John Friend Talks About The Jewish Question with Justin Garcia

I call in at the 1 hour 54 minute mark and stay on the line for about 1 hour. Check out The Pressure Project – they are doing some of the best podcasts I know of.

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  • Excellent. I have been listening to Master Chim since you first highlighted their work. I enjoy the perspective they have, but also found that they do not regularly address the JQ. This helps clarify their thoughts.

    Funny, there is another site that is trying to mimic Garcia’s efforts:

    But in that case, the guy immediately will cut your head off for bringing up the JQ. he quickly attacks anyone that brings it up. He’d rather fight like-minded white people than address the enemy.

    Another wannabe who shills for and protects the jew.

    He was recently featured on Radio3Fourteen and within minutes was bashing those who look at the jew. Lana never said a word.

    • Have to concur. We are all Woody Allen chaser now and neo Nazi losers.

      There are a number of them and you can see them all converging to be some sort leaders.

      Commie REDice, “Italian” Angelo Gage etc

  • @B’man

    That guy’s been around for years.

    That’s the guy “Rich” that used to do a show with “Keith” on Troof Militia. I hooked them up with John by leaving a message at John’s site to check them out when they first appeared on Charles Giuliani’s show 3 or 4 years ago. Later I found out he’s a follower of Ben Klassen & Matt Hale in the Creativity” faction of WN movements, the same one Craig Cobb, the guy who went on National TV, did a “23 & Me” test & found out he was 12% sub-Saharan African (lol).

    I don’t know what his political orientation is nowadays but I see he’s still bashing Libertarians. Those are not real Libertarians he’s bashing. The ONLY real libertarianism begins, as its very first step and principle, with repeal of all “group rights” that violate the individual, period, including civil rights. If forced segregation was wrong, then forced integration is equally wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. He should start by reading anarchist writers like Bakunin and Lysander Spooner instead:

    Vices Are Not Crimes: A Vindication of Moral Liberty – Lysander Spooner

    • (continued . . . )

      Lysander Spooner- No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority – Audio File

      Totally uncompromised libertarianism heads directly into anarchism, which means no “rulers,” but certianly NOT no “rules” (such as the non-INITIATED-aggression principle and IMMEDIATE and aggressive defense of this principle when it is violated being what every single kid learns from childhood up) or no leadership. No “leadership” is impossible anyway. There will always be someone who leads you in one skill or another, even if you’re the most educated and well-rounded person in the world. Each human being only has so much time to devote to certain activities and no more and has to rely on others who devoted their time to other activities he’s not as well-versed in. He leads them in what he’s good at. They lead him in what they’re good at. It’s called “division of labor,” it’s based on the ineuqality of all human beings, even identical twins, in all but their basic humanity, and without it, no modern economy would exist at all.

      I stopped promoting their show after that since I’m not a racialist, although I don’t ignore realities of racial differences either, but a cultural elitist, for individual and cultural sovereignty through totally unique individuals and through that method only, not democracy and suppression of individuals by lowest-common-denominator majorities manipulated by a few people in control of programming them, but tempered-but-never-compromised balance between the individuals and their tribe. I don’t define “tribe” racially but only culturally like Nietzsche and Schopenhauer did. If you’re Steve Jobs and you’re half-Syrian, I have nothing against you, whereas a racialist would, just because he’s half-Syrian. If you’re William Pierce and you dedicated your book to a serial killer of mixed-couples, then you have forsaken any honor you earned before, and you’re not “cool” with me at all. In my book anyway. Once a person goes over the line of honor and joins a lynch mob, they become worth very little to me, because even one really dis-honorable action will totally poison and destroy any other “good works” they might have done. The bathwater will start drowning the baby at that point.

  • A real martial artist can kill somebody with just one blow. My first cousin is a black-belt in Kung Fu and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. When he was 16 years old, he could break 4 bricks in half with one blow. Now imagine if that was your head. lol

    • Not that hitting somebody in the head would be advisable. Much too hard of a target. There are much easier ways of taking somebody out, far softer and vulnerable areas of the body, such as the spine, throat, etc. Humans are extremely fragile. That’s why they should be as tough as they can be physically, because even the toughest guy in the world is still a human being and therefore quite vulnerable if his mind or his ultimate weapon, isn’t sharp.

  • “It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” — Frederick Douglass

    Truer words have never been spoken. And the earlier you start, the better. Before 4 years old you can teach a kid how to speak 5 languages fluently with ease. My own eldest uncle spoke 8 languages fluently by the time he was 15 and he learned Russian, Armenian, Arabic, and French before he was 5 years old. The Russian and Armenian from his parents, and the Arabic and French, because growing up in Beirut in the 1920s, it was spoken all around him. He’s almost a hundred years old now and still has the energy of a 60 year old man. He could give that 90-plus-year-old Zan-Overall dude you have pasted on the right of your site with the “No More Wars for Israel” sign a run for his money, John. lol

    “The only simplicity to be trusted is the simplicity to be found at the far end of complexity.” — Alfred North Whitehead.

  • John , You make more sense every day, it just keeps building. Especially note the 2: 43 mark – some of ‘us’ have pulled back from this- Ramzpaul and John Angelo Gage seem to have thrown in the towel completely on the Jewish Question…Gage and Ramzpaul sound like they are embracing civic nationalism (although R Paul has a lot of contradictory trends going on in his mind). They say they are through with ‘white nationalism’ or anything resembling National Socialism. I think this occurred due to their disgust with the over-the- top crudeness of The Daily Stormer.

    We cannot get out of this box we are in unless we expose the lies of WW2, expose the predominant role of organized Jewry in the destruction of the West and white society. Gage and Paul think they can run away into the arms of a safer ‘Alt.Right’ and prevail, but treating symptoms and not the disease wont win the day. We must continue to talk about Jews, but the vulgar expressions of our disdain for the tribe and their agenda is what should end, not the critique itself. Unfortunately , Gage and Paul threw the baby out with the bathwater.