Jews fear Ann Coulter is mainstreaming “anti-Semitism”

There is nothing the organized Jewish community hates more than truthful, accurate statements made about them, their power and influence, and the Jewish state of Israel, particularly when such statements are made by high profile public figures who have the potential to persuade and convince the masses. This of course explains why the mass media, educational system, and political discourse in this country is so controlled and indeed policed by the enforcers of political correctness and Jew thought control.

During the GOP presidential debate the other night, Ann Coulter violated this rule of thumb in a major way by exposing the reality of Jewish supremacy in America.

Now, the organized Jewish community is fearful that Coulter, along with millions of her followers and other activists on social media and in the alternative media, will mainstream “anti-Semitism,” i.e., making basic, truthful statements about Jews, their overall agenda to genocide the White race and destroy traditional White nations, their power and influence over the West, and the Jewish state of Israel.

I saw this coming.

The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

Screenshot (7)

It’s not exactly news when Ann Coulter says something ridiculous. Her business has long been to provoke — and business is good. But with the rise of Donald Trump in the Republican primary for the presidency, Ann Coulter has gotten more outlandish than ever, and in a brand new way. While the old Ann Coulter was insulting and abusive to everyone, the new Ann Coulter seems to focus her comments on Republican and conservative sacred cows.

Apparently, the Conservative pundit has grown tired of attacking liberals and moved on to attacking her own “side,” and her support for Trump seems to be the key reason why it’s happening.

It’s a phenomenon that seems to be occurring with a lot of Donald Trump supporters on the right. Anyone not on Team Trump has their conservative credentials questioned, even while Trump gives answers to the left of Barack Obama on questions about things like universal healthcare. On Twitter, the rise of the “cuckservative” insult has seen anyone who questions whether a border wall a la Trump is a good, or even halfway feasible idea, labeled a cuckservative. The word is an amalgamation of the words “cuckold” and “conservative” and is used to label someone who, for example, might have questions about how rounding up and deporting all illegal immigrants would work in a hypothetical Trump presidency.

Last night during the second GOP debate, Ann Coulter may have finally taken it too far, though. Ann being Ann, it’s hard to tell where too far might be. As the Republican candidates reaffirmed their support for Israel in their closing statements, Ann tweeted, “how many f—king Jews do these people think there are in the United States?” In a very un-Ann Coulter fashion, Ann followed up with tweets explaining “I like the Jews” and also that she’s a “huge Israel fan.”

Her complaint was apparently that the GOP candidates spend too much time talking about Israel, Reagan and abortion. It’s as if Ann Coulter has just discovered the Republican party and is learning about the issues that matter to them.

Ann’s retraction didn’t last long, as the day after the debate Coulter tweeted sarcastically, “Boy were they wrong @ Jewish influence! I complained about pandering on Israel (Reagan & abortion) & haven’t heard a thing about it!” Shortly after that she returned to her position that she personally was pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, but Hispanics are not, and it’s immigration that’s the problem for Israel: “Immigration is the only policy that threatens US support 4 Israel, but GOPs don’t want to talk about that.”

Whether or not Ann meant to be insulting to Jews — the Anti-Defamation League called her comments “borderline anti-Semitic” — the fact is that Jews in America always have to straddle the line between wanting Israel to be mentioned a lot by politicians and hoping they won’t mention it too much.

Anti-Semites already believe that Jews have too much influence in American politics. A so-called friend to Israel like Ann Coulter pointing out the importance of Israel to the candidates in a presidential debate isn’t a positive thing. Her tweet implied the long-running canard that while Jews represent a small percentage of the population, their role in influencing policy is outsized. And, of course, why is it outsized? The dark undercurrent in the answer is that it’s due to money.

The hashtag #istandwithann trended after her comments, and the tweets were a hodgepodge of typical anti-Semitism, which questioned whether Jews could even be loyal to the United States. Her comments opened the door for Holocaust-deniers, Israel-haters and plain old Jew-haters to point to Ann’s comments as a mainstream affirmation of their beliefs.

American Jews are in a tough spot where Israel is concerned and Ann Coulter, who “likes” Jews and Israel, only made it tougher. To paraphrase a famous Jewish character, once in awhile, like someone else!

Time will tell how far people like Ann Coulter will go in exposing the reality of Jewish supremacy in America and the wider Western world. Coulter’s number one issue – indeed, the only issue that really matters in the 2016 presidential election – is immigration, legal and illegal. She’s written an entire book on the subject, and has spoken very eloquently and powerfully about the threat immigration poses to America and the West.

America and Europe are being flooded with millions of non-White Third World aliens who have little to no education, skills, or capital. As we know, the agenda to flood America and Europe with millions of non-White foreigners and transform our once White Western Christian nations into multiracial, multicultural “proposition nations” in which anyone can immediately become a citizen has been led primarily by the organized Jewish community and radical, anti-White Jewish activists, intellectuals, and public policy makers. When is Ann Coulter going to expose these easily proven and well-documented facts?

What we see on display in the Forward article above once again demonstrates how delusional and tyrannical the organized Jewish community is. They are literally demanding that no one question or criticize Jews, Jewish power and influence, or the Jewish state of Israel. To do so is “hateful,” “anti-Semitic,” and “bigoted.” They claim that it is morally wrong and fundamentally illegitimate to question or criticize Jews or to make basic, easily observable and provable statements about Jewish power and the role of the Israel lobby in American politics.

This situation is not only untenable, it is unacceptable. We will no longer remain silent and let ourselves be bullied and controlled by the organized Jewish community. As Lana Lokteff Tweeted the other day, it is time to tell friends and family about Jewish supremacy in America and the wider Western world.

And we will continue to do so. Make no mistake – our time is coming.


  • I have not been a big fan of MS Colter UNTILL NOW!
    WOW she must have been INFECTED with some TRUTH, the truth IS infectious and Mr,DONALD TRUMP is spreading the TRUTH INFECTION.

    THANK YOU Ms. Colter you just gained another supporter and MILLION more US tax paying CITIZENS.

    The nuclear weapon of US politicks has been BANED for a CENTURY in the USA. now Mr. TRUMP is breaking the BAN on TRUTH TELLING, the US political nuclear weapon that only he can use against the stinking LIAR’s and WIPE THEM OUT!

    • You do know that Donald Trump’s daughter married a Jew?
      You do know that his daughter converted?
      You do know that Donald Trump’s son-in- law now works for Donald Trump?
      You do know that Donald Trump now steps all over himself in supporting the Jews?

      You should Google, “Donald Trump Jews” and read some of the articles.

      Michael– Deo Vindicabamur
      Classical Historian Western Civilization

      • What’s your point? Do you think Trump is some sort of crypto Jew? I’d say, having had to work with and around them in droves over the years, he’s in a better position than many of us to have 1st hand knowledge of just how evil these vipers are. There are some realities and political exigencies in this country that have to be observed by those running for higher offices and demonstrating “antisemitism”, even though it’s easily justified, is not one of them. I think one of the real reasons the Jews are so against his candidacy is 1st, he can’t be bought. 2nd, he’s smart enough about the building industry etc. due to his career in real estate to know that the official story of 9/11, 3 high rise office buildings coming down into their own footprint at free fall speed due to a “fire” is BS. As President, Trump will have the power and resources to reopen the investigation, expose the Jews and their helpful traitors in the US government, and Israel might as well kiss its behind goodbye. Every Jew in the country would be hitting the bricks too. The outrage by the American public would would be terrible to behold…. at least from the view under a kippah. As would their vengeance.

        • Tom,

          Where is the big Trump investigation of 911? How about Rachel Corrie or the USS Liberty? Etc etc etc. It ain’t happening.

    • I was not a fan of Ann Coulter, now I am !

  • to identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of israel
    says goyim exist only to serve jews, goyim life worth same as a donkey.
    netanyahu says this chief rabbi was the greatest mind of this generation.

  • Most have absolutely NO clue as to the dire situation we “Goim” are in. Those cognizant few in this “mutt” culture who have studied the real holocaust the Bolshevik Jew put decent Christian/Muslim citizens of Russia through have (hopefully) a cursory idea of what they’re herding us to;

    (Please pay particular attention to what this “rabid – Rabbi” has to say about we Goim)

    The very fact that he has the audacity to SPEAK those things w/o fear of reprisal should speak volumes to the dire situation we will soon find ourselves. Understand this, THEY hold title to governments, which hold control of treasonous law enforcement/Military! As a once famous “tribal” said; “I’ll hire half of the working class to kill the other half!” – ( “jay” Gould).

    People, don’t allow them to instill fear of Muslims and Sharia Law in you. This is where the hearts of government are;

  • Go ANN!! Wake up America, and face the truth. Enough lies and deception from the synagog of satan.

  • great, i hope she makes it, i agree with her 100%, with her comments on the zionist jews in america,

  • If she does not say Jew Israel did 911 then it is just a flash in the pan.
    War is approaching. If you are not way out in the country it is probably too late. Israel has loaded their German built subs with nuclear weapons. If it goes bad for them then they will launch their “Sampson Option.” All major Israeli embassies have prepositioned nuclear devices and there will be no warning time for anyone living in those cities.
    Only one method remains for the world to be saved from oblivion and it has been patrolling our skies for untold thousands of years.
    It remains to be seen if “They” will remove just Jews or all humans period.

    • “…If she does not say Jew Israel did 911 then it is just a flash in the pan…..


      Until we can bring the “Jewish Question” back to public discourse as in the days of Henry Ford, this Nation, and the world is doomed.

      It starts with your family, your friends and your neighbors. The ‘Jewish Question’ is no longer a question………….it is the Problem. We must expose the Jew.

  • Hmmm

    Jews are grossly over represented in Washington’s upper echelon and leadership positions is a simple easily verifiable FACT. Bearing in mind that Jews make up roughly 3% of the population, start with the fact that they have 3 members on the Supreme Court, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve and work your way down and you encounter Jewish people in key positions everywhere. And more alarming is the fact that many are dual citizen Israelis.

    From the article “”Anti-Semites already believe that Jews have too much influence in American politics.” This of course implies that stating facts about Jews in government is somehow anti-Semitic. This is of course pure rubbish. Stating factual information is never anti-Semitic period. Stop the lies.

  • Yes, Ann. Why would you say something so stupid and ridiculous. Have you lost your mind? Are you seeing a shrink? A crazy statement like that will just impune your credibility. Those gentile candidates are just concerned about Israel’s well being, much more so than they care about the United States of America. What’s wrong with that? Must we label you a full blown anti-semite? Everyone knows jews have no influence or power in the US. Just because we control all the money, the Federal Reserve, Wall st., and the entire mainstream media, print and electronic, Hollywood and the entire Entertainment Industry, the SCOTUS, we’re AIPAC, US Presidential advisors, present and past, we’re gun-grabbers, we’re the feminists, we’re the judges, the lawyers, the professors, we’re big Pharma, we say what gets published doesn’t mean anything at all. So please Ann, stop picking on us ………. or else!

    • You left out academia. Jews are vastly overrepresented in college and university professorships.

      • Oh, wait, you did cover professors. It’s quite a long list, and I didn’t read all the way to the end the first time. Poor put-upon Jews.

      • Hitler Was A Hero

        And the medical industry. Unfortunately most American doctors are jews. People should be leery of going to one and work hard to find a non-jew physician, vet and dentist, because quite bluntly you can’t trust them. I know this from first hand experience.

  • The jig is up on a whole lot of phony baloney!
    Long live the WWW!

  • The backlash from lib’rel efforts which include Judaic supremacy is about to come about. Political correctness is about to be challenged then dismantled. People are tired of being told to be “tolerant” when those desirous of being tolerated exercise no tolerance whatsoever of those they want to be tolerated by. (Sure, it’s a tongue-twister.)

    Whatever one generation tolerates, the next generation embraces. Lib’relism always collapses when it completely infects society by causing society to collapse. Natural Law prevails every time. Hopefully Ann will be around for a long while.

  • The Jew is the most evil group of people to ever live. If Americans weren’t so brainwashed by the Jew media, they would understand how utterly evil Jews are and destroy them!

  • Coulter claims her innocence. She insists she “likes” Jews. Does she consider “f—ing Jews” a compliment? An expression (epithet) of love? How can she defend her choice of words and how could she even imagine marrying those words to begin with? Did she greet her father, “F—ing Father?” How does she speak to her lovers?

    Moreover, Coulter is a consummate wordsmith. She knows language and is proud of her expertise. The adjective “f—ing” modifies the noun “Jews” – not panderers. Indeed, she only tweeted about “pandering” after fallout from her earlier tweets.

    See “Ann Coulter’s Jewish Roots” at

    • Jews often speak in similar terms about non-Jews & Christians, so what’s your point?
      Are non-Jews forbidden from showing distaste for those who work against US interests to benefit the foreign nation for which they are dedicated?
      I think not.
      Free speech acts like a regulator to identify bad actors in a society, and if this is curtailed, these bad actors will be allowed to continue with their rackets while avoiding public scrutiny & disclosure at great cost to their host nation.

  • Wow. I’m impressed by Coulter having the gonads to say this openly. Obviously she has awakened. But I fear for her……will she contract a deadly form of cancer very soon? Or will she have a “car accident”? Or will she simply “commit suicide”? Better watch your back, girl

    • Ann, the cowardly psychos in Mossad are beneath contempt.

      Fighting for liberty requires taking real risks, not just talking about it. We’ve had quite enough intimidation from white-hating shyster war criminals.


  • I left the film and TV industry because of Zionist Jew vice-grip control and ownership of all the major studios and TV networks, as well as the music industry in Hollywood and NYC. There are no gentiles at the highest levels of film or TV that are not bootlickers and grovelers at the cloven hooves of their Zionist Jew masters. There has been an insidious covert take-over by Zionist Jews of virtually all high-level executive positions and ownership of all major companies in banking, retail, food product, entertainment, literally everything of any value is now dominated by Zionist Jews.

    You can always tell if a Zionist Jew owns a fast-food company. It will be expensive, and the servings will be tiny, and the product will be awful. Look what has happened to Taco Bell, as just one example, and other big fast-food chains, all owned by Hedge fund Jews.

    The greatest threat to America, is not Iran as the Zionist Jew owned and controlled propaganda media would like us all to falsely believe, it is the Zionist Jews who are the true enemy of humanity.

    Watch: ‘The Other Israel’ on YT. Produced by a Jew, Ted Pike. He completely exposes the Satanic evil of the Talmudic Zionist Jew and their total hatred of ‘ANYONE’ who is not ‘them’. You will never look at these filthy, deviant, perverted beasts the same way ever again.

    These insane lunatic psychopaths, consider themselves ‘god-beings’ above all humanity. The ‘goyim’ are ‘mere’ sub-human beasts of the field to be cheated, abused, and deceived as slaves to the Talmudic Zionist Babylonian Baal, and Molock worshipers.

    Expose these demons worshipers to everyone you know. Watch the videos exposing them. Study and read their ‘direct quotes’.

    These devil worshipers (Many Rabbis openly admit they worship Satan) are our true and real enemy.

    Question: Why is it that these Zionist Talmudic Jews have been kicked-out of over 100 countries .. ?

    No other race has ever been expelled from over 100 countries !

    We all know why … they are pure Satanic evil.

    I’m NOT saying all Jews follow the teachings of the Satanic Talmud however, there are enough of them that seem to that create the horrific problem that we now have.

    • Well said. In Jewish Hollywood, there are two types of jobs, openly referred to as “above the line” and “below the line.”

      “Above the line” jobs are jobs where you have some control over content, producer, director, editor etc. These jobs are ALL held by Jews. Every one.

      A “below the line” job is one where the miserable Goyim serve the mighty Jew and keep their propaganda mill running, fix the equipment, make coffee, etc. etc.

      The Jews openly talk about this and mock Goyim (like me) who are (were) dumb enough to work for them.

  • I forgot to mention … BOYCOTT ALL ZIONIST JEW OWNED COMPANIES ASAP. Tell everyone you know to do the same. Look-up every company you do business with, if they are owned by ‘ANY’ Jew, stop doing business with them.

    Why? Because, even if they don’t support Israel and ‘Zionism’, we must put pressure on them to openly denounce Satanic Rothschild Zionist Israel and its horrific evil.



  • Never liked Coulter till now. Let’s examine the Jewish narrative. I think it needs to be scrutinized

  • What’s there to like about the jews – I mean really – jews lie and connive – they steal hard working Americans wealth and send it to jew land. They control the U.S. military and at the moment are working on having the stupid goys fight Syria for them.

    • Jew supremacists pretend they have the high moral ground as they relentlessly promote open borders for Western countries.

      — [ ]

      Jewish supremacists engineered 9-11, conning Western countries into fighting Israel’s shameless wars of aggression against Israel’s neighbors, killing, maiming, torturing, humiliating, and rendering homeless lots of angry embittered Muslims.

      — [ ]

      The Jew lobbies then demand Western countries (NOT ISRAEL!!) take in all these Muslim refugees. Of course the Jew lobbies knew all along what would result — the West would be destroyed, and the Jewish diaspora in Western countries would flee to Eretz (“Greater”) Israel — which will by then stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile — courtesy of the same wars Israel instigates. Meanwhile, Israelis enjoy the spectacle of Christians & Muslims hating & killing each other.

  • First note:

    I suggest all search and read the following all three available in total on the net:

    1. “1976 Interview with Mr. Harold Rosenthal” then personal aid to Senator Jacob K. Javits. Mr. Rosenthal was ultimately murdered for giving this arrogant but prideful and truthful expose of Jewish power in America.

    2. “The Jewish Question in Europe – La Civilta Cattolica – Oct, Nov, Dec, 1890” published under the authority of Pope Leo XIII. This publication is so dense with information and warnings of the Jewish rise of power and their intentions as to cover any question or thoughts on the subject anyone might have – absolutely devastating publication exposing Jewish world intrigue – must read.

    3. “The Plot Against the Church” (PAC) published under the pen name of “Maurice Pinay” in 1962 by twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians (with the co-operation of several unknown Prelates and Cardinals); even the Vatican, when it discovered the books existence tried to stop its first publication in Italy, but were too late as it had already hit the bookshelves. To this day only one of the authors has ever been discovered, who then in the 1980’s left Rome for Spain.

    While studying the Vatican Archives, documents in their original languages, these priests discovered the largest conspiracy in history, how Jews from the time of Isabella of Spain till the present, have faked conversion, these being called “Marranos – Secret/Crypto Jews”, becoming Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, Prelates, Protestant Ministers, Pagan Priests, and Muslim Clerics, but secretly practicing their Jewry and continuing to undermine religions, countries and their governments, all in their plan for a One World Judeo/Freemasonic Satanic Dictatorship. Remember, as Mr. Rosenthal and Mr. Rothchild have both said publicly, we Jews worship “Satan”.

    In America, over 95% of all spies have been Jews, one might wonder after reading the above articles why the Jews have been expelled from over 120 countries and thousands of cities, provinces, towns and kingdoms in the past, unfortunately most times after they have done their evil deeds of treason, subterfuge, murder and the like.

    Abortion, homosexuality, contraception, pornography, etc, were all championed and promoted by Jewish – Committees, Law Firms, Lawyers, Congressmen/women, and interests. Volcker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Summers, Emmanuel, Orzag, etc, Weinstein, Wasserman, Kohl, Schumer, Feinstein, Ginsburg/Breyers/Kagan (destroying our laws and morals) near all 33 of Obama’s Czar’s, are and were all Jews. Hollywood, all six major movie companies are owned by Jews, 95% of all Major Media are owned by six Jewish families, you here and see what they want you to hear and see. These and many more Jews throughout our government, media, social institutions, universities and public schools, have, as Mr. Rosenthal explains, these, Judaism “owns America”. Near every attack on Christianity you will find a Jew at the helm.

    St. Paul calls them “enemies of mankind”. Israel and Judaism are using American lives, the blood of young Americans to further the greed of the International Bankers, near all Jewish and those not are Freemasons. Freemasonry is a child of Judaism as you read in the PAC.

    Judaism is the most serious and most perfidious of all our enemies, second to none. Judaism is a plague, a satanic movement started with their murder of their own God, Deicide. Now they have even managed to reach the top of the Church.

    John Kerry, Madeline Albright, General Wesley Clark, for example, all were outed by investigative Journalists as having come from “generations and centuries of Jewry” – geez I didn’t know my mother, father, sisters and brothers, grandparents way back, were all Jewish?
    Nancy Pelosi and her husband come from generations of Argentinian Jewry. Supreme Justice Sotomayor, also a Marranos, comes from generations of Latin American Jewry.
    The leader of ISIS (IS) Baghdadi, is a MOSSAD Jew, the Saudi Royal Family all converted (Marranos) from Judaism to Islam in the late 1800’s. The Saudi Royals, former Jews, were offshoots of the “Young Turks” who murdered over 2 million Armenians, who were also Jews from another Jewish sect previously – this answers a lot of strategic questions on the Middle East today.

    In the 1917 First Communist Russian government, of the 517 highest postions, 467 were Jews. Marx, Engels, Stalin, Trotsky, etc, all Jews; Jewish historians and writers brag of how they were the creators of Communism. Alexander Solzenitzyn writes in his last book on the history of Russia (not being published in other languages) how the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians, Polish, Hungarians, Latvians, Estonians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Romanians, etc., how near all the prison camps, gulags, and torture chambers were officiated and run by Jews. Those interested will find that twelve Bolshevik Jews, were the assisted creators of Mao’s Communist China, who helped him organize and launch his murder of over 75 million Chinese. And what do you think they have in mind for the rest of us.

    Yes, Ann Coulter was right, more right than she realizes, although Islam/Muslim are our sure and publicly announced enemies, yet Judaism is even more sinister and deadly, for they work like the snakes and blood suckers that they are, sucking the wealth out of our country, sucking the blood out of our young men to fight their wars of greed and power.

    And there is Zuckerman, a Jew, with his Facebook recording all the private and social information, given willingly by all the “useful idiots”, for your private and personal record which will be used against you in the end.

  • Anti-Semitism is a response to anti-Gentilism…
    What is often referred to as anti-Semitic is just people discussing the routine perfidy practiced by Jews used to support themselves & their beloved state over their host nations.
    In short, thanks to the net, we’re becoming “Jew wise” and are no longer limited to being spoon-fed pro-Israel garbage on “the electric Jew” (TV).

  • Watch how often you’ll see analysts on the TV scratching their heads about how our foreign policies (that are ostensibly designed to organize the middle east nations) that we invade are only leading to chaos & ruined governments…
    Chaos & destruction is precisely the goal!
    Israeli’s benefit by having Iraq/ Libya, Iran, Syria, Pakistan reduced to squabbling & fighting tribes.
    This is why Russia is such a threat to these vampires; they’re Christians, have oil & are under a strong leader who’s unwilling to allow this tribe to wreck Russia.

  • Jew supremacists always accuse others of hate.

    Here’s what an honest Jew says about that:

    “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”):

    — [ ]
    (by Representative Press)

  • Just a humble question, Why is the only form of racism being addressed of such importance anti semitic the only form of racism that we hold and carry with so much value, That should be enough to prove that the only real form of racism that matters is anti semitic, but what about jews hating us for our faith whether Christian or muslum Etc. We all know deep down in our hearts the ADL has no concern about true racism that’s going on in the world, unless it’s about the jews and Israel. This has to stop! As I say Quote on quote ” A grain of truth will bring down a montain of lies”

  • Anyone who is “a huge Israel fan” could not marry the words “f—ing” and “Jews.” Moreover, if it was about pandering, why an expletive for Jews instead of the pandering politicians?

    Coulter has often said that she sets out to deliberately offend people, and offend she does. Coulter has no filters. Also bear in mind that Coulter is explicitly seeking the restoration of a WASP culture, one predominated by Western European (i.e., British) peoples. Jews and Israelis need not apply.

    Essay: “Ann Coulter’s Jewish Roots” at

  • The Jews have infiltrated government, finance and other power structures for thousands of years. For a while they are very successful, controlling things as they wish for their own needs. They manipulate wars, steal, lie and murder anyone for profit. Then they are discovered, and chased away, often violently. They become wanderers, who travel around becoming quiet, letting people`s memories of what they did fade away, then they find a new kingdom to infiltrate and the process starts again.
    Essentially, Jews are vile evil nomads, with no real home, because no one wants them around.
    Their empire IS going to crumble.

  • Jews have too much power in America. If any other small group had that much power I would be wary of them also. I am not against Israel but I do wonder greatly about the patriotism of many Jews in power in this country. Why should we vote for anyone who can have duel citizenship automatically with another country. Israel has proven that they are not one of our best allies and will go on their own in certain cases whether we think their moves or unwise or not; yet we have politicians here that can be citizens in Israel in a heart beat. If they think things are going bad here they can skip the country and go to Israel where they are always welcome. I have noticed that our Jew politicians in office are usually leftist and are always counter to what patriots want. Their policies are not sound and always hurt the nation,…not help it. The things they want to allow in AMerica they would not think of heaping upon Israel. They vote for extreme immigration from Muslims but would not dare to expect the same from Israel. In my opinion the Jewish elected officials in the US are always on the wrong side. I am tired of their actions. I have also noticed that most of the organizations that are anti-white and push real (reverse) discrimination of white people are heavily manned by Jews and Jewish lawyers. I do not say we should do anything to any Jewish person. I know that we should start voting smarter and using our influence (and anything else) to end the persecution of whites and white males.