Ken O’Keefe – 9/11, Global War on Terror, Jewish Supremacy & Donald Trump

On Tuesday, March 8, I interviewed Ken O’Keefe, an internationally renowned anti-war activist and San Diego native, at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California. We discussed a number of topics, including 9/11, the fraudulent “Global War on Terror,” Jewish power and influence in America, the immigration crisis in the West, Donald Trump, and related matters. You can watch the entire video interview series in the playlist below.

You can find each of the individual videos on my YouTube channel, which I hope you’ll subscribe to. I am still figuring out all of the details with the new camera I recently purchased. One thing is clear: the camera records extremely high quality video footage!

I’ll be doing more of these video interviews in the future, and then making them into a playlist on YouTube. When I was in Washington, D.C. this past weekend, I conducted video interviews with Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Pete Papaherakles. I created playlists for both of those interviews, which you can find on my YouTube channel as well. Of course, I will post all of the videos I make here, too.

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Let me know what you think of the interview with Ken in the comments below, and stay tuned for more video interviews in the near future!

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  • John you are doing a great job with your videos….

    Jim Rizoli

  • Mr. O’Keefe is obviously an intelligent, astute, and passionate man who sees clearly the situation in the world of political dynamics and who cares deeply for all people. I share his frustration and anger, like a lot of us do. Mr. O’Keefe is a theologian at heart…and with a kind of George Carlin Irish passion for Truth and Justice…and Love…is representative of the ideals good people of the World share. The battle for us is between Good and Evil.
    I am a bit less harsh on Mr. Trump than Mr. O’Keefe…I think Donald Trump will adapt…and is not afraid of changing course with new ‘winds’ of information; under the casual facade is a compassionate man. Mr. Trump is dynamic…not static like the others who are trying to take his nomination away from from the people of America. Afterall, he is not a politician….he’s an American businessman…but, a smart one. Yes, there may be a better person out there to lead America but unless you have enormous wealth you’re not even on the ballot.
    I have looked at the world’s situation from many perspectives, as Mr. O’Keefe has….mine began as a 19 year old combat infantryman in ‘Nam. I later realized how I was used and wrung out like a sponge by the war mongering elites. Now, I see the same scenario played out over and over….doesn’t anyone read history? They don’t teach it in school, so you have to find it elsewhere…just not part of ‘core curriculum’ indoctrination.
    Fight on Mr. O’Keefe! We share your passion. I believe, however, that in the end Christ’s Words and Biblical Revelations will unfold…and indeed, are unfolding now.

  • ditto Jim R; I stay tuned to your & brother Joe’s YT channels (I hit the “spam filter” here; copy/paste all links):

    I’ve seen all of your “Extraordinary Revisionists” interviews above, and ended up watching many of the older videos at RizoliTV1 documenting your years-long battle with your community-access cable channel over your former weekly holohoax truth dissemination programs there, which your community jooz were kvetching was causing them trauma, lolz! 😀

    Readers here can catch Jim R’s recent (entire) Red Ice interview, 2hr 6m:

    John & everyone, don’t miss Hadding Scott’s 2-part critique of Mark Weber’s Holocaustianity™, based on Jim R’s recent interview with Weber:

    Thanks Jim for holding Squishy’s feet to the fire in that interview. :) Readers can find that Rizoli/Weber interview at either of the YT channels linked above.

  • John Friend and Ken O’Keefe, witnesses for Christ. Amen.

  • I admire Ken O’Keefe, a man who stands on principle. Not easy to do.

  • This veteran (Navy EOD) was hoping to hear some discussion by Ken O’Keefe on how We the People organize to take back the country. Perhaps since he is no longer a citizen he isn’t concerned about taking by America state by state. Certainly the traitors in WDC and our Military-Industrial Complex (yes, that’s you tools in the Army and National Guard who the Sheeple keeping ignorantly shouting “Support Our Troops” when they should be shouting “Troops, honor your oath of office to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies in WDC and help us restore the republic), and the para-military police-state apparatus financed by WDC is not an option. As you know, JF, my congressional campaign is about organizing and revitalizing duly authorized, constitutional State Militias. They were suppressed in 1903 in preparation for the global agenda of enslavement by use of bloody wars financed by the anti-Christian Money Lenders to kill off 200,000,000+ Christians. The Tribe and their god, Satan, know it is easier to kill billions than control them. Temporally speaking, unless someone has a better idea, the only process for putting the power back into the hands of We The People is through the “well regulated Militia(s)” so the People can cleanse the temple of the Usurers. No more Money Lenders (the Fed) and no more IRS. That’s what my campaign for Congress is about. I’m willing to put my life on the line. For those who are not, at least support Landholt for Congress and “help me, help you” restore the Constitution in your State. Serious patriots need to use me and my campaign to restore citizen representation in Congress, economic freedom (from Usury, i.e., no Fed or IRS), self-governance and individual sovereignty. See my FB page. Take this message to social media and help it go viral.

  • Testimony of Former CIA and commercial pilot John Lear on the physical impossibility of Boeing 767 airliners crashing into the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors.

    Includes link to 41 minute documentary.
    Retired Expert Pilot John Lear – No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11:

  • Totally true: population conditioned and trained on image worship gets an ego-maniac for a leader, that is just one step above murderous psychopath. I am sorry but organized religion is the culprit of this conditioning that poisoned people’s reasoning faculties so that they may fall not for a leader but for the one who only looks like a leader by the amount of words he/she puts out, by mentioning verbally what we want to hear, while crossing fingers behind his back. Our Ancestors were so much smarter than we are today-they were not having this nonsense of semantic idiocy-they knew who is who by inner means, perceived without words. They stood upon Earth, and were connected to it with all of their beings. Christianity changed all that-and a destiny of species. 2000 of Jesus filtered out these smart people of few words-and what we are now are dumb people of many words, killing ourselves. All messianic crap religions are responsible, not but Christianity-and all messianic religions are playing into the hands of Jews, we are too blinded by words and images to see it.

  • In one of his videos O’keefe says he is ashamed to be white. Apparently he is a self-hating white.

  • The jewish zionist Israeli Mossad committed the 911 attacks. They have bankru0tef the USA treasury, the jews are responsible for the $21 trillion US debt, that now every american must pay, the dollar is worthless, and the country has no gold reserves, now the Jewish controlled Fed, is planning to confiscate our savings, pensions, and stealing the Social security funds. Aand now the pentagons budget goes to Israel, and fighting wars for greater israel. The zionist owned america.

  • Awaken to Reality – Ken O’Keefe & Vinny Eastwood – 01 / 12 / 2016

  • I have already been dismayed at the response to Trumps election on the Alternative media. Veterans Today is way beyond the realms of hate generated by the NYT and Wash Post. Rense is already getting cold feet, while some of the stuff on Republic Broadcasting is disgusting, all of them appear to be onboard with the Oscar bunch.

    I have not watched your video with O’Keefe but I see a commenter has suggested that he too is against Trump.
    If this is the attitude to a man whom is doing exactly what he said he would do and while implying that he ‘may’ do some things which could be called regrettable he ‘may’ change his mind.
    I am at a loss to understand what all of these folk want. The entire world is against Trump apart from the real people, the ordinary folk, the real American Heroes, with people like this on his side he can do it.
    Who needs worry about ‘trannies’ and ‘feminists’ and an inward looking clique of opinionated inter-connected, moaners who fail to understand what is being done to Trump behind our backs. Before we even mention the BLM and CNN.