Jews crown “Miss Holocaust Survivor” in morbid beauty pageant

The organized Jewish community’s morbid fixation and obsession with the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative of WWII could not be more obvious – and disgusting. It is on blatant display on a daily basis, literally.

In fact, the “Holocaust” has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the West. The organized Jewish community, via extortion from the American taxpayer and various European governments, has an unlimited amount of money devoted to perpetuating and reinforcing the fake “Holocaust” narrative of WWII, which includes an annual “Miss Holocaust Survivor” beauty pageant held in Haifa, Israel.

The Jewish Daily Forward recently reported:

Screenshot (50)

A Romania-born woman who immigrated to Israel won the third annual Miss Holocaust Survivors Beauty Pageant in Haifa.

Rita Berkowitz, 83, was chosen among the 16 European natives who participated in the contest on Tuesday. She came to Israel in 1951.

Hairdressers and makeup artists primped and pampered the contestants before they took to the runway. The participants shared their personal stories of survival with the audience, Reuters reported.

Berkowitz is the mother of one, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of five, according to Reuters.

In a message for “the entire people of Israel,” she said: “That all Jews from all across the world will come (to Israel), all of them. And we shall be stronger. We are not afraid of anyone. The Jew will never disappear from the world.”

The pageant was organized by the Helping Hand organization, which aids thousands of the some 200,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel.

Miss Holocaust Survivor beauty pageant

My goodness these Jews are sick.


  • Barry James Sullivan

    This leaves me speachless, doubting my own sanity.

  • The ultimate epitome of absurdity.

  • jewish perversion

  • How about a Miss Lampshade and Miss Soap contest, too? Those are just as fake as anything else about the Holohoax!

  • As they crown their Queen they imprison our Queen: Ursula Haverbeck, a true Queen, a truthful person, a dedicated to us all human being, a wonderful gift to us all, and, a person we all should emulate.
    I noticed a movie on Amazon about Jewish Deli’s, I noticed how much the movie lied about the origins of, well, just about everything (can Jews even know any truth?), throwing in, some lies about the holohoax, may be, this supporting dogma, supporting the holocaust lie, was the only reason this movie was ever made, and, I noticed how ugly these Jewish people really are. Jewish people look like their body parts were made wet and thrown together, a lot of it not sticking in the right places. A truly unattractive people they are. It is no wonder they want to hide from us, they are so ugly whereas we are so beautiful. I guess being ugly is reason enough to hate the rest of the world.

    • Not one of these “ugly as sin” creatures is actually a semitic jew. They are all Khazars and Ashkenazi’s . Their faces permanently marked by the devil, that no amount of plastic surgery will ever remove. Semitic Jews in fact look like arabs and they are few in number.

  • “That all Jews from all across the world will come (to Israel), all of them”.

    We can only hope and pray that all Jews from all across the world will go to Israel. Ahh, to be free of those parasites would be a god send from heaven. :-)
    But then, how could these thieving parasites live on their own without the Goyim to sponge off?

  • They are celebrating the longevity of survivors of crime

  • Watch this….they have been extremely hard at work erasing this from the internet….already banned in many countries …people have been fighting back to keep it alive. Watch it before its gone, save it to your hard drive etc. The Truth fears no investigation!

  • These sick people are the same who will throw an innocent 87 year old woman in prison for telling the truth.

  • These beauty queens are the best they have to offer.

  • Apparently they don’t hate the Donald that much, because they did get him to sing the “Miss America” song, with a few modifications of course:

    “There she is, Miss Holocaustianity
    There she is, your Jewish ideal
    The dream of 6 million girls who are more than Jewish can come true
    in Israel
    For she may turn out to be the queen of Holocaustianity

    There she is, Miss Holocaustianity
    There she is, your Jewish ideal
    With so many Jews, she took the town by stormtrooper
    With her all-Jewish face and form

    And there she is
    Walking on Water, she is
    the Jewish Messiah, she is
    There she is – Miss Holocaustianity”

  • MISS HOLOHOAX. this is more like it.
    i can’t see anything redeeming about these people.

  • Lots of excellent comments and alternative names for this “beauty contest”.
    My favorite is Miss Lampshade….

  • Unfortunately for us, the jews are the “masters of discourse”, especially when it comes to the narratives involving politics. And that’s across the spectrum, the jewish intellectuals dominate the narratives. I hate to say this, but intellectually, they are unmatched. This presents a big, big problem for the white race. I think Hitler and other countries knew this , and decided that it would be best that the jews be forced to leave. This was the basis for the “pogroms”, the jews incredibly bad behavior. Running child prostitution out of the Synagogues in Berlin? C’mon! We see this in the US, where they did 9/11, resulting in deaths of millions of innocent civilians. The problem is, “where should the jews be exiled to”? The Russians chose Siberia. Now, we have the US and UK financed state of Israel, and we see the problems that miserable little stretch of sand in the middle eastern desert has created for the entire world. Misery, absolute misery. I hate to say this, but the “White Separatist” political philosophy actually “solves”this problem. Would a South African version of “apartheid” work in America 2016? Would anyone dare support such a “vile” political philosophy? Donald Trump is about 70 years old, and he lived during the segregationist era. I wonder hat he thinks about this? Over the years, I had talked with some Black old timers. They told me that the Black community was better off during the era of Segregation. They had self-sufficient communities, with little crime and zero drug dealing. Obviously, a lot has changed since 1964. America, since its inception, has always been a marketplace and a social experiment. I doubt there’s little support for a return to segregationist policies in the black community- UNLESS you listen to the amazing Rev. Farrakhan and his promotion of Black Nationalism! They don’t want a Black Nation in North America, they would just like a Black State. Farrakhan is an amazing public speaker (you should interview him), and his writings are at Compare Farrakhan with that awful Christian Zionist, Jesse Lee Peterson? There is no comparison!

    • Hi William

      I don’t believe that Jewish people are genetically more intelligent than Gentiles like me. I believe their intellectual superiority you refer to comes from their probable shunning of intelligence-sapping pastimes like television-watching.

      You write very well and I can imagine you would be an effective advocate for the kinds of changes among Gentile culture that are urgently needed. We need to encourage as many as possible, far and wide, to expel their televisions from their dwellings and only use the internet as their source of information, protected with suitable filtering such as the following:

      Please don’t underestimate the positive cultural change you can effect in this day and age of instantaneous communication via the internet. Whereas the Rothschilds-led synagogue of Satan, also known as the satanic Illuminati, has sought to convince Gentiles that it’s fashionable to display a low level of intelligence, that kind of disastrous mindset amongst the Gentiles can be rehabilitated.

      There is ample evidence of Gentiles of school age with good habits displaying a very healthy level of intellectual proficiency that holds a lot of promise for the future of society. I’m sure that any encouragement you can offer Gentiles to improve their standard of discourse (such as looking words they don’t know up in a dictionary) will have a positive influence.

  • This article is a real spin-out. When I first saw its link on your website, I thought you’d written a parody. After I clicked on the article and before its web page loaded, I realized that you hadn’t written a parody at all. They really had held this pageant!

  • My vision of the USA from a New Zealander’s view is the complete take over of ALL systems of Government by the Jewish lobby (AIPAC) and I mean all . What brought this observation of a subservient USA was 911, with the over-whelming evidence now pointing to an Israeli owned and activated act of WAR against the USA and the controlled MSM , Hollowood ,W. House proper gander machine in full swing (your with us or against us ). The many assassination’s of any one willing to speak out on the 911 subject. I think your F……D, the trouble is so are we then.