Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe


  • Good topic– horrifying realities… absurd wrecking of Europe. I considered the history of Muslim invasions of Europe and this isn’t the first time. What kind of military and government do we have? Who are they? They’re “white” but they’re destroying Europe. How is this explainable?

  • What countless invasions failed to accomplish in over 4,000 years of known history… you are now witnessing this irreparable change right before your eyes-the White Race being bred out and the end of European Civilization.

  • Joe Stolen-Fields

    What kind of people owned the ships that brought African slaves to America? And who controlled the business of the African slave trade?
    I suppose it was the same that changed Aztec, Incan, & Mayan gold into Spanish money after the Conquest of the Americas.
    Do you think they controlled the Opium trade that enslaved China?
    Who is responsible for Wall Street & the World’s economy?
    Who dictates which nations will rise & fall?
    Who pumps filth thru the media to target the youth? Movies, television, & music full of violence and perversion.
    Who runs the diamond business? Metals, minerals from Africa.
    Can one group of “people” actually be responsible for these and probably thousands more atrocities against humanity?
    Thru banks, big business, & govt corruption, all of Latin America has been destroyed. Rich in resources but raped by evil business practices, Mexicans & Central Americans have been forced to leave their homes for survival. Families split, some to never see each other again.
    A mysterious, violent group rises in the Middle East called ISIS, seizing towns, slaughtering innocent families, and destroying historical places. And now it will be 100,000+ “Syrian refugees” being pumped into Europe. Peoples’ lands turned into living hells, forcing them to leave to America or Europe… where “White” people live. How can I argue against the theory of a “White Genocide”? Blacks & Browns can be controlled. Asia/India will have the science, tech, & med handled… but who will control the money?

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    It seems that all of planet Earth is in trouble. This website is basically for whites only. I’m Mexican-American. I come in peace! I’ve been on this site for a few months now. Although I’m not “white”, I understand the dire feelings many of you must be feeling. It does seem that slowly, over a few thousand years whites have been getting used by a certain group of people, by doing all the dirty work while they profit.
    The western European people cannot handle this alone. I know many of you hate foreigners, but all of us have been conquered, murdered, raped, burned, abused, & lied to. When you peel back all layers & even follow the money, you’ll see that a certain group of people has sat in the shadows while western whites took the hit of being history’s racist race. All people used & abused into eternally hating eachother… except one.

    The devastation that has (& will) happened is because of evil. Something on another level. This is due to a small group of people with a blood line that connects to the demons that arrived in Lebanon many thousands of years ago. That is why they separate themselves from all others. They are of the Line of Cain, son of Satan.

    We’re all being driven against each other while one group laughs, profits, & pulls the victim card when it suits.

    On behalf of peaceful “colored” people, who are tired of Earth’s suffering, I extend an olive branch to “whites” at the very least we can start a dialogue to find a way to fix Earth’s #1 problem. Heck, maybe after we can live peacefully apart or together. Split up lands in peace. It’s far fetched, I know. But I wasn’t sent here to sit & watch our beautiful planet & it’s inhabitants get destroyed.
    If God is Love, then what is Evil & Satan’s children?
    Peace to you fellow Goyim! I’ve started speaking for you “whites” to those “colored” that will listen. Because if true, once you’re gone, the rest of us literally get enslaved.
    So I guess this is the Revolution.
    And thank you to Mr. John Friend. Hang in there. Be brave!