Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute

On Saturday, November 7, 2015, American Free Press hosted the Jim Traficant Memorial Tribute at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, D.C. Roughly 50 American patriots and friends of Jim Traficant, the late American congressmen from Ohio who was railroaded out of Congress and into prison by the disgraceful American “judicial” system and Jewish contolled mass media, gathered to honor his legacy.

My good friend Jim Rizoli produced the following Jim Traficant Tribute video which was played during the conference.

Pete Papaherakles, the Outreach Director for American Free Press (you should be subscribing if you don’t already!), organized the Memorial Tribute and also served as Master of Ceremonies. Pete was a good friend of Jim Traficant, and performed brilliantly as Master of Ceremonies. It truly was an incredibly moving and inspirational event.

Merlin Miller of the American Eagle Party spoke at the Memorial Tribute. Merlin is a very intelligent and honorable man. Be sure to check out his website.

Leo Glaser, a juror on the Soviet-style show trial which fraudulently convicted Jim Traficant on manufactured “corruption” and “racketeering” charges, described his direct experience with the trial.

Jim Rizoli, a knowledgeable and courageous activist and video producer, addressed the audience. He also produced the opening and closing tribute videos for the conference.

Cyndi Steele, the widow of Edgar Steele, yet another heroic American patriot wrongly convicted by the ruthless ZOG controlling America, also addressed the audience. She had a very powerful and inspirational message commemorating both Jim Traficant and her late husband.

Paul Topete of the patriotic rock band Poker Face addressed the crowd, as did his lovely wife Tara Elizabeth Baptiste. Paul and Tara are the primary organizers of Freedompalooza, an annual festival that takes place over the 4th of July weekend in Pennsylvania. I will be there this year, so start making plans now to come! :)

AFP’s Art Director Paul Angel presented three separate awards during the Memorial Tribute. I was honored to receive the Free Speech Award from the Foundation to Defend the First Amendment. Merlin Miller and Mark Anderson, a regular reporter for American Free Press, also received awards.


Pete Papaherakles and other speakers also remembered the legacy of Willis Carto, Michael Collins Piper, and Edgar Steele in addition to Jim Traficant. We lost some legendary American patriots and truth-tellers over the course of the past year or so. Their legacy will never be forgotten!

Pete & Friend

Jim Condit, Jr. gave a concluding speech to commemorate his good friend and fellow patriot Jim Traficant. Jim Condit, Jr. is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable individuals I have met in a long time.


  • Jim Traficant will always be remembered as a true American patriot who spoke truth to power while accepting the consequences of that heroic action.

    If this Federal Government was truly of the People and for the People, the late Congressman would have died in vain. But, the the very act of his continued protest against a Federal Government, whose despicable excesses has taken power far beyond its intended authority, made Jim Traficant a true hero for the cause of freedom.

    The life of this man should be commemorated by placing a Monument to his principled endeavors on behalf of the People and the Republic, right in the Nation’s Capital.

    My hope is that Monument be placed next to another Monument to a great American, the late Irwin Schiff, who died in a Federal Prison, handcuffed to his bed in one of the most egregious acts against human dignity ever perpetrated by this Government.

    Irwin Schiff as well as Jim Traficant both exposed the fraud, theft by conversion, deceit, connivence and Grand Larceny of the Federal Reserve Bank along with their corrupted collection agency, the IRS.

    Both of the Monuments to these American Patriots should be placed over the rubble of the demolished Federal Reserve Bank building, hopefully leveled very soon in their honor.

    Their could be no greater form of respect given to these men, than to remove that contemptible sub contacted affront to freedom, then by throwing the Federal Reserve Bank out of this Nation, then sent back to the black pit from which it was deceitfully contrived.

    • Paul: Do you have a plan as to how We the People “(throw) the Federal Reserve Bank out of this Nation”, or were you just venting? If you’re looking for solutions, don’t hesitate to call my 24/7 personal message center. The ph# is 432.934.6338 where you can leave your # and best times to reach you. I typically will return your call w/in 24 hours. However, please don’t waste my time if you are not prepared to act lawfully and constitutionally.

      • Nicholas Landholdt, do you have a plan you can outline on this site for destroying Jewish power? Please don’t waste your own and everyone else’s time and money if you are not focused on attacking Jews.

  • Jim Traficant, along with Willis Carto, Michael Collins Piper, and Edgar Steele are all patriots who stood alone in the face of tyranny fighting to restore our once great country to its rightful place of honor again. These great people will be sorely missed by one and all….

  • James was one of the few decent men to be a congressman in my lifetime. Most congressmen are traitors or out right enemies. The pro Israel lobby is way to powerful in our country. Many of our congressmen put a foreign country’s interests above their own. That’s being a traitor. Jim’s stature will only grow, because he was on the right side, the side of truth. Jim didn’t sell out to evil and that is way more important than anything money can buy. Jim is in heaven. He won.

    • William: I don’t know about Mr. Traficant being in heaven, but the reason the “Israel lobby is way to powerful” (sic) is the fault of We the People, not the Judaics. Congressman Traficant’s death will be in vain if the People don’t organize against the Money Lenders. So if you’re looking for the solution, don’t hesitate to call my 24/7 personal message center. The ph# is 432.934.6338 where you can leave your # and best times to reach you. I typically will return your call w/in 24 hours. However, please don’t waste my time if you are not prepared to act — both lawfully and constitutionally.

  • When will the American people finally rise-up and wake-up to the endless lies, propaganda, and mind-control spewing forth from the Zionist Babylonian Talmudic Satanic owned and controlled Hollywood, the MSM, The mega-banks like Goldman Sachs, The IRS, The Federal Reserve, The Treasury Department, the Zionist owned CON-gress, the DOJ, and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED, a privately owned foreign invading banking/military criminal cartel that has been fraudulently masquerading as our sovereign Constitutional governing body since and before 1933 from the federal to smallest village level ..?

    Even at this very late date, the American Sheep refuse to stand united against evil and tyranny that is blatantly in their faces. Football and sports in general is still far more important than liberty and freedom from this criminal occupational USA Inc., and the demonic rat filth that own it, and sub-‘jew’-gate ‘We The Useless eaters’ every moment of our lives in ‘Gulag America Incorporated’.

    Everything we have ever been taught about the 50 state union is a complete lie and fabrication, by the Zionist Jew owned and controlled Hollywood, MSM, and the publishing companies all dominated by Jews who are pro-Israel, and pro-Zionism that put Israel first.

    I worked many years in film and TV in both Hollywood, and NYC, so don’t even think of telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I left film and TV because, of the Zionist Jew control of all films, TV and the Satanic music industry.

    I worked on some of the biggest films and TV ‘programs’ ever produced over a 30 year career in production and promotion in addition to having been raised in the ‘inner-Hollywood’ movie community as a child starting in the late 50’s. I grew-up around the movie sets and many of our family friends were some of the biggest stars in film and TV.

    Everything, and I mean everything in Hollywood is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews who are working with or for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds who own and control USA Inc., the Vatican, Israel, and the global banks who finance all major film and TV projects. Nothing or very little is produced that they don’t know about prior to it being produced.

    Jim Traficant, was a true American hero for daring to stand against the Satanic power of the NWO system of lies, mass-murder and endless evil.

    Thank you therealistreport.com for posting this information, and may God bless Jim Traficant for all he did for not only our occupied 50 state union but, for all of humanity.

    • ANN: If you really worked in the film industry, then you still know some wealthy people who, although they may not be courageous enough to expose themselves in taking on the Judaics who own/control that business. However, if they are true patriots, they should at least be willing to “work behind the scenes” (pun intended) in funding a military veteran like me who is willing to “man the point” and expose himself with a very doable solution, a plan of action against the Money Lenders and IRS. A lot of “celebrities” like Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Ted Nugent, et al., talk the talk, but where is their walk? Knowledge is Power? Bull! It takes effective action to convert that knowledge to self government, which is what the founding fathers attempted to give We the People. Instead, we’ve become We the Sheeple. If you are prepared to act, then by all means let’s talk. My 24/7 personal message center can be reached at 432.934.6338 where you can leave your real name and ph# and best times to reach you. I typically will return your call w/in 24 hours. However, if you are not prepared to act, and by that I mean in a strictly lawfully and constitutionally manner, then please don’t waste my time. Godspeed.

  • About the time THEY wrongly imprisoned Traficant is when all of the US congress shut their mouths in exposing THE JEW.
    Since Traficant…..the entire US Federal Gov is jew bought and has sold themselves to satan itself.
    After all the hell the jew lobby and more, put Traficant through…..They murdered him and thats all there is to it.
    Rest in Peace brother and Fellow Ohioian.

    • Rebekah: The late Rep. George Hansen (R. Idaho; d. 2014) and former Rep. Paul Findley (R. Illinois), also spoke out against the IRS and the Judaic Lobby, respectively. Findley even wrote a book “They Dared to Speak Out”. I have a plan for We the People to take the country back. But my particular focus is my native Texas, which will provide a prototype for the other 49 states, although I don’t think there is much hope for Calif or NY. Good riddance to both, I say. You can join my FB page if you want to find out my plan. I can also be reached 24/7 via my personal message center at 432.934.6338 where you can leave your real name and ph# and best times to reach you. I typically will return calls w/in 24 hours. However, if you are just curious and not prepared to act patriotically, and by that I mean in a strictly lawfully and constitutionally manner, then please let’s not waste each others time. Godspeed.

  • Bravo on the award John. I’ve been a subscriber since The Spotlight days. There are very few publications that spell it out like the American Free Press these days.

  • This is truly fantastic. I am from the 17th District and JIMBO was my beloved Representative. What a disgrace that he was so hated by the Zionist Lobby and their bandit state. I would not be surprised one bit if MOSSAD did not kill him in that barn. Who would know? Rest in Peace Mr. Traficant. You have been beamed up and I wish you happiness because there is none here for ordinary FOLK.

  • I watched the speakers and I thought Jim Condit was going to give an update on what was going to happen with Jim Traficant’s Project Freedom USA?

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