Meet the greedy, subversive Jew behind N.W.A.

Tablet, the respectable online Jewish magazine focusing on a variety of topics pertaining to the Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel, recently published an incredibly revealing article focusing on Jerry Heller, the greedy, subversive Jewish manager of the notorious gansta rap group N.W.A. – an abbreviation of Niggaz Wit Attitudes.

In the article, it is revealed Heller is a typical Jewish shyster, accused of financially exploiting and stealing from the reprehensible rap group following their rise to stardom thanks in large measure to their promotion by the Jewish-controlled pop culture industry. Straight Outta Compton, a heavily hyped movie named after the 1988 album that led to the rap group’s widespread popularity, is set to debut this weekend. The movie is based on the real life story of the repugnant and entirely destructive rap group.

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A biopic of the pioneering rap group N.W.A opens in theaters across the country this weekend. Titled Straight Outta Compton, after the name of the group’s iconic 1988 album, the film portrays the life and rhymes of the hip-hop collective—members Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and MC Ren—including the relationships between the members, their massive success, and the group’s ultimate disbanding. Jerry Heller is the Jewish music manager and mastermind behind the group that inspired a gangsta rap movement, and coined the phrase “Fuck Tha Police,” which became their anthem. Heller plays a central—but certainly not flattering—role in the N.W.A story. He propelled the group to fame and fortune, however he is also, in some circles, believed to have swindled money out of the group by taking advantage of their success. […]

Heller first got involved with the burgeoning California gangsta rap scene in 1987. Before this he had had moderate success as a road manager, arranging the transportation of rock ‘n’ roll stars to and from their concert venues. However, his career never quite took off—that is, not until he met Eric “Eazy-E” Wright when he was in his forties […]

Heller became N.W.A’s manager, and the group subsequently enjoyed the success of six platinum records while becoming a cultural phenomenon. Out of all the members of N.W.A, Heller had a particularly close relationship with Eazy-E, who saw Heller as a father figure. However, it was the close nature of this relationship that eventually contributed to the souring of Heller’s relationship with N.W.A. Eazy-E and N.W.A began to suspect Heller of financial impropriety—taking percentages of the group’s earnings that weren’t rightfully he is. For the rappers, this was tantamount to betrayal. […]

I have an honest question: is there any subversive, destructive social and/or cultural phenomenon (let alone economic or political) that is not led and promoted by Jews? I seriously cannot think of any.

Every subversive, disgusting, and unnatural social and/or cultural phenomenon we see in our world today – “homosexual rights”, “gay marriage”, transgenderism, feminism, multiculturalism, mass immigration, anti-racism, sickening pop culture, excessive hedonism and materialism, degenerate music, etc. – is a direct result of Jewish instigation, promotion, and organization. We need to understand that basic fact. Incredibly, the Jews often openly admit these hidden truths in their own newspapers, magazines, and other publications.

Lenon Honor, an insightful and honorable Black author and researcher who has appeared on The Realist Report on two separate occasions (MP3s are here and here), has produced a series of videos critically analyzing N.W.A. and the movie that is set to be released this weekend promoting this disgusting rap group. The video series is worth watching, in my opinion, even if you don’t entirely agree with all of the statements made and opinions offered by Lenon (which I most certainly do not).


  • In a short time I was made more thoughtful than ever by my slowly rising insight into the type of activity carried on by the Jews in certain fields. Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike! What had to be reckoned heavily against the Jews in my eyes was when I became acquainted with their activity in the press, art, literature, and the theater.”…

    It was terrible, but not to be overlooked, that precisely the Jew, in tremendous numbers, seemed chosen by Nature for this shameful calling. I now began to examine carefully the names of all the creators of unclean products in public artistic life. The result was less and less favorable for my previous attitude toward the Jews. Regardless how my sentiment might resist, my reason was forced to draw its conclusions. The fact that nine-tenths of all literary filth, artistic trash, and theatrical idiocy can be set to the account of a people, constituting hardly one one-hundredth of all the country’s inhabitants, could simply not be talked away; it was the plain truth….”

    Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, Chapter II

    Descent black people should understand how right Hitler was about Jews. The Jew is no friend of theirs

    • That it is static, it is less like life. The incarcerating structures of cities and the laws of property and office which govern them have become, and perhaps always tend to be in favor of the morbid. The forms of cities ensure cover for corruption. Inside the core of such places, centralized control is the norm. Those on the periphery are exploited. It is the natural habitat of anyone best suited for such exploits. Those who feed symbiotically on such tyranny need only make up a small percentage of the population, and should be proportional to the controllers as they are to the populace. That niche existed and always existed in this urbanized human habitat. It was perhaps never before seen that an entire group was so well suited to it. But naturally such an inevitability was prompted by opportunity and capability, something nature combines with seeming malevolent caprice. And in the worst case scenario, the parasitic entity has evolved hand in hand with cultural experience in adaptation, technological and economic reinforcement, and the deadly corruption wrought so much more intensely through these assists.

      And there is no systematic recourse now, as it would seem the masses are zombies through cultural, chemical, and psychotronic conditioning, and their controllers are 4th and 5th generation evil-doers at the core, and those on the periphery are faithful ghouls.

    • That’s exactly right, Tim … Adolf Hitler saw the degeneracy that had overtaken Berlin in the 1920’s, following the end of WWI, when Jews opened up strip clubs and hired young German women as dancers and strippers.
      Jews have done the same here in the USSA …. by first, opening strip clubs in cities such as New York, Miami, Chicago, etc.; then, taking control of the motion picture industry.
      By the 21st Century, Jews had stuck their slimy hands into all phases of entertainment, including the music industry. They’re definitely behind the Rap “music” that’s been around for a few decades now and growing more filthy and violent.

  • I believe Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf, something like…’if you dig down deep enough you will find a jew at the bottom.’

  • It is true. If you really check deep enough into almost every subversive, hedonistic, or into organizations forcing “diversity” on us, you will discover that the leader/organizer of these groups are Jewish. Why? Do they think that people will not discover them or do they think they have such a hold on the U.S. that they can blatantly do what the wish and never worry about a backlash? Of course, not all Jews are in this cabal; in fact, most or not. They are, however, representative of such filth and their numbers in these enterprises greatly exceed their percentage of population. Their actions here (and elsewhere) are beginning to affect attitudes on Israel and that is why Israel must do what they can to round up their tribesmen and set them straight or else.

    • This, in a nutshell, is how powerful they are;

      As they did with what was a decent Christian/Muslim nation, (Russia), they have done here. Our “statesmen” have set up “auto-deposit” for their 30 pieces of silver each payday, our military has been culled of any patriots and replaced with swine the likes of W. Clarke, our law-enforcement lives only to act out their wicked fantasies under color of law. Only a few more pieces need be set in place, (via D.H.S.), they have graduated their first few classes of the young and impressionable, (recall those who slaughtered +/- 60,000 unarmed German Christian men, women and children in Danzig, CHEKA Jewish “youth groups”?), as “first responders”. These armed/young toadies will begin the culling in earnest of those deemed “useless eaters” by the only demon-in-the-flesh ever verified; H. Kissinger. One major difference, where Russia/Germany Eastern Europe chaffed under their Talmudic nightmare this “mutt” culture basks in it.

    • absolutely correct

  • The Jewish Daily Forward has a story this morning on the newly released N.W.A. movie and its depiction of the conniving, despicable Jew, Jerry Heller. The article is entitled, “Does ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Have a Jewish Problem,” and laments the fact that Heller is depicted as the typical shyster Jewish manipulator he was in real live:

    “Straight Outta Compton,” which opens Fridays in theaters, tells the story of rap group N.W.A (N——z With Attitude) beginning in the mid 1980s, when N.W.A. was just a group of black teenagers that grappled with parents, police, and violence in Compton, California.

    The biopic follows Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren and the music that reflected their lives on the streets of Compton, 20 miles outside of Los Angeles.

    As the group gets bigger, they attract the attention of Jewish music manager Jerry Heller, played by Paul Giamatti (in an alarmingly white wig).

    Predictably, the music executive ends up stealing money from his downtrodden clients. The conflict eventually results in Ice Cube’s departure from the group to start his own career, effectively breaking up N.W.A for good. […]

    However, most critics of the movie gloss over the anti-Semitic undertones that come from a Jewish villain. True, you can’t gloss over facts. If Heller did in fact embezzle his clients money, it seems perfectly plausible to cast him as a villain. But do we need another stereotypically crooked Jewish showbiz persona for people to hate on? […]

    All in all, the movie seems to accomplish its main goal: to give a strong and honest portrayal of the rise and fall of one hip hop’s early icons. It’s just too bad that has to come at a price.

    I hope more and more people are starting to see the way in which the vast majority of Jews, and certainly the organized Jewish community, think and operate in the world. All of their activities, thoughts, and words center around the question: Is it good for the Jews? Is what they are doing, thinking, or saying good for the Jews, or is it harmful for the Jews? The truth, honor, decency, or dignity do not factor into the equation.

  • I couldn’t tell where your quotation marks began but after looking it up that last statement it is actually from Mein Kampf.

    How contemporary and meaningful if someone had said that today.

  • Spot on. It doesn’t stop. These so called Jews are the biggest threat to the world. It has gotten so blatant and its getting harder to miss every day. To any Black people out there I say this: don’t let the new owned media and your agenda driven race baiters like $harpton hoodwink you. These filthy liars now wind up Americans and point them to wherever they need. You are made to think that white people are your enemy. Please realize who is behind it all. For Gods sakes, throughout history the so called news have been run out of over a hundred counties! Model citizens do not get chased. We must recognize our true enemy and end their grip on how we are made to think. I don’t mean kill them but jail the crooks and ban them from any position that enables control. These creatures prevent peace and prosperity. I hope people wake up soon!

  • Hitler was right.

  • What is puzzling here is the incontrovertible fact, that Jews played a major role in American popular music with George Gershwin, Jerome Kern or Richard Rogers to name ony a few. These men wrote great stuff, not to forget their immeasurable influence on Jazz music, which since blacks have taken over has for all intents and purposes died. I am sure Jewish musical icons like Leonard Bernstein and/or Benny Goodman are turning in their graves at what is happening today. Gerard Frederick

  • Jerry Heller is the same pig who stole money and dissolved the music label Death Row. Anything touched by his ilk is destroyed or corrupted.

  • Here’s an account that really unpacks the rise of gansta rap:

    “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation”

    Connect the dots from here.

  • Here are some lyrics from a Michael Jackson song

    Jackson had just released an album, featuring the song “They Don’t Care About Us,” including the lyrics “Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me.”

    Blacks are racially aware (particularly about Jews), but never the less, we should do all we can to leverage the multiculturalism the Jews have so generously forced on us by letting any and all blacks leaders know about articles like this one. The Jews love to get others fighting. Take a page from their playbook. Let’s get the blacks fighting with the Jews. See how the Jew likes it

  • Anyone surprised Straight Outta Compton netted $56.1 million dollars this weekend, making it the most popular recently released movie?

  • Little more than a generation before NWA emerged from Compton a very different musical giant was born “Straight Outta Compton.” That other musical giant was “The Beach Boys” that were certainly very talented group but unlike NWA offered no destructive advantage against the larger society. This drastic change was in such a short span of time was just one example of the pervasive “psychological operations” that continues to be waged on all aspects of society to this very day.

  • Jim in Zionist Occupied Amerika

    Forget Obama. The REAL HOPE is when random people can completely agree on what they see in plain view. JEWS and the social-cultural cancers they spread. Not just seeing but, calling out BY NAME this parasitical race.

    One commenter pointed out the Jewish musicians who (long time ago) did make positive contributions in music. That was in a very different America and that America was not afraid to keep Jews under control. Jews are like botox, mold, and snake venom. A tiny bit (handled under tightly controlled conditions) can yield a positive result. Let botox, mold, snake venom, and JEWS do what they want, and you’ll get death and disease.

    Yes, Hitler was right after all.


    hitler was right

    do we need another holocaust?

    • There never was a real “Holocaust” lissa. Jews just need to be recognized as the hostile, parasitical people they are, and excluded from our society – they have a Jewish state, and they should all be deported there.

  • WOW Jerry Heller was Just A Road Manager When He Met Eazy E …..!!!! – Damn. He Was Scheming + Plotting …….!!!!