Jews caught operating White sex slavery ring in Israel

A Jewish-run sex slavery ring was recently uncovered and exposed in Israel, The Times of Israel reported this morning. The sex slaves were lured from Russia and Ukraine, and later smuggled into Israel to work as prostitutes for their Jewish masters.

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A months-long undercover police investigation has uncovered a women-trafficking and prostitution network in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.

The investigation, reported Sunday by Israel Radio, was conducted under the auspices of the Tel Aviv Police and resulted in the arrest of two men suspected of running the trafficking ring.

Additional arrests are expected, the Hebrew-language Walla news site reported.

The suspected ringleader of the group, identified as Leonid Streimer, is a 35-year-old resident of the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam.

The investigation reportedly turned up a complex operation in which the network would locate young Russian and Ukrainian women, some of whom had worked as models, and convince them to come to Israel on tourist visas, promising they would find work amid the difficult economic situations in their home countries.

Once they got to Israel, the women were housed in luxury condominium towers and expensive hotels, where the ring allegedly operated brothels for businessmen and wealthy individuals.

The women would charge significant fees for their sexual services, of which the network operators would get a percentage. A police source told Walla that one woman told investigators she would earn $3,000 or more per week, most of which she would send to her family in Ukraine.

The investigation began following complaints by neighbors in the luxury buildings, who suspected that brothels were being operated near their homes.

In September 2014, police arrested two suspects for running a prostitution ring that consisted of Russian and Ukrainian women brought to Israel on medical tourism visas.

According to the Task Force on Human Trafficking, an alliance of Israeli NGOs, there are 15,000 women working in the sex trade in Israel.

Had enough yet, White man?

These Jews are not only openly running your government, media, banking system, and academia for their tribe’s exclusive ethnic benefit, they are also deceiving and kidnapping your women in order to transport them to Israel to sexually service their fellow Jews.

These poor Russian and Ukrainian women, who are likely extremely beautiful and very talented, are being systematically abused and degraded by these Jewish perverts and sexual deviants. What an outrage!

It’s time to man up guys – we need to deal with the Jewish problem, sooner rather than later.


  • I continue to be flummoxed by how incongruous the treatment of israeli on slav prostitution compared to everynonwhitedick on anglofemale sexual slavery and rape is.


    Could it be that white men really don’t want to look at themselves? That to look at what’s happening right under your own noses – to your own unwilling, as opposed to consenting-for-money – girls and women might overturn the very system that in fact privileges you to begin with?

    I think so. And yes, you heard it here, folks, on John Friend’s blog. Privilege exists. Until rank classism and its far right version of identity politics gets questioned, you’re all just peacucking.


    • Jews are NOT white symbolically or literally. Not only have Jews officially declared themselves non-White in 1972, as quoted in The Rand Daily Mail of May 15, 1972, but Jewish blood is different. The Sephardim or semitic jews; and the Ashkenazim or “Russian” jews are the most likely to have White genes. These people converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. Many of them resemble White people, but all of them, according to “The Genetics of the Jews” have Afro-Asian genes, including the blondest of them.

      • It is amazing how difficult it is for most Whites to understand this.
        Yet it is obvious that Indians who mostly share the same skin colour as Africans are totally different races, right down to the hair.
        Most Whites would be able to see that but are still taken in by white looking skin.

    • You are SO obvious. Go to (Isra) Hell.

    • Isn’t there another “Holocaust” Museum you could connive the goyim into building for you somewhere?

    • Did you know that the So called Israeli’s actually hate Arians??

    • JEWS RUN PORN!!!!!

    • who let the troll in?

    • Big words don’t make you smart.

  • Money worshipping Jews…. They would sell their mother if the price was right.

  • This doesn’t look to be forced or kidnapped. It appears that the women knew what they were doing and were fairly and well compensated. These aren’t street hookers, but recruited high class call girls. There are tons of jewish travesties but this does not appear to be one but one of applied consent.

    • The article I cite specifically says:

      “The investigation reportedly turned up a complex operation in which the network would locate young Russian and Ukrainian women, some of whom had worked as models, and convince them to come to Israel on tourist visas, promising they would find work amid the difficult economic situations in their home countries.”

      It appears that the people involved with trafficking and exploiting these women were using deception at the very least. Either way, it’s a travesty White women are being sexually exploited by Jews in Israel.

    • Have you ever heard of deception, pal? This is what’s been happening re this white sex slavery ring that Israeli authorities finally broke up.
      These beautiful young Russian and Ukrainian women grew up in poor families and were lured into Israel with promises of good, high-paying jobs as models or actresses, not prostitution .. no matter what the level. A high-class call girl is still a prostitute .. and those women who were lured into this ring were still not free to travel about on their own .. so, there was no consent here. A person who’s deceived into doing something she would never do under normal situations isn’t giving consent, since those using her lied to her as to the job she was to do. Therefore, those Russian and Ukrainian women who were lured into Israel, given tourist visas and brought over were lodged in hotels around Tel Aviv .. their visas confiscated by the slavers so that they wouldn’t be able to leave their lodgings .. as well as “customers” brought to the hotel rooms to be serviced by these call girls for a certain amount of money. These girls wouldn’t be able to keep all of their earnings, either .. rather, most would be handed over to their masters.

    • No, they are tricked (on the promise of modelling careers) abducted, gang raped and pimped. this is not consensual hooking.

  • Please share this video about White sex slavery in Israel!

  • But……aren’t most Jews just white converts from Russia/Europe?

  • For the shrill hysterics who think distorting and sensationalizing somehow helps white people, I’d suggest taking a step back and considering white values, which aren’t relativist and which pivot on character. Some seem to think they can simply appoint themselves commissars of what is ‘right’ or I guess holy – not unlike the jews they point the finger at. This doesn’t seem to resonate much with most white people, who tend to require reasonable proof and who believe more in metrics of fairness rather than royal edicts.

    This article was written almost 20 years ago, and portrays a complex picture in contrast to the stark extremes some seem compelled to impose on the reality of these slavic women’s choices:

    Note that even back then some of the women in Israel admitted they ‘wouldn’t go back.’ That was then and this is now. The ruses some of the pimps (or those who were absolutely sex slavers in other countries) used to lure these girls out of their countries have been exposed and were well known in Ukraine and Russia by the mid-2000’s at the very latest. There was a much broader range of agency in these young women back then; by now they’re almost all simply willing prostitutes, especially in Israel. The larger context might still be fairly stacked against them, but if they were better people they’d have stayed home and helped their countrypeople instead of whoring out to the highest bidders.

    Interesting that a non-anglo woman like Sinead McCarthy so profoundly distorts what is in this instance a pretty weak case against the jews.

    This is not what white women need. White anglo women all over the US, Scandinavia, Germany, the British Isles and Ireland face actual sexual assault and slavery. 12 year old girls in Rotherham can’t consent.

    I for one am embarrassed by the continuing distortions made by so called ‘spokespeople’ for white women and want to make it abundantly clear once again that unfounded exaggerations and projections of responsibility do NOT represent all white women’s claims of victimization.

    • I have no idea what you’re going on about, and find it disrupting and unnecessary.

      If you can produce better content than Sinead or anyone else in the pro-White independent media, then do it. It’s not difficult to start a website or YouTube channel.

  • The Jewish elite hate women. They started feminism to destroy the woman. They run and own the porn industry. The cervical cancer vaccine that doesn’t work was their idea. They promote misandry to emasculate men. What other do we need? We already knew they were pimps and pedophiles. They only want the little boys because the sexual energy is more potent for their black magick rituals.

  • Check out the xxx site This is not spam. Clearly this is a source of a lot of this. Only a Jew would call something legal that was against the law since their Talmudic laws allow them to do anything they want to Gentiles, male or female.

  • Actually, Jews are the most charitable religious group. Also, the Khazar theory about Ashkenazi Jews was debunked.

  • Interesting name there Frank Collins. That name brings back memories from the 1970‘s. It’s very similar to Frank Collin, the evil “Nazi” that wanted to march through the Chicago (Jewish) suburb of Skokie, but settled on marching through Chicago’s Marquette Park back in the 1970’s. These “Nazi” marches garnered national headlines back in the 1970‘s and must have jogged the memories of many Holocau$t® survivors. This fable, (kosher weapon of mass deception) that has become the cash cow of the Holocau$t® industry, seemed to grow wings soon after those evil “Nazi” marches in Chicago.

    • About the Skokie story: I’ve read something about it. The most detailed story says that Collin wanted from the beginning to march through Chicagos’ Marquette Park (which was near his “headquarters”); and only after the Chicago administration forbade this, he applied for marches through some five to ten different suburbs (presumably for to get an opportunity anywhere). The anti-nazis then looked for a reason to stop Collin at all, and used Skokie as the best community to go to the court because Skokie could play the Holocaust card. If this is true, Collin may have acted honestly, and the ACLU acted even altruistically and heroically (as far as I know, the ACLU lost one third of its members consequently).

  • The biggest problem with the Jews taking over America, kidnapping women for the sex trade and even being able to will them to their kids {and any kids that prostitute has} and making snuff porn with our babies is that American men do nothing to help or protect us!! Everyone has heard of the black men’s March on Washington but when is the last time you heard of white men Marching for any women’ s rights in this country? I am not talking about our military, they do what they’re told & we will be bombing Iran as soon as Obama is out of office, have you noticed all the new military commercials & the fact that America just opened all positions in the military to women so we have enough troops to kill Iran? Israel said Iran is THEIR land & they’ll have it yet, as well as Iraq and most of the ME, that’s why we attack innocent people & countries. How many countries do we have to attack to finally consider it a world war? Why did Obama have to pay blackmail to Israel {more $, more bombs, more war planes—how long do you think it will be before Israel NUKES America?} in order to have a peaceful contract with another sovereign country?

    Talk is cheap. If any of you really cared you’d be doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING FOR US. Currently in America it’s perfectly legal for someone to rape a 10 year old girl and the state requiring her to have a baby….then the rapist can get full custody! If a boy has sex he is a big hero, if a girl has sex she is a whore, where is the justification for any of this? We aren’t entitled to birth control but men are entitled to viagra, our bosses can ask us any personal questions about sex and birth control {obviously freaks and creeps and Zionists who go in the bathroom and take care of themselves after legally being able to ask us this crap.} It is NOT against the Talmud to have sex with 3 year old girls, they make snuff porn with gentile babies and walk away free and clear, thanks Eric Holder} but men can do anything they please w/o answering 1 question about their sex lives. A man can demand that a woman has his baby but he can also walk away and leave them w/o support. White men act like they don’t have mothers, sisters, daughters, grannies, etc. who DESERVE PROTECTION FROM THE JEWS WHO OWN THIS COUNTRY. WHEN WILL WHITE MEN STAND UP FOR WOMEN? Remember that the Christians support the Zionists 100% and approve of their church sending all their tithe $ to Israel—when will that stop? When will they stop calling themselves Christians since they never follow the bible or Jesus’s teachings of being their brothers keeper? The churches have all been taken over by Zionists and no money goes to the homeless and hungry in their neighborhoods.

    No one says a word about Israel dropping nukes for the last 4 years, NOT IRAN! No Americans say a word about the NOAHIDE LAWS passed by Bush Sr in 1991 that says that all non Jews will be killed for not denouncing Jesus, it also states that JEWS FOUNDED AMERICA BASED ON THE TALMUD! {and congressman Peter DeFazio stood up in a town hall meeting and lied, saying he did NOT co-sponsor the NOAHIDE LAWS even tho his signature is clearly on the congressional record} When some useless Zionist POS can write a story about every woman fantasizing that she is being raped by 3 men every time she has sex with her husband and now, 40 years later has his team come up with a meaning for that piece of crap and still run for president you KNOW we are at the end.

    In the 1970’s America signed an MOU with Israel stating that we WILL go to war for Israel any time for any reason you know we are already seeing the end, when a jerk from another country can come to America and SH*T ON OUR LEADER {like him or not! We WERE a sovereign nation!} you are looking at the end, WHEN AMERICANS ARE TOLD WE CAN’T BOYCOTT ISRAELI MADE PRODUCTS, Bush Jr signed 14 antisemite laws with congress that takes away YOUR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS {you can be jailed for even saying anything negative about Israel, connecting them to bankers, the holocaust, passing laws that stop our students from being able to discuss any of this in our colleges and universities {the new AMCHA law}, discussing WW 2 {that Israel started in 1933} AND AMERICANS DO NOTHING, YOU HAVE CREATED THE END OF OUR COUNTRY AND ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS. If they can call us antisemites to shut us up all the time why aren’t WE CALLING THEM RACISTS?

  • With their Talmud “holy” book containing such gems as:
    “The Non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves” [2]
    – Midrasch Talpioth 225
    We can’t expect anything different from psychopaths.

  • It’s much easier to look at this issue than at deep politics, geopolitics or domestic policies toward Jews and decide that Putin is not the great hero some would like to think.

    It would be possible for him to shut down this trade and to have repatriated the women already in Israel, with few or any costs – if he wanted to.

  • It is anti Semitic to accuse jews of white slavery. “Hate mongers!”, they will scream at you. It is illegal for Jewish women to be prostituted but perfectly fine to enslave white women.

    • Not true. Jews are not semitic people unless African jews. Most semites are Arabic. Most jews eastern European in origin. Goyim converts.

      • stop splitting hairs, the facts is these jewish impostors as you say use the anti semite card to beat the head of the white world

  • Infuriating…so many thoughts. How the mighty have fallen – where are the heroes?

    • Our European countries have been sliding down hill ever since World War II. There was a reason it was TOTAL WAR and why the German’s, along with the volunteers from over 30+ countries of the SS never surrendered.