Jews Celebrate Obama’s Latest Transgender Policy

Imagine my shock when I read the following article published by The Jewish Daily Forward yesterday:

Screenshot (179)

Amid controversy over new protections President Barack Obama has extended to transgender people, a number of Jewish groups have welcomed them.

A statement Friday from the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center praised the guidance issued the same day by the Justice and Education departments requiring that schools receiving federal funds end discrimination based on sexual identification.

“We urge all public schools to swiftly and fully comply with this directive so that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve,” the RAC statement said.

The guidance, which warns that failure to comply could cost schools federal money, says students must access restrooms, shower facilities and other sex-segregated areas based on their gender identity, not on their gender as recorded at birth. […]

The National Council for Jewish Women said the guidance “provides needed clarity and best practices for public school districts and institutions of higher learning.”

Also praising the guidance was Rabbi Jack Moline, who directs Interfaith Alliance, a coalition that includes major Jewish national groups.

“No matter whether antipathy toward transgender Americans is motivated by ignorance or a particular – misguided, I believe – theological understanding of gender, neither has a place in our public schools,” he said in a statement.

A statement from Bend the Arc praised both the guidance to schools and a new rule from the Department of Health and Human Services extending protections to those discriminated against because of their gender identity. […]

Of course I was joking – I was not at all surprised when reading this article.

As has been well documented, the organized Jewish community has played a leading role in promoting and elevating both transgenderism and homosexuality. The Jews even admit as much.

Due almost exclusively to Jewish influence, transgenderism and homosexuality are now socially acceptable in America and the wider Western world. These degenerate ideas are now being imposed on children all across America at the behest of the federal government.

It’s truly incredible how far we have fallen as a nation.

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  • It does not surprise me that these degenerates applaud Obamas request,what else could we expect from godless,self absorbed kooks,loons,cons,and freaks, and lets not forget cultural Marxists and commies of all stripes. I shudder anymore at the utter filth and depravity all around me. it sounds funny reading this back,as I was never a prude, but I did manage to survive the late 60s and the entire 70s, barely. I am so much more conservative and see how our nation was insidiously infected and how the “counter culture” was a complete mass deception to destroy the family,and Christian values and culture that made this country great. I pray more wake up quicker.

  • We can take back our Nations by simply following this “Boo the Jew” rule…

    No one would dare oppose us, as other chimed into our chorus.

    “Boo the Jew”…

    Anytime a politician, priest, or Jew speaks positively about Zionism, Jewish issues, or Jews in general, that person needs to be booed off the stage.

    The “Boo the Jew” rule should be waged against anyone, and everyone who dares to speak favorably of Jews, Jewish issues or Zionism, and the “Boo the Jew” rule should be applied evenly; even to Trump, especially Trump.

    • That’s a good idea – no one can arrest you for booing, at least not yet. And it lets others know that the pro-Jewish propaganda being spewed out is not accepted by everyone. It’s a case of the emperor having no clothes, but everyone being too afraid to say so. White people need to adopt some of the Left’s most effective tactics, like simply booing their opponents. The Left has used it to great effect against us over the years. For example, if a celebrity says something even remotely pro-White or pro-Trump on a talmudvision show in front of a live audience, you can bet that some Jews or Leftists in the audience will start booing loudly, thereby giving viewers the impression that pro-White or pro-Trump sentiments are forbidden, and in the minority. Jews and Leftists aren’t shy about booing and shouting down their opponents – they do it all the time, and no one dares to tell them where to stick it. Unfortunately, most Americans are such cucked, Jew-media brainwashed wussies that they would never boo the Jew, and would probably shout down anyone who did as a “racist.” Those types of people are gone to us, and are nothing more than traitors to their race and country.

  • Aversion towards transgender Americans motivated by a misguided “theological understanding of gender”? WTF! I have an aversion to them using facilities opposite to their biological sex, as any sane person would. Jeezus, another psychopathic, parasitic, pervert speaking for America. They do so truly believe this country is theirs; we Gentiles are allowed to live here as long as we abide by their degenerate Hebrew laws. Does anyone know if they have this “bathroom, locker-room, showers” law in Israel? I am unable to even articulate my hatred for these alien beings.

    • Mark Leininger

      They aren’t “Hebrews” and they despise Hebrew Law. Under the old Hebrew (Mosaic) Law the penalty for sodomy was death. In fact most of their cherished Talmudic law practices would bring the death penalty under Hebrew Law.

    • I completely understand your reaction to the Jews and their puppet Obongo’s vile mandates on allowing men to use women’s facilities (bathroom, showers and locker rooms), Susan. I feel the same way. I first read all of this insanity in three separate websites –, run by the Orthodox Christian Monk, Br. Nathanael Kapner;, run by Mike S. King (also, the author of “The Bad War”); and The owners of these three websites only scratched the surface by outing the Bolshevik/Zionist Jews, Islamic State and other criminal elements; whereas, Prof. James has also written extensively on the Khazarian Mafia (KM), its minions, Cut-Outs and puppets.
      Br. Nathanael was born/raised a Jew, but renounced Judaism, converted to Orthodox Christianity and became a Monk. He has since produced videos and articles denouncing the vile crimes of organized Jewish agencies, as well as traveled around the nation, preaching the Gospels to all who would listen. Mike King has written books, such as “The Bad War”, and also articles on his website.

  • Seems like The Protocols of the old zionistas is still at work to reduce the goys to stupid slaves.

  • They’re just having some fun with the locals.

  • Woman mistaken as transgender gets harassed in Walmart bathroom
    All kinds of exciting things await us.

  • They are behind everything that is foul and vile…

    “On putting the probing knife carefully to that kind of abscess. one immediately discovers, like a maggot in a putrescent body, a little Jew who was often blinded by the sudden light.”

    – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  • A RAPE man, woman or child is a death penalty offense and the use of deadly force in the prevention of such a crime is ALLOWED no ENCOURAGED!

    Take a WEAPON into every public toilet with you !


    Quite practical for Jewish multiculturalists: Poor Americans must do it with Dindos & Chicos, Germans shall be taken by Muslims. Better we “do” it with each other (as long wie can)!

    • Free speech – “White ppl are evil racists!”
      Hate speech – “Jews lie about everything!”

      Jewish Bolshevism = Newish Bullshitism.

    • ADL: “A quater of worlds population is ‘anti-semitic'”?

      No wonder: The other 3 quaters haven’t ever heard of Jews!

      Question of logic.

  • If you’re still in contact to “Evalion”, tell her to make her own website,
    than the Jews can’t wipe out her no more. She will have many viewers.

  • Apparently Evalion’s channel was taken down today, another started, and that one also terminated. I have heard stories questioning her credibility . . . I’ve wondered myself if she is legitimate. To me, she comes across as disingenuous in some of her videos. I don’t have any information, just my opinion.

  • The Jews in AMerica (most of them) are usually behind unfettered immigration, affirmative action, discrimination of white males, open borders, and every other multicultural lie the liberals expound. Do they demand this of Israel. NO…they do not. Try and immigrate to Israel as a goy. See if the demand Israel has open borders. What rights do black Jews have except to be deported the at the first chance available. They play this game of demanding the impossible of America and allow all of Israel’s foibles to be hidden.