Jones Battles Duke

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On August 18, popular Internet powerhouse Alexander Emerick “Alex” Jones and Euro-American rights activist Dr. David Ernest Duke squared off in what will eventually be recognized as one of the most important debates in the history of alternative media.

Jones is the colorful and popular radio host and founder of He is perhaps best known for his bombastic criticisms of the global power elite, warnings of an impending New World Order (NWO) and global government, and exposure of government corruption. He is arguably the most influential figure in the entire alternative media. He has built a media empire centered around his syndicated talk radio program and news website and has produced countless documentaries over the years covering a wide range of issues ranging from the dangers of vaccines to a thorough investigation of President Barack Hussein Obama.

In recent years, Jones has expanded his operation to include a nightly television news program—“Infowars Nightly News”—as well as a monthly magazine called Infowars Magazine.

Following his rise to prominence in the alternative media, American patriots and dissidents have criticized Jones for obfuscating the true nature of the much ballyhooed NWO, a theme he has popularized and mainstreamed over the years, along with the actual forces comprising the global power elite. Critics of Jones argue he has obscured and concealed critical information about the global ruling elite and their international agenda of world domination.

On multiple occasions, callers to the Alex Jones Show have pointed out the pro-Zionist origins of the NWO agenda, which is commonly understood as global government and the destruction of national sovereignty. Additionally, critics have charged that Jones has failed to identify pro-Israeli control over the American mass media, Hollywood and the banking and financial system as well as their domination of America electoral politics and foreign policy.

Jones very rarely discusses the overwhelming evidence pointing to Jewish and Israeli involvement in planning, orchestrating, covering up and eventually benefiting from the false flag attacks on 9-11, an event that has been central to the advancement of the NWO agenda he spends so much time railing against. In short, critics argue, Jones has deceived the millions of listeners who tune into his syndicated radio program as well as the millions of readers of his website by failing to openly and frankly confront the true nature of power in the world today.

Jones’s decision to invite Duke, the former congressman, radio host and best-selling author of My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding and Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question, came as a direct result of pressure from Internet activists challenging and criticizing Jones over his treatment of the Jewish question as well as other important topics.

During a live radio broadcast in the week prior to the debate, a caller to the Alex Jones Show mentioned the important work of Duke and other pro-white activists and spokesmen. Jones responded by indicating his staff would contact Duke and invite him on Jones’s program for a debate.

Duke wasted no time in accepting the challenge, viewing the debate as a prime opportunity to expose the true nature of the NWO agenda and the global power elite to millions of new listeners. And that is exactly what he did.

Duke performed well throughout the debate, remaining calm and composed, sticking to his primary message: A group of Jewish supremacists dominating America and the wider Western world are waging war against the European peoples, their nation-states, and indeed all of humanity.

“I came on his show at his own invitation to have an intellectual discussion on the world’s greatest problem, the globalist war on humanity, a war being waged on behalf of a small tyrannical tribal elite,” Duke explained in an official statement following the debate. “The driving force behind the New World Order and globalism is the Jewish tribal elite.”

Duke added: “If you watch this debate I believe you will see that I made my points with facts and heartfelt concern for true human rights and justice. What I did on the show was prove the identity of the real tribal racist supremacists who sit at the pinnacle of power. I used their own leaders’ words to prove it.”

Throughout the debate, Duke cited a wide array of Jewish and Zionist sources to hammer home his message regarding Jewish supremacy and tyranny over the Western world. Incredibly, Jewish journalists, authors and activists often admit and boast about Jewish power and influence in the world, openly admitting and explaining their agenda, which dovetails perfectly with the traditional view of the New World Order—global government, ending of national sovereignty and a destruction of all racial and ethnic identities (except, of course, for Jewish ethnic identity).

Following the debate, which lasted for roughly two hours, Jones released a highly edited, 14-minute YouTube video on his official YouTube channel, which he quickly deleted following the overwhelming support for Duke during and after the debate. Other YouTube users have uploaded the entire two-hour debate, and the audio version of the discussion is available in many places on the Internet.

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  • Full transcript of the Aug 18, 2015 debate between David Duke and Alex Jones, now available as a PDF.

    David Duke makes the case that organized jewry is the power behind the on-going destruction of White countries around the world.

    Alex Jones talks in generalities, “apple pie and motherhood” stuff and attempts to dismiss the role of jews.

    Alex Jones Debates David Duke 20150818 Full Interview — TRANSCRIPT

  • Dr Duke wins this round.
    Dr Duke and Don Black will not comment about Freemasonry. I asked Dr Duke about blood oaths 2 years ago (KKK?), never got a response. I joined Prison Planet 4 years ago, bought some shirts. After 8 months, I quit after doing some intensive reading about historical Zionism, bloodlines of the Jews, the “power of the purse”, and what happens to nations after a “Jewish” majority assumes control. Now, I suspect the Pope ( a Jesuit; Jesuits take blood oaths similar to Freemasons) who periodically flashes Masonic hand signs is involved. Secret Societies and Nobility have been with us a long time. Something is hiding within Illuminism, (modern name “Moriah”-as in Moriah the all conquering wind), and I’m not convinced it is entirely human. The origins of what is means to be “human” should be of paramount importance to all Realists…I guess we can only know what has been revealed.

  • Subject: Zio Rats Stabbed America in the Back on 9/11 | INCOG MAN

    Want to know why Jews have the influence that they have?
    The clues run all through their Bible.
    The only way this is to be overcome is with the help of benevolent extraterrestrial beings. Man is not the only being in this galaxy nor is he by far the most advanced.
    You have to fight fire with fire.
    There is a time in the very near future when men on Earth will face an event horizon similar to the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
    In the New Testament what is known as the Holy Ghost is referred to often yet few regular Christians have ever experience this energy and felt its power. Full Gospel Christians experience this but they do not understand it.
    It is real. And benevolent aliens are real.
    The world is headed towards nuclear annihilation if events proceed as they are.
    You will have to prepare for a new realization of what your place in the Cosmos is or have your world be another barren Mars or Moon Landscape.
    Laugh if you want but this is your only solution believe it or not.




    Creed is belief, conviction, conscience, etc.

    You got fired for your creed that you practiced away from the workplace. It means anyone can be denied a job over ideology or conviction. This is PCCarthyism. It must be challenged.

    Your right of creed has been violated. You are dismissed and discriminated on the basis of creed. the freedom of which is protected by the Constitution.

  • Jones is backed by iheartradio (formerly Clear Channel) which has long been run by Zionist Jews … so he can mouth off all day about the globalist agenda and NWO or whatever but he knows that one word edgewise against Israel will result in a reprimand or worse from the higher ups …

  • Whose running things…today as way back when?

    First century BC, the Greek writer Strabo commented: “The Jews have penetrated every country, so that it is difficult to find any place in the world where their tribe has not entered and become dominant.” Note those words: “There is no place where they have not become dominant.” The great geographer and historian Strabo was not the only scholar of the ancient world to make that observation about the Jews. The Jews became dominant by accumulating a substantial portion of the wealth of every country that they infiltrated. And they accumulated their wealth by collaborating with each other and preying on the host population. Their collaboration was based on their racial consciousness, on their conviction that they were a distinct and unique people, superior to the people among whom they lived and deserving of whatever they could take away from their hosts. The Jews in Rome did not think of themselves as Romans who happened to believe in Judaism, but as Jews who happened to live in Rome. And the same for every other country where they lived.


  • In fairness to Jones, I thought he gave a fair interview to Duke and gave Duke plenty of air time. It wasn’t done in a debate format but interview format, and I don’t know why so many people bashed Jones.

    Okay, the editing of the video was wrong, but the interview itself was pretty fair.

    • I agree with you – I thought Jones was pretty fair throughout, aside from the childish Klan jokes, which were just pathetic. He gave Dr. Duke a lot of time to make his points, and Dr. Duke certainly did just that!