Jews Reveal Their Vitriolic Hatred of the White Race After Charlottesville

If the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and its aftermath have proven anything, it is that there is no compromising – or even dealing rationally with – (((these people))).

(((Herschel))) from Brisbane: Mate, I must tell you, it’s one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen, this whole Alt Right coming out of the United States. I think they have a sort of false grievance where they think that, you know, with multiculturalism and diversity that that means its going to be the end of White people – that’s what they talk about. But I think that what these White people need to understand is that that is what is going to happen with multiculturalism. Eventually, they are going to dwindle to very small numbers. You know, people say to me, “Well, you’re Jewish – you’ve got Israel. You’ve got your own homeland.” But you see, Whites have never had the same persecution as us Jews – you can’t forget the 6 million. And with this one, I just think that everyone needs to accept that multiculturalism is going to happen. And it will mean the end of Whiteness. And I for one, as a Jewish person, think that would be a great thing.

(((Herschel))) goes on to expose himself and his race as the hateful, anti-White bigots they pretty much all truly are. The entire clip is worth watching.

There are many, many other examples of Jews demonstrating their anti-White hatred in a very brazen and blatant manner in the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally.

Suffice it to say, (((they))) hate us – always have, always will. Sadly, they’ve convinced far too many people – White, Black, Mexican, gay, straight, immigrant, whatever – that White people are the cancer of the planet, responsible for everything wrong in the world. Whites are the eternal and omnipresent oppressors and evil doers, according to the Jew and his (((media outlets))), who have framed and controlled the narrative for far too long. The Jews have literally weaponized our collective historical narrative to advance Jewish interests while pathologizing any form of positive, healthy White racial identity.

It’s clear: the Jews hate White people generally, and especially those of us that have a healthy racial identity and know how to use our brains to think critically about our past, present, and future. It could not be more obvious at this point: #WithJewsWeLose – and always will.

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  • John, this is exactly why, Herschel and his filthy tribe, have gotten their ugly arses kicked out of every country that has had the misfortune of having them. I say bloody good Herschel, you wanker, keep on going on, you are only showing your true colours, just like the rest of your filthy race.

  • I’ve looked at history in detail and the vicious view of whites that has a been perpetrated all over the world is Jewish orchestrated. it couldn’t be more obvious. What is it that the white race doesn’t see?

  • the news had a man standing around wearing a yamaka and telling the reporter that the white nazis attacked hie temple aka synagog and threatened the worshipers WHAT typical BS NONSENSE .
    NEVER HAPPENED but they COULD NOT allow the OPERTUNITY to WHINE to pass unused.

  • The Jewish mayor of Charlottesville conspired with his black police chief and his black assistant police chief to deny the civil rights of the rally attendees and to nullify a court order allowing the rally. This is the tyranny of the Zio-left.

  • This ‘Caucasian apocalypse’ narrative is typically jewish in origin (i.e. religious) But the great danger is how many Whites embrace it – root & shoot, parrot & participle- the selfsame identical suicidal, self-abnegation. Its a big guilt trip like watching an alter boy carry candles up to the priest (with all the expected features of a sequel to this scene)

  • The evil jews have always been worse than the Whiteman, because they, the jews, have STOLEN a developed Nation, Palestine, AND genocided Palestine’s Population!!!
    And jewish Imperialism has ATTEMPTED to do the same in some 109 other DEVELOPED NATIONS!!! But so far, they have failed to destroy them physically. So, the psychopathological jews, being both unwilling and unable to stop their Attempts at World-wide IMPERIALISM resort to every Method that they can to steal DEVELOPED Nations and genocide their entire Populations.
    Whites, developed Lands. The jews have never developed Lands!!! They prefer to take, if they can, by any and all Means possible— developed Lands and if they cannot quickly kill off their Populations, then use the slow, circuitous,, malicious, devious Propaganda against the Target Race.
    Whites are in deep, deep Trouble. Afterwards, the other Races and the Race-mixed will be in the jews’ Crosshairs!!!
    And that is what needs to BE SEEN. For it is this, that the evil jews have achieved by their indirect ATTACKS that the Whites do not see, and ditto for the Others.
    As the evil jews THEMSELVES cannot use the Quick-burn Method WORLD-WIDE against all Races, they ATTACK with the Slow-burn Method.
    Wake up Frogs!!! And get the Hell out!! Grow up and counter-attack!! One Way or another, TAKE AWAY the MASS-COMMUNICATIONS from the evil jews!!!

    • Steven Rowlandson

      One Way or another, TAKE AWAY the MASS-COMMUNICATIONS from the evil jews!!!

      To do this legally one would have to take away the government from the evil Jews and their friends. The election of the Donald didn’t achieve that. That just leaves forming governments we can control legally or a guerrilla war of assassination and sabotage until we have victory and the later is easier said than done. Guerrilla war generally requires a certain amount of popular support, sponsors and political and or geographic sanctuaries in order to succeed.

  • Steven Rowlandson

    When the majority is brainwashed and blinded those that can see and think are condemned as heretics to be imprisoned and burned at the stake. Frankly I don’t see how a good out come is possible without all the politically correct people and their leaders getting wiped out. If they stay alive in whole or in part the white European peoples are dead and gone.

  • A lot of jews have jumped the South African ship, which they helped to destroy, to Australia.

  • Thank you to the commenter that mentioned the Mayor of Charlottesville is Jewish. I was not aware of that, but heard him blather on in a one-sided manner regarding the rally there.

    • Not only is Signer a Jew he is a FAR LEFT Jew, the worst type. Ditto the rest of the City Council (i.e., Far Left-types) outside one elderly “good ol’ boy”.

      • Scott the Strategerist

        Nah. The FAR LEFT Jews are the BEST Jews because they make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR who we’re dealing with and what they’re all about. It’s right-wing Jews who are confusing because we can agree with them on so many issues. Case in point: I was listening to Dennis Prager, who is one of the better Jewish radio hosts. He went on and on about against immigration and multi-culturalism. Then he said we need at the end, “Multi-racialism is good and multi-culturalism is bad.” In other words, he wants the immigrants to “assimilate,” i.e. mate with white women, which denies us the right to exist into future generations! Even if they’re for low taxes. Or the constitution. Or something.

  • ““Well, you’re Jewish – you’ve got Israel. You’ve got your own homeland.” But you see, Whites have never had the same persecution as us Jews – you can’t forget the 6 million.”

    You believe a myth–same as your holocaust. That I can never “forget.” Fact of the matter is: Jews were hardly ever “persecuted” for simply being Jews. They were PROSECUTED for acting like Jews normally act.

    “And it will mean the end of Whiteness. And I for one, as a Jewish person, think that would be a great thing.”

    Does anyone need any more proof that Jews, in spite of their pale skin (in many cases), ARE NOT WHITE?

    Jews would love that. That way they get to lord over the non-white races with little resistance unlike when White goyim are around and who, if organized, can neutralize this age-old nation-wrecking, domineering, hostile parasite.

    But I have faith White men will, some how, some way prevail and prevent this genocidal fantasy of the Jews. Once that problem is solved, we will focus on ending Jewishness. And I for one, as a real White person (unlike the Jew), think that would be a great thing not just for our people but for all mankind.

    “If Satan himself, with all of his super-human genius and diabolical ingenuity at his command, had tried to create a permanent disintegration and force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews.”– Willis Carto

    P.S. Keep up the great work, John.

  • The caller is a TRS goy trolling the host. The Daily Shoah episode 180, starts at one hour mark and they comment after the clip is played.

    • LOL oh wow… I had no idea! Damn, these Alt Right trolls are good! LMAO!

      It should be pointed out, however, that Jews really do say things like this openly.

  • Shutting down access to information is another favoured tactic of the tribe. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem and whatever you may think of these sites; i can no longer reach “dailystormer”, “infostormer” or “stormfront”, here in southern Ontario. Any body else
    seeing this?

  • The caller Herschel revealed himself to be typical Jewish speak, turning truth on its head. For instance, blaming whites for WW2. One wonders, has Herschel not heard of pot, kettle, black?
    And then he mentions multiculturalism. I wonder Herschel who it was that promoted Multiculturalism? I’m sure had you be asked that, your answer would have been amusing BS in the extreme.

  • Scott the Strategerist

    I’m sorry, but “Herschel” was so over the top that I really think it was one of us trolling.