Jews in America Demand Washington Admit More Syrian “Refugees”

In what is becoming a re-occurring theme here on this website, the organized Jewish community in America is once again openly and self-righteously demanding the United States accept as “refugees” even more unskilled, uneducated, backwards people who have no ties to or affinity towards this country and its traditions.

As noted here recently, the organized international Jewish community, countless Jewish charities and “resettlement” agencies, and various Israeli NGOs are literally facilitating and financially benefiting from the invasion of Europe and America by millions of non-White, Third World people opportunistically fleeing their home countries.

Again, all of this is openly admitted and reported on, especially by Jewish news outlets such as The Times of Israel, The Jewish Daily Forward, and the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

We have even more documentation of these facts today from the Forward. The headline says it all:

At the end of her Rosh Hashanah sermon, Rabbi Elyse Frishman turned to congregants and asked them to take out their cell phones and start dialing. An unusual scene at the sanctuary, and even more so during a High Holiday service, but Frishman explained that on this day, the cell phone would serve as a shofar and direct the community’s pleadings — not to God but to the White House.

The calls conducted by hundreds of members of the Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, carried a clear request to President Obama: Take immediate steps to help Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn country.

“People came up to me and told me how their families were refugees, too, and how they wouldn’t have been here today had America not let their parents or grandparents in,” Frishman said. “That was so deeply powerful.”

It is yet another sign that the Jewish community is waking up to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Like many around the world, it took a horrifying image of a dead toddler washed to the shore and throngs of migrants reaching Europe’s doorstep to draw attention to the Syrian civil war, which has driven 4 million Syrians out of their homeland.

“Until recently, not enough has been done by the Jewish community,” said Georgette Bennett, founder of the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, a coalition that includes many Jewish organizations. “But I believe now we will see a much greater response, because that photograph really galvanized the world.”

For the Jewish community, this sudden shift is being articulated in calls on the administration and Congress to open America’s doors to more Syrian refugees and to prioritize resolution of the Syrian conflict. There are now urgent campaigns to raise funds for humanitarian relief programs carried out on the ground in Syrian refugee concentrations.

“There has been a tremendous sea change in the Jewish community,” said Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, vice president for community engagement at HIAS.

HIAS, the Jewish community’s largest refugee resettlement organization, has been reaching out to communal leaders for months in an attempt to pique their interest in the Syrian refugees’ plight, Rosenn explained. But she says that now the dynamic has changed: “The Jewish community is reaching out to us and looking for ways to get involved.” […]

The entire article, which is quite lengthy, provides even more details of the tremendous lobbying campaign being waged by the organized Jewish community to encourage the Obama administration and Congress to “open America’s doors to more Syrian refugees,” as the article notes.

Additionally, Jewish charities and non-profits, such as HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society whose official motto is “Welcome the stranger. Protect the refugee.”, are lobbying for more government funding for their “resettlement” operations. The organized Jewish community is advancing its financial and, even more importantly, ethnic interests with this “refugee crisis” and the general chaos in the Middle East, which is a direct result of Western meddling and intervention in the region at the behest of the Jewish state of Israel and the organized Jewish community in the West following 9/11.

Of course, Israel and a wider international network of Jewish criminals were behind the events of 9/11, using it as the “catalyzing event” required to justify Western military intervention in the Middle East, a fact that has been conclusively demonstrated at this point.

There are two other points worth making here, which I have elaborated on in previous articles as well as on the various radio programs I have been on recently.

First of all, the hypocrisy on display from the organized Jewish community and the #cuckservative, anti-White traitors dominating the federal government of the United States could not be more obvious.

The Jews and their sycophantic puppets in control of the White House and Congress, not to mention the mass media, are the leading proponents of “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, and massive Third World immigration (including the push for amnesty for illegal aliens currently in the U.S.) into the West. They argue that America, and now the various countries comprising the European Union, are merely “proposition nations” based on “civic nationalism”.

Essentially, they are saying that anyone from anywhere in the world can come to the U.S. or Europe and magically become an “American” or a “German” or a “Frenchman” etc. Furthermore, the Jews and their lackeys argue that the West has a moral obligation to help and resettle “refugees” and immigrants from the Third World. These same individuals, however, argue that Israel has the right, indeed the obligation, to maintain its Jewish ethnic nature.

Which brings us to the second and final point that needs to be repeated: while the Jews in the West are demanding the U.S. and Europe accept millions of “refugees” and other non-White, Third World immigrants, the Jewish state of Israel is literally arresting, imprisoning, and deporting illegal aliens and other non-Jewish migrants. Moreover, Israeli political leaders are explicitly stating that Israel will not accept any “refugees,” and will in fact commit more resources and manpower to policing and protecting the Jewish state’s borders.

I don’t know how much clearer – how much more obvious – all of this could be, especially when Jewish news outlets themselves are openly reporting all of these basic facts. When will America and the wider Western world recognize the ugly reality that #WithJewsWeLose?


  • I think it’s so cool that Israel is offering to welcome tens of thousands of refugees with open arms, they almost seem human!

    • Israel is *NOT* “offering to welcome tens of thousands of refugees with open arms,” as you write. If you read the article above, I make it very clear that Israel is actually arresting and deporting non-Jewish migrants and is devoting more resources to securing and policing its borders to prevent refugees and other migrants from entering. Israeli leaders are openly saying that they will not accept any refugees.

      • It’s a FACT! – Many people don’t read past the Headline! Then they proceed to comment on the article despite the fact that they never read it! That’s why so many comments don’t make any sense.

        And why so many people talk nonsense in person. They are totally uniformed, but are absolutely convinced that they are a genius.

        One of many confirmations can be reviewed here: “This Prank Proved That Americans Don’t Read Past Headlines” see:

      • I am pretty sure AC’s comment was sarcastic – the use of the term ‘so cool’ pretty much gives us the hint that it is carcasm.

    • Of course they will greet them, after all they are their circumcised brethren. They will get to mingle among themselves.

  • They can’t demand anything. Without the help of goyim traitors they would still be living under rocks.

    • That’s true. The original Haganah, the terror group responsible for terrorizing the Palestinians when Britain was still trying to keep the peace in the 1930s and 1940s, hired Arab spies by the hundreds to report the locations of their Arab brothers, so they could be taken out without anyone noticing.

      The Arabs didn’t even know what was happening until much later.