use? None. The shells that land in Israel, which is mostly just another fabricated bare-faced LIE, are Israeli soldiers across the border lobbing Mortar fire into safe zones, so they can have a public excuse to kill another couple of thousand totally innocent, mainly KIDS! Jews are mentally very SICK, twisted, and really should be put in straight-jackets, and spend a few years in a rubber room…. wait, scratch that… no rubber… nice sharp protrusions on the walls… may as well make it interesting, since they LOVE spilling blood so much. Let it be their own for a change!

    I vote for making America GREAT AGAIN! Trump 2016!! This won’t help Canada very much if all those criminal, money grubbing warmongers land here, and try to do to us what they’ve done to America. I can see a revolution. They won’t have ANYWHERE to go, as all countries will tell them NOT HERE you don’t. Like it was in past.. when Jews were booted out of all countries. Let’s maintain that trend and maybe they’ll go live on the moon, being the first ones to get there. Surely, they can afford it after robbing the whole planet for centuries!

    Of course, since there is no moon as in Planet.. just a lighted Disc in the sky, same size as the sun that circle over our Plane Earth (correct, I said Plane not Planet), and we can’t even get into space due to the permanent barrier called the Firmament… I guess we’re all stuck together. But, they could still find some remote part of the world, teaming with WILDlife, as they are a WILD people. I wish they’d all move where no other men will travel or want to be.

    Okay, I’m finally done.

    • Four toes, – VERY well said!

    • Four Toes, you nailed it perfectly, square on the head. I couldn’t have posted it any better. Great job! 3 Cheers, a 21-Gun Salute and a dozen High-Fives coming your way.
      Enjoy. 😉

  • I wonder how many Shekels he is charging for the service?

  • We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get “sucked into” the emotional vortex of “Presidential campaign” theatrics. They are still staged by a controlled media. Trump’s most crucial significance is that he has called out the “mainstream” media as liars. The logical implication of that statement must be that most (or all) of the ongoing media narratives, and especially the global “terrorist threat” are also LIES. Trump needs to be held to the logic of his own assertions about the corruption and falsehood of the Media and its owners.

  • Good…….. all the free loading deems will finally leave. Problem is if Canada finds out about this, they might put up a wall to prevent the hand outs of America from draining their own country. As far as the Jews are concerned I don’t think they will be missed.

  • Can’t roll back the tidal wave of like perfidy@

  • I love the constant comparison of anyone the “left” doesn’t like to Hitler. The only problem is that Hitler supposedly died over 70 years ago. Most Americans alive today only know Hitler as “some guy who killed people” – probably in the Middle East. Maybe Iraq. Time for a new villan?

  • Overtaxed American

    You need to post this in Spanish so all the Central Americans who are in the United States ILLEGALLY so they can join you up there.

  • Can’t roll back the tidal wave of kike perfidy!

  • Four Toes tells it very well, but i won’t be as long winded. For this Canadian, there is one country that Rosenthal should immediately immigrate to – ISRAEL! And please stay there Jay with your fellow subversive liars.

  • So if Trump is elected jews will leave the US – great! I was already going to vote for Trump but with this news I’ll probably register my cats and have them also cast their votes for Trump.

  • Midnight Dumper

    A much more useful service would be one that provides guidance to Americans wishing to emigrate and renounce after the vile, loathsome, odious hillary is elected in November.

    Where to go? Canada is unsuitable. The country is pretty and civilized, and the people are friendly, but the government has taken away the right to free speech; and we yanks have grown fond of that (even though there is no evidence of that right in our main-stream media). Besides, Canadians just elected a retard as Prime Minister.

    The mere fact that such a repugnant creature could even be considered for the highest office in the US is an indication that the USA is no longer America.

  • The mere fact that the entire Democratic and Republican Parties, the entire mainstream media, the entire population of illegal immigrants, and the entire group of people living on government hand outs are against and rallying to stop Donald Trump should prove to anyone with a half a brain, that he’s the right choice and the right man for the Presidency.

    It’s pretty clear that only the people who live out of the trough of the government are against the change. That speaks enormous volumes!

    Sadly, the American public are deaf and dumb.

  • I hope a bunch of schwartzers show up at the dick’s house