John Friend receives Free Speech Award

This past Saturday, I was honored to receive the Free Speech Award from the Foundation to Defend the First Amendment. The award was announced and presented to me at the Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute, an epic conference organized by American Free Press and hosted at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, D.C. Be sure to watch the entire Awards Ceremony in the YouTube video below, which was shot and uploaded by my good friend Jim Rizoli.


Merlin Miller of the American Eagle Party and Mark Anderson, a regular reporter for American Free Press, also received awards.


  • Congratulations!

  • Looks like some more of the good old boys BS. Any award for anything relating to informing humanity about the dangers we are in should go to David Icke or Jordan Maxwell, or Ernst Zundel or just about any body but this guy. This guy is just a shill who refuses to pin the tail on the donkey, i.e., the donkey is the Family Rothschild. What about Alex Jones, he might work for the enemy or he might not, still at least he gets the blood to boiling when he lets go with some truth. Actually, I don’t recall ever reading anything this guy has written or hearing anything he has said; in my book, this means he is a player. You see: if he isn’t making the sites I go to then he is playing somewhere I couldn’t care less about. The real game is all about the Rothschild and how that one family has been deciding world policy for two hundred years. If you don’t have the balls to go there then you are just a shill. What I hope is that John comes back at me raging, posting column after column of print that tears down the Rothschild facade and reveals the truth once and for all; sadly, I know this is not going to happen. All three of these guys look like they just ate the bird and they probably did. I know, people never get awards for telling the truth so this is just a gambit, watch out. Traficant, was for real and he paid for it, no awards there. Shame on you boys.

    • You obviously do not follow my website or journalistic activities closely, do you?

      One of the awards given was dedicated to Jim Traficant. The entire event was a Memorial Tribute to his legacy. Frankly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Is that supposed to be a joke? David Icke the reptilian buffoon. Alex ‘Jew wife’ Jones? LMAO. I know Johns too nice to tell you himself but you sir are a moron. John has been talking for years about the Jewish question, and that includes the Rothschilds.

      • John Friend’s hypocrisy is well known by many. Editor — people are entitled to an opinion without being called “moron” even if you don’t like their opinion.

        John is no friend of National Socialism; he bans all symbolism to it, justifying his actions with a bogus: the “American” way is best. I’m afraid you will have to change your avatar fuhrerious88 if you wish to post there. A bit like kosher Stormfront.

        Being jew-wise yet ignoring (and shouting down) the most successful anti-jew opposition movement (National Socialism) is a total joke.

  • Congrats, and many more awards to come, I’m sure.

    You come across well on video.

  • Congratulations John. The award is well deserved.

    Manofsteel sounds like a nasty Jew, boosting Alex Jones and David Icke, two impostors who never talk about Jews.

  • Congratulations Sir. You have earned the Free Speech Award. Your enemies keep attacking you because you are such a powerful
    communicator. To the enemy you are the most dangerous young man in America; public enemy number one.

    “Learn to smoke out your enemies, to spot them by the signs and patterns that reveal hostility. Then, once you have them in our sights, inwardly declare war.
    Your enemies can fill you with purpose and direction.”
    The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene.

  • Well done John, thoroughly deserved. I’m please that the movement is recognising all the great work you’ve done.

  • Very nice…you deserve it

  • Well done John, greatly deserved.

  • Good job, John!

  • Well, folks, if the Elite Media can have it’s “Poo-litzer Prize,” what wrong with a little genuine recognition for a job well done? In fact, the more I think about it, it is necessary to acknowledge those who work in the trenches. There are enough naysayers already!

  • John,

    I do apologize in advance for having to use your victorious (and rightly so) thread to gain attention to this matter, but I haven’t been able to link to the most relevant earlier posts on Ursula Haverbeck that you’ve made on this blog and I can’t navigate to them via your site as it stands. This is probably my fault, (haven’t found the right button?) but if you approve the comments I make, please can you re-post appropriately to this article?- Many thanks.

    I think you know me of old as I’m a long time supporter from when you first started and you must know that I have never made an essay like this before. -I just don’t do it. I leave it to you and others. However this time it has been an accumulation of issues recently that compels me to do this.

    (Please feel free not to post, I honestly won’t be offended as I know this will be a long one), but if you think what I have to say has merit, please bare with me.

    The issue is (My God I am still reeling from the implications of this) that this courageous 87 year old German lady, Ursula Haverbeck, has been jailed yesterday for 10 months in Germany after her TV interview on questioning the concentration camps. She faced afterward an armed police raid on her house, public vilification, trial and now imprisonment. God bless her for her courage. I pray she will live through this trauma of incarceration at her age.

    – John-if there is someway we can organise to support her, we should.

    As an FYI, I tried to post several separate posts just questioning “freedom of speech” alone on the Daily Mail article linked below, (Not the holocaust debate, I deliberately left this alone as it’s MSN) and challenged them just to a debate on Freedom Of Speech.

    There were only 5 posts listed that the DM were prepared to print, all of these posters demanding her further punishment and degradation.- Just 5 posts, all very hostile, to an 87 year old lady!

    It is further telling (in context to this article) that there were however 500+ “down, or opposing arrows” against all these very negative 5 comments, but there was never even a hint of an opposing view printed by the DM. -Surely with that many down arrows per comment, someone must has posted something? *crickets*

    It is worthwhile looking at this article from your own perspective and maybe trying to post an agnostic comment and see if it gets printed:

    -Interestingly also, I challenged the DM moderators directly: to argue with me on this Freedom Of Speech (FOS) point – the 2nd amendment Law in the US constitution? -(I hope I got that right) They have refused to do so by omission and lack of return. I am definitely “blacklisted” now by the DM. In fairness, if they get back to me and want to play, I’ll let you know.

    It is also telling that not one of my subsequent posts have (or I believe will) be printed, even personal sympathy submissions for those innocent victims in Paris, or any other earlier posts on unrelated issues have been listed. I used to get posted all the time when I tippy-toed around their BS. -Lol.

    The 2nd obvious major issue is that the world has gone into “Western hysteria” about 160 dead in Paris tonight and 100’s more wounded; that has happened because of a militant Muslim terrorist attack on innocent French citizens. Obviously, this is an awful atrocity and I hope they catch the Bastards. However this underscores what all half-way realistic people have been saying:

    This I hope (by these poor victims) will showcase to our Governments what we mean by an invasion of hostiles into White Western Nations; but you and I know it won’t. It will however serve to show the current white Europeans what the consistent and future tragedies Europe and America will face in opening their “Asylum and Illegal Immigration” borders to all non-whites will be, be they Muslim or otherwise.

    I tried to point this out in a DM post that it is not Blair, Obama, Bush, Cameron or Merkel, the EU, the US, the UN running this operation; they are just sock puppets. It is the global banking elites, (I didn’t specify them as Jews as I wanted to get posted, -victory inch by inch) that are wishing to break down and degrade every National identity. It is 1st and foremost the White European identity.

    Our movement well knows this is so they can impose a one-world governance (NWO) based on the “Ruled and Ruled-over”. As an example I pointed out Soros and his role in funding organizations that promoted this invasion. They are tribally and systematically doing this to us because they a) fear us (they know we will see through their lies eventually and b) that whites are the only race capable of repelling their avaricious hate and usury against the rest of mankind.

    I left out the last paragraph from necessity, however obviously, this didn’t go down too well with their “moderators”even though I was as diplomatic as possible.

    They are running scared, they are staring, despite their gargantuan hubris to know we have cotton-on to them. This win by omission, is a bigger win in some ways than if they printed my posts (innocuous as they were). – The sands are shifting and they know it and they are running scared.

    Prayers to God for the victims in Paris and also for the 1000@s in Palestine every month.

    Apologies for the long post John and where it’s placed in your blog. God bless. Gilo.

    • Totally Agree Giles, except ALL Mass Shootings are Rothschild’s mercenary thug’s !
      Great page Giles, You should have Your own !!
      Viva Palestine !!

      Mass Shooting 911 was the biggest since the Bolshevik Jew’s massacre in Russia White Christians && Dresden && Hiorshima && Nagasaki……….same Evil regime !!

  • Apologies in advance on my typos in my last post, please feel free to correct if you see them. 😉

  • Well done John! Keep up the good work!